Cap On Top

Caps and hats have always been fashionably hip. It’s a fashion trend that has thrived because it is something that can be worn in any type of season. From the hottest, rich and famous celebrities to the most random guy in the back alleys, everybody sports the cap.

A lot can be said just by looking at the cap a person is sporting. A cap could express a person’s attitude, character, status, habits, likes, fashion preference and even perception in life. Most caps are designed with words or quotes that express a person’s mind or opinion about anything under the sun.

Among cool baseball hats for men, two types have been more popular; the flat bill and the snapback hats. It gives enthusiasts more choices and options on the type of hat to use. Styles and designs vary depending on the taste, mood, and even emotional condition or should I say current state of mind of the person to say the least. So regardless the type of person, there’s a cap perfectly made for you.

These baseball hats are available almost anywhere. Although you still have to give extra effort to find the right places to purchase the best caps. Searching online is usually the best way to buy surely you can find the best variety of caps and hats for you. Flat bills, snapbacks, pin caps, trucker hats, fitted caps; anything you’re looking for, it’s here. Get that cap that best suits you. No matter what kind, as long as you feel comfortable with it, it’s sure to make you rock!

The Perfect Proposal

My friend is proposing to his college sweetheart. Unfortunately for him, he’s quite clueless when it comes to getting the perfect engagement ring for his intended and came to me for an advice. He wants an alternative to diamond engagement ring. And so I told him to make the occasion a more memorable one by presenting her with blue diamonds when he’s on his knees proposing to her. It would be very romantic, don’t you think?

Hubby in Pink

Who says men cannot wear pink? Pink is now branded as the new black. It’s fashionable so wearing pink is definitely not crossing the gender-line.

Meet my husband in their new Monday uniform.

Yes, it’s pink and he looks good in it.

Few years back, pink was thought to be a color that was only for females. I do not like pink much but I do not mind a man wearing pink. In fact I find man in pink exuding in confidence yet sensitive. I am glad that men today do not mind wearing pink at all.

Sexy in Black

Black is a color of elegance and has been a fashion statement for decades. It is safe for most occasions and easy to match with anything. But what I love most about black is, it can be deceiving and makes us look a few pounds lighter by hiding all those bulges in the body.

I want you to meet Jhanna, my first cousin. She’s voluptous but she looks very sexy in this black top. Wondering where did her bulges go? Told you, black is deceiving.

mytotsexactly CIB Monday


Nursing Scrubs-Reward They Deserve

I heard my daughter coughing endless last night. It disrupted her sleep and so as mine. But this morning, the cough surprisingly stopped. Her cough seems to manifests only at night and I am worried that it might be asthma. We need to visit her pedia and ask what the problem could be. Besides, RJ would love to see again those nurses in their nursing scrubs. Their cute scrubs somehow make the nurses feel good and bring those soothing smiles on their faces, a great way to greet their patients most especially the kids.

Yes, gone are the days where the doctors and nurses were in all white uniform. So intimidating that sometimes causes fear or medical phobia to children. I remember when RJ first asked me why the nurses are in their pajamas. I laughed out loud and explained that it is not pajamas. It is their nursing uniform. It only means that these fashionable nursing scrubs give the clinics and hospitals that homey feel which is exactly how the patients want it to be.

Nurses deserve to have even cheap scrubs. It will help them feel the way they should be, great and beautiful. A reward they deserve for helping the sick get better and for making difficult patients smile.

Murano Glass Pendants

It is truly fascinating how human ingenuity could transform sand, with some additional ingredients and a lot of fire, into such a magical medium as murano glass. Today, it is one of the most famous glass products in the world. Most of the glass jewelry making techniques were invented on a small island of Murano, near Venice in Italy. Once invented, the techniques remained more or less the same through centuries. All murano glass is always is handmade by artisans exclusively on the island of Murano.

Glass Of Venice ( is a leader in online sales of Venetian Glass. The website is carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of Murano Glass.

You will find incredible selection of murano glass products. Take a look at these terrific murano glass pendants. Here is a picture of one of them:

Murano Glass Pendants

GlassOfVenice offers unprecedented selection of products, all handmade on the island of Murano in Italy. All products are genuine and come with certificates of authenticity. GlassOfVenice keeps huge inventory in stock so that almost all orders are shipped on the same day. The inventory, especially the famous jewelry section, is updated with new products several times per month to keep loyal customers coming back for more and attract new customers by always offering a fresh selection of murano glass. For those interested in setting up a business and buy murano glass wholesale, they offer a separate website,, where wholesale clients can view products and place wholesale orders online with no need to browse through paper catalogs and submit orders on spreadsheets over e-mail. The knowledgeable staff at GlassOfVenice is just as passionate about murano glass as their dedicated customers. The website also includes plethora of information about the history of murano glass and different techniques and styles.

Trendy Shopping Revolution

I love shopping. Who is the crazy woman hates shopping? Every woman loves shopping anytime anywhere, from clothes to perfumes. Shopping gives women a different pleasure and now with the trendy shopping revolution which is online shopping it is made easier, more fun and thrilling.

How about the fragrances? As a shopper, I understand that you want to experience and smell the perfume you are going to buy. On online shopping, you may not feel, smell and touch the product but there are many guides designed to provide you with in depth information and the latest news on fragrances plus its complete description. It is also a fact that online perfume stores offer perfumes on a much cheaper price because there are no added utility costs.

You can buy discounted signature and classic women perfumes online which are authentic just like the ones sold in the mall. But of course beware of the faux fragrances as there are online store selling fake perfumes. So to be sure, buy your perfumes at ShopWiki. There are different perfume products to choose from different stores which mean better deals and savings for you.

Whether you will shop for clothes, bags, shoes, perfume, etc, why not shop online and spare yourself from the traffic and queues in the mall? With this shopping revolution, life has been made easier and less stressful.

Why I Prefer Contact Lenses

I have this blurry vision for weeks now. There were also times I am suffering from headache and dizziness. My husband thinks I need to wear a pair of eyeglasses and should consult an optometrist. The hard-headed me should listen to him this time though I prefer to wear contact lenses than the eyeglasses. Aside from the fact that eyeglasses makes a person look older I do not think I will be comfortable with it.

So, what do you think will be the best contact lenses for me, the disposable, toric, colored or bifocal contact lenses? Maybe Lens Kart could me choose as they have the biggest collection of discounted contact lenses consisting all top-notch contact lens brands. If I am to ask, I would love to wear the colored contact lenses for that naturally dramatic eyes.