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One Spoiled Girl

RJ is looking forward to their investiture and camping this 2012. It is her first time to be away from home for a day that is why. But if there is one person who is more excited for her, it is hubby. He came home one day with a tent that he ordered online. It is just an overnight camping in school so RJ can just share a tent with her classmate but hubby prefers to have RJ’s own tent.

Green Tent


RJ's TentRJ trying and enjoying her new tent

It is a nice big tent, enough to accommodate the three of us.

Hubby and I grew up with poor parents who can’t provide us everyting we need. Now that hubby has a good job, he makes sure to give RJ everything she needs. I am sure if we have snow here, he will buy RJ MSR Snowshoes too. One spoiled girl. But hubby said, he is not spoiling RJ (he’s so defensive, don’t you think?)…he just loves her so much.

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Another Nightmare

Typhoon Sendong reminded me of typhoon Ondoy that hit Luzon, Philippines two years ago. How would I forget Ondoy? My family were ones of the badly affected then. But the death counts made Sendong the deadliest typhoon to hit the country as it surpasses that of Ondoy’s. Crops and entire homes were flashed away by the ramaging flash flood leaving aftermath debris. The affected Cities are unprepared of the onslaught and may need equipment lease to clean the debris.

What happened in Mindanao is another nightmare for the Filipinos that may be too much to handle for the others who had lost their loved ones. I can’t help myself from crying when I saw on the news yesterday that a Mother lost her 4 children. It was too heartbreaking.

That is why we are pleading to those with good hearts to help these victims of typhoon Sendong (Washi) in Mindanao.

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Old and New Friends to Keep

Oh I miss Girls Talk! Sorry Kaye. I got very, very busy with things both online and offline after our grand EB. I don’t want to make promises that I’ll join every week from now on because I’m afraid I can’t keep them. Yes, time flies so fast. It was just like yesterday when I met you for the first time and I can say that you are prettier in person. 🙂 It was nice to finally meet you after changing comments in FB and so are other Mommies of PMC. I am grateful that I have met some of the PMC moms…some are my old online friends and some are new friends to keep (you included) and I hope that some will remain as true friends.

It is hard to see true friends. But still there are those who stick with you through thick and thin. They maybe miles away or you never talk to them or see them but you know they are there for you no matter what. Again, meet my best friends Mylene (in pink) and Hazel (in stripes).

Beatboxing taken year 2009

We only see each other once a year or sometimes not but we always share and treasure our friendship.

Beatboxing taken last year

This year I got reconnected with Hazel on her son’s birthday. Mylene didn’t make it but we understand…no hard feelings. That’s what true friends are.

My entry for

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2012 Giving Journal

Press Release

The giving season has finally arrived. And with it, is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s 2012 Giving Journal.

While finding the perfect one for yourself is very crucial, anyone would agree that a journal should reflect the personality of an individual and the ideals he believes in.

Showcasing the brand’s commitment to socially relevant endeavors, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s 2012 Giving Journal is a celebration of a giving effort that has changed the lives of many Filipinos.

“This year, our journal focuses on celebrating our strong support and encouragement of the spirit of volunteerism,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “It’s about celebrating the organizations we’re collaborating with and our team members who worked very hard to make all our efforts such a success. But most importantly, it’s about celebrating our customers whose continuous patronage inspires us to continue to do well and give back to people who are in need.”

A percentage of the total sales generated from the 2012 Give in to Giving campaign will be donated to the Real Life Foundation- an organization that is very passionate about providing better future to underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to education and transforming communities through social services including life coaching.

“Last year, we were able to send eight scholars to college. This year, our hope and goal is to beat this number and give education to more scholars,” ends Chu .

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf continuous to create opportunities for customers to share their blessings and to celebrate the joy of doing so with others.

Giving everyone a different reason to Give in to Giving throughout the year, each month of the Giving Journal is dedicated to sharing the stories of different organizations and customers’ experiences.

Practical, useful and exceptionally handy, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal is filled with spacious pages that are ideal for taking down every important event that will happen in the next year.

Here are the mechanics:

1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of any Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, or Frozen Swirl, qualifies you to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 18 boxes, with corresponding drink assignments. These are as follows:

a. 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large)

b. 1 Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)

c. 1 Red Velvet Hot Cocoa or Red Velvet Ice Blended (regular or large)

d. Any 15 Regular or Large Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based or Tea-based Beverages, or Frozen Swirl

2. Each purchase of a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf product with a corresponding box on the card entitles the bearer to a stamp.

3. Once all the 18 boxes have been stamped, the bearer can claim his The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2012 Giving Journal by surrendering the accomplished card to any of our stores, during which, the cashier will punch a hole in the card to prevent reuse.

4. Promo period is from November 7, 2011 to January 31, 2012.

6. Giving Journals may be claimed all throughout the promo period and until 60 days after the promo has ended

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Hoping for a Miracle

I know it is not right to wish for someone’s life to end in order to relieve pain and suffering. It is morally unacceptable, inhumane and very ungodly. But sometimes it is what you want to wish for when you see someone you love who is suffering…breathing but numb…awake yet unresponsive…conscious yet not.

We want to believe that there is hope but the doctor said there’s none. We want to hope that it is temporary even though we know that it is for life. As much as we want to help her relieve her pain and suffering, we can’t and that is what hurts so much. It is painful to see her in a vegetative condition but it would hurt more to see her go. All we can do now is wait and see. For her to die or to recover? We don’t know and no one can tell.

We maybe helpless but not hopeless. Still, we want to believe in miracle and the most impossible. So help us God.

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