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First Payment from Product Reviews

Yehey! Just withdrawn yesterday my first payment from my product reviews. Neither that big nor that bad for a starter like me. It’s the first money that I can call my own after resigning from my job 8 years ago. We are earning from our little business but I can’t claim it purely my own for my husband is also exerting efforts there. My heart is singing with glee and until now I can’t spend them. lol!

My only regret is I haven’t learned that I can earn from blogging earlier. Thanks to my mentor in blogging no other than Payatot of Payatot, Lahat dito Chubby (I wonder where he is now), and to Rose of Rose’s Obstacles and Glories for sharing the review sites where we can possibly earn.

For stay at home moms like me who want to earn a little while taking care of your kids, here are the top paying sites again…

I applied also to the following sites but haven’t given any task until now…

Still thinking of applying to these sites…

Thanks again to Payatot and Rose. You guys have big hearts. May our good Lord bless you more.
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Check Your Car Air Conditioning Unit

We spent our summer vacation last year in Batangas. It was a family vacation. The vacation itself was great but our travel back home was a nightmare. We were riding on my sister’s van and we were on the highway back to Manila, approximately 2 hours drive, when the van’s air conditioning unit malfunctioned. Imagine 14 persons piling inside the van for 2 hours without a functioning air conditioning unit under a 100 degree scorching heat of the sun and was trapped on a bumper to bumper traffic. Whew! I bet you wouldn’t want to experience that.

We had no choice but to stop on a nearest gasoline station and had it repaired. The mechanic assessed that not only the air conditioning compressor was broken. The diesel fuel pump was not in good working condition as well.

That was one hell experience and we wouldn’t want to go through that again. From then on my sister had her vehicle’s regular maintenance. Discount compressor ensures that her van has reliable air conditioning compressor. It also offers the lowest price on A/C compressor, drier, condenser and the diesel fuel pump. Do not wait for you to have the same experience we had. Have your car parts checked regularly.

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Peaceful Retreat on Hot Tubs

Feel tired and burnt out? Why not treat yourself with peaceful retreats on spas and hot tubs in this landscape of stress? Hot tub soothes the nerves and producing a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria. It is also good for muscle pain and toning the skin. If you are too busy to go to a spa and have enough space at home, why not set your own portable hot tub? You can set it inside your house or at your lanai near your garden. You can browse the web for spa accessories from hot tubs and umbrellas to hot tubs cover. Great idea isn’t it? It feels really good to relax and pamper yourself after hard days of work.
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Our Baby is Now a Little Lady

This picture was taken when RJ was 3 months old.
After seven years, this is her.
This was taken last Saturday before her birthday party.

Time really flies so fast. She’s now a little lady.
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Term Life Insurance

My husband and I talked about his life insurance policy this morning. We just paid the quarterly payment last week and have to pay 8 years more. Long way to go for it is a term life insurance but we don’t mind because it is for our own good. He got his policy before we get married. He said that he wanted to leave us something we could start with if he never made it home from work one day. Of course we don’t want that to happen but he’s a very practical man and he wanted to make sure that we can still have a good life even without him. Life insurance is very important but only few people realize its importance. They don’t realize that through life insurance, they can make sure their family is protected, even in the event of their death. Sounds odd but it’s the truth. Nobody knows when our time here will end. However, with the Term Life Insurance, you can leave enough that will help your family through the rough time.
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