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De-Clutter for a Much Bigger Space

girl holding a box

I took three days off from blogging last week to focus on my general cleaning. Both my husband and daughter were complaining that the house is too crowded yet. We live in this house that we thought is big enough for us the first time we bought it. But for 11 years of living here, furniture, appliances and other stuffs are being added every year, occupying every space there is. To de-clutter is the best solution for us to have enough space to walk on and so I did. So after three days of de-cluttering with the help of my mother, voila! The house looks bigger again, very clean and with good ventilation.

My husband and daughter loved it but I got a new problem now, where to store all the stuffs I put in the boxes. If only there is a near self-storage in our place, I will not need to worry because they can keep the boxes safely for me. My husband suggested a garage sale but I cannot let go of these things because of their sentimental values. Mostly are gifts on our wedding and objects that can be used on special occasions. Maybe I need another hanging cabinet installed in the laundry area as storage. 
If your space is at premium like ours, take a good look around your house and get ready to de-clutter for a much bigger space.
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Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 2)

I do not know why most people find it hard to follow instructions or rules on signages. They jaywalk where there is no jaywalking sign, unload on  the places with unloading signs, cross the streets with red traffic lights on, etc. I am not sure if it is the same on the other parts of the world but it is very common here in the Philippines. 
When we went to Parks and Wild Life, there was this Myna bird’s cage with sign “bawal magsabi ng panget o di kanais-nais na salita” (it is prohibited to say ugly or other unlikely words). 
Myna birds can easily mimic human talking that is why. Mostly children and families are visiting the zoos so the zoo administrator is protecting the zoo’s image. I explained this to my daughter when she asked why there is such sign, then we walked away. We were just few steps away when someone in front of the Myna cage shouted “pangit!” (ugly!). What a shame that these people cannot follow simple rules. Oh, again, I am not generalizing. Filipinos are disciplined people. There are only few who love to flaunt their disobedience.
If you want to check Filipino Discipline at Its Finest Part I, you may click HERE.
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Liz Claiborne for Timeless Fashion

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Liz Claiborne New York Outlets. All opinions are 100% mine.

For most people, fall is the transition of summer to winter season, but for most fashionistas, fall is the time for shopping because fall is the time of the year when designers unveil their new collections. That is why during this season every fashionista, women, men, old and young, are crowding the floor space the fashion sector has been constantly expanding. They are looking for the newest and most fabulous boots, jackets and sweaters in preparation for the winter season. 
If you are one fashionable woman who is seeking for the essentials yet yearning for the timeless and stylish fashion, you can never go wrong with sweaters. Look no further because Liz Claiborne New York Outlets have the prettiest sweaters you need. Liz Claiborne is known for its timeless fashion and feminine patterns from floral and prints to flirty raffles and delicate embroidery. If I could go to a Liz Claiborne New York Outlet store I would be most excited to purchase this lovely knitted sweater that could make me look as elegant as Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly.

knitter sweater

The good thing is Liz Claiborne New York Outlet stores are selling their entire inventory at a discount! Everything must go 40% – 70% off original price! This is good for all sizes including the great selection of womens and petites. The best deal ever!
Visit your nearest Liz Claiborne New York Outlet store now. Grab this fabulous sale and shop ’til you drop.
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Helpful Insect Predators

The first thing that come in our mind when we heard the word predator is killer. Not all predators are freakish and horrifying. After watching the television this morning, I have learned that insect predators like lizards, frogs, spiders and bats are indicators of a healthy environment. Each group may have different life cycle and habits but one thing is for sure, the lesser they are, the risky it is for the environment. There will be more insects thus an imbalance in the ecosystem. Maybe this is one reason why the Dengue mosquitoes are continuously breeding and spreading. I seldom see lizards and haven’t seen frogs for years now. If these predators become endangered, more diseases will be spread by insects.
These predators can be found in our house, yards and their natural habitats. If we will only allow them to live, they can help to stop the spread of these killer mosquitoes. That is how helpful these predators are.

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Bottega Verde – The Beauty Secret of Italian Women

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bottega Verde. All opinions are 100% mine.

Not just the candles on your cakes tell your age but also the largest organ in your body, your skin. Underneath the paint that you put on everyday is your skin. But does it glow its natural best even with or without make-up? Do you ever wonder why do Italian women are so attractive even they wear much less make-up? It is because they are very careful in choosing the right products for their skin. One of their favorite brand is Bottega Verde, Italy’s largest cosmetic brand which you will now be able to purchase even you are in U.S. through their all new website. 
Bottega Verde has been enhancing people’s beauty by using active ingredients derived from nature. They bring science and nature together in high quality affordable beauty products like their 24-hour face cream with sweet almond milk.
Through the powers that come from the sweet almond milk which is moisturizing, elasticizing and protective action, this cream nourishes and moisturizes tissue and very effective in the prevention of the early signs of aging. The exceptional properties of this cream is completed by its light consistency, rapid absorption and delicate almond fragrance that delights all the senses! And because it is made from natural ingredients, it is best for all skin types. This is one of the Bottega Verde’s best products.
If you are a beauty girl who devour the new issues of Cosmo and Vogue and are willing to try new beauty products, now is your chance. Visit and receive this Italian beauty package over $24 value for free.


What are you waiting for? Grab this beauty package and discover the beauty secret of Italian women for over 30 years.

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