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Mesothelioma Free

Last Saturday we had our family reunion on my father’s side. I was glad to see my cousins, my Aunts and Uncles again. It has been ages since I last saw some of them, seven years to be exact. The family members are now triple because of the grandchildren. I have seen the joy on my father’s eyes because he seldom sees his siblings. All of them are old now but their resemblance is more obvious because of their Japanese eyes.

It is just sad that three of them already passed away. Two of them died because of heart attack and Ninang Fe, the eldest died because of colon cancer. My grandmother died also because of the cancer of the throat. I do not know if cancer runs in the family. I hope not. But still, we must be very careful about our health. I am thankful though that no one in the family is exposed to asbestos or else there might be a danger of having Mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma prognosis and its outcome depend on its severity. However, it is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms become evident only in the later stages when the cancer has spread already in the chest and organs. Just thinking of having this type of cancer is so disturbing and I am glad that none of us is going to have this. My dad and all her siblings maybe old, but they are all Mesothelioma free.

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Our Favorite Place

We love parks. We love to spread mat on the grass and laze on it, watch the sky, the birds and the pines. We love to feel the cold wind brushing our face, breathe fresh air and to be away from the noisy busy streets of the Metro. We love fresh vegetables, strawberry jam and Good Shepherd’s halaya. In other words, we love Baguio City. The place that is close to our hearts. No, it’s not our hometown and I do not have relatives there. But this is the place where Rhonnel and I spent our first vacation together before we got married. It is also the mute witness to our honeymoon and it’s the place for RJ’s first out of town vacation. The place is relaxing, the foods are superb and the people are nice. Most of all, it’s the most accessible and affordable destination for a long “us time”.

Baguio City is our favorite place for vacations but of course we cannot go there every week. So if we want to unwind and breathe fresh air for a while we either go to Quezon Memorial Circle (the nearest park to our place) or U.P. (on Sundays only for the car-less oval). I just sprawl on the mat while watching Rhonnel and RJ play.

But we spend most of our free time in our small home, watching movies the whole day. That’s the best time I have with my family.


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Payday Loans for Your Christmas Needs

Christmas carols, dry chilly wind, blinking lights…do doubt that Christmas is in the air. This is the most awaited season of almost everyone, the best holiday to have family reunions and be in touch with good friends. And even if you are not obliged to give gifts to your loved ones it seems like giving and receiving are ancient traditions that fulfill this joyful occasion. Though this means you need to loosen your purse strings, it is good to let your family and friends know that you care by giving gifts.

What if you have delayed salary or bonuses? Then instant payday loans offer a pretty decent solution. You can advance a month’s salary or bonus through payday loans. Unlike the traditional bank loans, payday loans do not require too much documents or high credit rating. It does not matter whether your credit is good, bad, or non-existent as long as you meet minimal requirements because your loan will be automatically deducted from your account upon your next payday. These payday loans no faxing and credit checking will help you celebrate your Christmas in a traditional way.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for the payday loans online and get the cash for your Christmas needs.

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Despicable Me

Family Adventure Movies is our theme for this week and for that I chose Despicable Me, a computer-animated 3D comedy film.  The characters may not be blood-related but after their adventures they settle down to live a happy life as a family.

Gru (voiced by Carell), the man who wants to still the moon, delights in all things wicked. He adopted three orphan girls, Margo, Editha and Agnes, and uses them as pawns for stealing the shrink ray from his opponent vector. He needs the shrink ray for his grand scheme and that is stealing the moon. However, his adventures with the little girls changed him. The world’s greatest villain became the most loving Dad.

Despicable Me is goofy but not overly loud, hilarious yet heart-warming. Hubby and I enjoyed it with RJ. For that I will rate it 8/10.

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Protect the Exterior of Your Vehicle

I am not feeling very well. I think this is because of the extreme weather. The heat was scorching yesterday when I went out to have a date with my mom and my youngest brother. Then at dawn, I woke up shivering because of the chilly air. These changes in temperature trigger my allergy. So I am now taking vitamin B complex and vitamin C to protect myself.

This abrupt climate change affects not only us but our vehicles as well. Too much heat and the winter’s salt residue can both cause problems with your car’s physical condition. Like humans, your car and truck also need protections. Car covers and truck covers are must-have attributes for the caring of your vehicle. It will protect the vehicles from having nicks thus it helps you save from patching and touching up. It will also protect the vehicles paint from fading over time.

But then, do not depend on the cover alone if you want to keep the current paint of your car for a longer period of time. Regular washing and waxing can help prevent the dirt from building up. So why do you need to protect the exterior of your car? It is because by keeping the exterior of your vehicle in good condition, you are also keeping its resale value high.

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