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My First Blog Awards

I received twin blog awards from Dee of Tales From The Mom Side. These are my first blog awards. Thanks Dee!

The Brigadeiro Award…


and the Neno’s Award


I love blogging because I am learning so much things from others blogs and I can share my ideas and opinions with others. I am blogging for just less than a month and got new friends and hoping to have more. Blogging is fun and can also be therapeutic.

These awards aim:

* as a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging;
* to seek the reasons why we all love blogging;
* put the award in one post as soon as you receive it;
* don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award;
* answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging;
* tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like;
* don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

I am giving these blog awards to Liz, Payatot and Miel.

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Active and Supportive Parent

I received this award from my daughter’s school this morning. It is a certificate of appreciation for being an “Active and Supportive Parent”. I have just learned about it yesterday so I was not prepared. I did not expect to receive any award because as a parent it is my duty and obligation to be there for my daughter…to assist her in her needs, help her in any project and assignment, and to be with her in all school programs and activities. I am being a stage parent most of the time and I can not help it. Well, not only me but my hubby as well. It is flattering to know that the school administrators appreciate my efforts as a parent.

It is every parent’s dream to send their children in the best schools, feed them with good foods, give them good toys and clothes and raise them in the most peaceful and friendliest community. But let us not forget that our children need not only these material things. What they most need is our time, our guidance and love. Always remember that…

Children need their parents’ presence rather than their presents.

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Name Tag

Miel tagged me. She gave me something to do and I’m excited to do this. Why?! This is my first tag (name tag).Post the different nicks you have and the people who call you by that name…*Butterfly – the people in my blog. Wala lang…feel ko lang tawaging butterfly.

*Rossel – my neighbors, relatives, friends. My aunt Cora gave me this nickname.

*Bunday – my sister and brothers. I call my sister Beneng and one of my brothers Kabise. Just for fun.

*Ate Luds – one of my classmates in college called me this. I looked like Ate Luds (Inday Badiday) daw. (Siya lang naman may sabi)

*Dinky – there was a time my siblings called me by this name because of my short highlighted hair. It looked like Dinky Soliman’s (DSWD secretary) hair daw.

*Mads – my co-officers Joan, Mae and Mabel. This is short for Kumadre. I am calling them Mads too kahit kami lang ni Mareng Joan ang magkumare.

*Rosalie – all of my teachers, my Dad pag galit. This is my real name. It is from a Latin word meaning “Rose”.

Thanks Miel for tagging me. Everyone is welcome to grab this tag.

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Parents’ Fears

I heard my husband talking to our daughter while she was sitting on his lap. He said,”Anak, bakit ang bilis mong lumaki?” Our daughter replied innocently,“E Papa, hindi ko mapipigilan yon.” My husband said “When you grow up, I can’t carry you like this anymore.” I thought it is just me who has fears about our daughter’s growing up. Do all parents have these fears?

She’ll be in her teens in a few years. Time will come that she won’t go with us to the church or mall anymore because she has friends to go with. What if she confides problems and shares secrets with her friends instead of us…she has to go home late because she has party to attend to…she needs to sleep on her classmate’s house to do some projects or thesis…she falls in love and have her first broken heart? What if she marries a guy like my kumpare and the husband of my nakakaawang kapitbahay?

My daughter is right. Growing up is beyond our control. As parents, we are just here to guide, discipline and teach them…teach them to be God-fearing…to be good persons…to be sensitive to other’s feelings yet strong enough to face problems and challenges. We are here to give unconditional love, instill values and lead them to the right path.

As for now, we’ll just carry, hug and kiss her as often as we can. We’ll spend more time with her and let her enjoy her childhood.

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