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Hope For The Filipinos

I was hoping for the Philippines 2010 election to be automated to make voting faster and less corrupt. But last night it was on the news that this might not be possible because of the irreconcilable differences between the Smartmatic and the Total Management Information. The local company which is the Total Management Information withdrew from the $150 million contract it had won with a foreign partner which is the Smartmatic. Both companies passed through the needle hole just to win the bid and suddenly the contract was called off. Some said that this was manipulated by influential politicians and their motives are so obvious. 

The system to computerize the voting was designed to minimize cheating and fraud, including vote-buying and selling and to speed up voting up to 2 days instead of several weeks under the current manual system. If this issue won’t be settled, we have no choice but to go back to manual voting which will lead of course to cheating and fraud, vote-buying and selling, and worst….violence. The credibility of the 2010 national election is an absolute necessity needed to attain the political stability in our country. I love this country but I hate these politicians who only think of themselves. Despite of this, I am still one of the proud Filipinos who believe that there is still hope for this country to move forward beyond the 2010 election.

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Tallis for Sale

A Tallis or Tallit is a prayer shawl worn in the synagogue on Shabbat and holidays, and while reciting prayers. It is a rectangular mantle that looked like a blanket and was worn by men in ancient times. It is usually white and made either of wool, cotton, or silk. The tallis has special twined and knotted fringes known as tzitzit attached to its four corners. Now, various methods of knotting the fringes have evolved. In some Orthodox congregation, only married men wear a tallis; in others, both married and unmarried men wear one. If you are one of those who use Tallis, you can browse the internet. Good news that there are Tallis for sale which are 40% off. You can choose from lighter wool, smooth wool or textured wool. You can also choose the size that is fit for you. A few decades ago, the horizontal stripes which run across the narrow ends of the shawl were exclusively black. Now, they are seen in colors and you can even customize your own Tallis because there are options to choose from as to the color of the stripes and if you want it with or without Kesher Shel Kayama Lining.

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Blooper Of The Week

A husband is in the bathroom and he yelled to his wife, “Honey, don’t we have shampoo?” The wife answered, “I just bought yesterday. It is in there.” Yes, there’s a bottle here but it says FOR DRY HAIR. My hair is wet already.” 

Ha!Ha!Ha! Have a great week everyone!

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The Wonders of Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty can come naturally especially if certain traits are inherited. But misuse, abuse and aging are factors that can affect one’s physical appearance. The love of beauty has led to mankind’s continuous objective of achieving perfection. This is greater for women who are expected to conform to certain physical traits. It is every woman’s dream to have a flawless skin, a well proportioned figure and a perfect beautiful face. This is the reason why many women or even men are seeking the help of science to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery. Yes, through the wonder of science, we can improve our physical appearance, feel younger and rejuvenated again. We can have our body sculpted, large breasts, flat tummy, fuller bottom, firmer and shapely thighs and legs. To have a perfect face we can reshape our nose, cheeks and chins, reduce the size of our protruding ears, reduce droopy eyelids and eliminate eye bags. This is what makes MYA Cosmetic Surgery better than others, they have full range of surgical procedures. They also have non-surgical procedures like muscle relaxant, derma fillers and microdermabrasion. These procedures are all performed by their experienced and skilled surgeons so it is worth the long distance travel you will take. If I will be given the chance to have a cosmetic surgery procedure, I will go to MYA and I will choose the tummy tuck and have my body shape back when I was sixteen years old.

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My Sketch No. 2

I want to share with you again one of my sketches.


I’ve drawn this 10 years ago. I had so much time then to do what I love to do. Now that I am married, have our baby, as well as limited time, I seldom sketch and do things that I used to do.

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