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Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

According to the department of health, there might be a second wave of H1N1 Influenza A Virus. It is winter in other countries and during this season that influenza virus likely spread. This means that we should be more careful and that we take precautions like washing our hands often or bringing sanitizers with us always. Hand sanitizer is a convenient antiseptic product. However, we should be aware of its potential risks.

Hand sanitizer was introduced to the general public on 1997. Recently, there have been questions regarding its toxicity. Hand sanitizers are often left out in easy reach as if they were ordinary lotions instead of powerful chemicals. The most familiar danger caused by this product is poisoning, particularly for young children who are attracted to the fun scents and bright colors of many sanitizers. Most hand sanitizers have 62% alcohol or 120 proof. It has more alcohol than vodka or gin which is 80 proof. Because of their small stature and low body weight, children have gotten drunk after ingesting squirts of hand sanitizer due to its high alcohol content. A small amount licked by a child from his hands can cause glassy eyes, nausea, headache, disorientation, incoherent speech, stomach ache or vomiting. Victims should be rushed to the nearby hospital immediately and request for a blood alcohol level check.

Hand sanitizers are also highly flammable due to its high alcohol content. Fire marshals advised precautionary measures even there are no known fires linked to hand sanitizers.

It can also aggravate existing cuts or scrapes and cause burning, itching, or rashes. Ineffective use can also leave hands still dirty even after using the sanitizer.

To avoid hand sanitizers dangers:
• Keep hand sanitizers out of reach of your children.
• Opt to regular hand washing if possible. Use hand sanitizers only when it is not possible to wash hand conventionally.
• Use only a dime-sized spot and rub it thoroughly onto your hands until it evaporates completely.
• Use it only on hand and not on the other parts of your body.
• Closely supervise children during use.
• Discourage your children from biting their fingernails or putting their fingers on their mouth, eyes or nose especially after immediate use.
• Do not store sanitizers in hot places and keep it away from heat sources like bulbs, heaters or direct sunlight.
• Be sure that your hands are completely dry before cooking or grilling.
• Avoid contact with cuts, scrapes and wounds.

When used properly, hand sanitizers are safe and can be very effective at eliminating germs and bacteria. But hand sanitizers are good only for situations where soap and water are not available. It is always best to wash your hands with soap and water.

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Online Algebra Help

Some say that Mathematics is the most difficult of all the subjects specifically Algebra. Believe it or not, Mathematics is my favorite subject in elementary and Algebra in high school and college. I love subjects dealing with numbers maybe because I am good at it.

But what if you are one of those who are struggling in Math? Worry no more because tutors can help you. What good is there is an online Algebra tutor for K-12 and college that is just a click away. It offers live tutoring just like any other tutorial centers but there’s a big difference in terms of payment and schedule. Their tutoring is available 24/7 so you can set your own schedule plus you don’t need to travel and go to a tutorial center thus saving your time. They offer an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects, enabling you to use their service as much as you want, whenever you need it. Saving time and money are great deals for students and parents.

You can get Algebra help by just clicking on your PC and connect to TutorVista’s live tutoring. You can have one-on-one tutoring at your own pace at a fraction of what a learning center will cost you.

They also offer Algebra help 2 which covers all the topics on Algebra 2. This will enable you to get all the help that you need in the subject because they can also help you with your regular homework and with your exam preparation resulting to good grades.

I remember a classmate who hate Algebra very much and said that she can not use that in her daily life. Well, she was wrong. We are dealing with numbers everyday in fact, from the time we open our eyes in the morning until we go to bed in the evening. Algebra has huge applications in real life and it is also helpful in solving problems in Physics, Chemistry and Statistics. If you are good in Algebra; Physics, Chemistry and Statistics are peanuts for you.

Let TutorVista help you with all your Math problems. Algebra word problems and Math word problems are made easy with their online tutoring. You can get all the Math answers to your Math problems. Still in doubt? Visit their website now and try their service for free because they provide free demo for first time users.

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Waste Management Software

Do you know that Switzerland tops the list of the cleanest country in the world with an overall EPI score of 95.5 out of 100? Wow, almost pollution free! Aside from its infrastructure to provide clean drinking water and treat waste water, they also have good waste management system.

As we all know, waste disposal plays a big role in keeping our country clean but it is also one of the biggest problems in many countries. That is why provides Waste Management Software that fits the waste management industry’s needs. It is the only waste management software package that is entirely available online and can be setup in your own time without the expensive installation fees and up-front licensing. This can help you streamline your waste operations, giving you less overtime, less paperwork and less cost. You can take control of your business data resulting to your scheduling efficiency, improved service reliability and increased customer satisfaction and retention. Grab it now and help support a cleaner globe.

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Spams on the Web

I received an email last week. It says it was a yahoo account verification alert. So I filled out the required fields and when I was about to send my reply, I noticed that I was about to send it to this e-mail address… I had a second thought because why did it use and not instead? Then it has a warning below asking me to update my account within 24 hours or I will lose my account permanently.
I did not update my account nor send any reply on the above e-mail address. I want to know if I am going to lose my account permanently. Well, nothing happened because until now I can still read my e-mails. What if I sent my personal information? I couldn’t imagine the damage it will cause me if ever. Yes that was one of those spam e-mails. These spammers are very good. They will send us e-mails as if they are really from yahoo, with all those logos or icons, to deceive us. I am receiving 2-3 spam e-mails everyday. Where did they get my e-mail address?

Before blogging became my hobby, I was hooked to social network sites and other websites that promised I can earn big. I signed up to countless of them and of course signing up means giving my personal information and e-mail address as well. That’s how careless and naive I was or should I say…stupid.

I have learned my lessons and am now aware that these spammers are everywhere. We should be careful and sign up only on sites recommended by friends. These websites can steal our information and pictures and post them to other dirty websites or use our information somewhere else. Not only that, add only people who you know and be careful on what you post on these websites for anyone can see it.

Let us be responsible and be aware on everything that is happening on the web.

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is generally used for short print runs and for the customization of print media. Digital printing has come a long way as to quality over the few years. You can’t differentiate a material printed digitally from a material printed in litho. The advantage of digital printing is the 24 hour turn around or next day printing. That’s how fast it is without compromising the quality. No litho printer can print that fast.

If you are beating a deadline and your boss needs a really fast turn around, many digital printing services can help you, be it a brochure, banner, or leaflet printing. They understand that the deadline is as important as the price. They are not only giving attention to quality but service as well so aside from the sample pack request wherein you can compare the litho from digital printing, they can also guarantee the next day delivery of your order.

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