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Cute And Funny Invitation Cards

birthday cardMy daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday this July. It is a big occasion for us and we are all excited. We are canvassing for the reception, foods, and stuffs like giveaways and invitation cards. My husband and I are both busy so we don’t want to waste time on calling friends to invite. I was thinking on hopping from one bookstore to another to look for a perfect birthday invitation card when I saw the Net Fun Cards in the internet.

At Net Fun Cards, there are different invitation cards to print for different occasions and there are many cute, funny designs to choose from. Even my daughter can choose for the designs she likes. They also have free invitation cards section. We can invite our friends in a special way. We don’t have to worry about the time anymore. All we have to do is choose, click and print. It is fun!


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Baking Is Fun With Dr. Oetker Shaker

Baking is always fun! I am enjoying it even more every time I am doing it with my daughter. Yes, kids can bake too and it makes me feel good every time I satisfy my daughter’s curiosity as to how cup cakes and muffins are being made. Thanks to Dr. Oetker Shaker because baking made easy.

If you are a busy Mom and don’t have much time to bake because of the usual procedures and stuffs, Dr. Oetker Shaker is perfect for you to enjoy quality baking time with your kids. All you have to do is add milk, shake, shake and pour. The results are fresh baked goodies like cup cakes, muffins, pancakes and crepes.

For those who are health conscious and on a diet, Dr. Oetker Shaker is good for you because it is 0 trans fat, a source of fiber and prebiotics. This is a great way to enjoy your day without worrying about fats and calories.

Baking is more fun with Dr. Oetker Shaker plus you can have a chance to win a $1200 Visa Cash Card for your next family fun weekend or 1 to 10 Dr. Oetker Shaker fun packs. All you have to do is visit their website and click.

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A Nightmare…Please Pray For Me

I was rushed to the hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, last Monday night, May 18, around 8pm. I can’t breathe. I was like fish that got out from the aquarium, gasping for air and coughing to death. I cried when I saw my husbands reaction. He was so worried, nervous and he didn’t know what to do. I have so many bags but he got the old one and put inside two pairs of my undergarments, two blouses and some of my stuffs, just in case I’ll be admitted to the hospital. We have no nanny and house help so we left our daughter to a neighbor who is also my husband’s officemate.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the staff attended to me immediately and they were all accomodating and polite. They got my vital signs and had me x-rayed. After 15 minutes, the result came out. My lungs are clear and my vitals signs are stable. The doctor precribed medicine for cough and antibiotics and advised me to just continue my inhaler for asthma. We went home that night. I hugged my daughter tightly and kissed her. I thought I won’t be able to see her again. It was a nightmare for me. When I was unpacking the bag we’ve brought to the hospital, it was only then that we realized my husband wasn’t able to bring me any pants. He was very disoriented. 

The next day, I had difficulty in breathing again. My husband suggested that we should seek for a second opinion for there might be something wrong with my throat. We went to ear, eye, nose doctor (ENT) that day. My husband was right. The doctor diagnosed me with Acid Reflux. Acid reflux is a disorder that happens when acid of the stomach flows back into the esophagus up to the throat and voicebox. You can visit Kusina Ko for some details about Acid Reflux. The doctor prescribed 6 different kinds of medicines, shown in the picture above. I have no choice but to take them. I’m feeling much better now though I’m worried for my liver and kidney for they will absorb these meds. Waah!

It’s hard to do but I will follow the doctor’s advices. I will take care of myself for my daughter, my husband, my parents and other people who love me. This was the reason why I wasn’t able to blog hop for two days. I know you will understand, guys. Now, I am asking for your prayers.

I am commending the staffs of the Lung Center Of The Philippines for the utmost attention they have given me. I would like to thank Dr. Cesar Joaquin A. Chavez and all those who showed their concerns and prayed for me. For my husband who is always with me through twists and turns of life and my daughter who is giving me the strength to go forward and the will to fight, thank you very much and I love you both! Most of all, to our Dear Saviour and Creator;


“Oh Lord, I am not questioning you for all that is happening right now.
I know you have purpose and that you are giving these to us because
you know that we can handle these. I may not be worthy of your love
but please help us surpass all of these. 

Thank You for your never ending love and blessings.
Thank You for always lifting me up and for comforting me with peace.
Thank You for guiding us always and for Your unconditional love. Amen”



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Elegant Granite Tops

I am always dreaming of having bathrooms and kitchen with granite countertops. Why granite? Granite is very elegant and can give the bathroom and kitchen that chic and luxurious look. It is easy to clean and retain their value so well. While manmade materials will deteriorate with time, granite is a natural stone that can last for generations with the right care and upkeep, plus granite tops look good when they are matched with the cabinets. Granite easily coordinates with any cupboard at home because its natural Earth tones include so many different colors and shades. It is perfect also for fireplace and floors. If you are planning of a house construction or renovation, go to Marble City. Marble City is the name to remember and trust when it comes to kitchen countertops. They are well-known for being one of the best providers of granite tops.

I can’t wait for our house to be renovated. I’ll definitely have granite for our bathroom and kitchen worktops.

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Problems In Public Schools

It is enrollment time again. May is the enrollment month here in the Philippines. Classes in public schools will start on June 1 and June 8 on private schools. This is the school where we enrolled our daughter for her second grade. It’s a big school, catering pre-school to college, with good facilities. Trees are surrounding the whole campus and there are cottages where the students can stay during their breaktime. We’re glad that there’s no tuition fee increase this year though it still costs us my hubby’s whole 13th month pay plus a little from our savings just for the tuition fee down payment and books, uniform and other school supplies are excluded. It is quite a fortune sending our children in private school but we don’t mind because it is the only wealth we can give to our dear daughter…good quality education.


I have nothing against public schools because I am a graduate of public school, elementary and high school, but because of the problems and current situation of the public schools, we can’t afford to send our child there. During our time, the maximum student per classroom is 30. Nowadays, public schools in NCR and its suburbs have 70-100 students per classroom. Wow! The teacher must be very good to handle these number of students. In some schools, 2 classes are sharing in a classroom or having their classes on corridors or under the tree. There are also schools that divided their classes into 3 shifts, 3-4 hours per shift. I wonder if the students can learn in such short period. Comfort room is also a problem. Imagine a school of 500 students with just 1 comfort room to share with. Plus text books with wrong information and contents. (sigh!!!)

Lack of classrooms and good facilities in public schools is the same problem the Department of Education is facing every year for years now and yet the government can’t resolve this. The government must give priority and big budget to education. We are paying taxes and yet our children can’t have affordable quality education. 

Why can’t YOU traditional politicians resolve important issues? Stop pulling down your political opponents. Just work hand in hand…will you? Please?!


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