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2011 Resolution-Work Harder and Save

Last holiday season, we were so busy but we had so much fun. It was fun being with my family and friends. I realized what I missed. So this year, I will make sure to have more time with my family, not just hubby and RJ but also my parents and siblings. Maybe you are wondering how I would do that with my only new years resolution and that is “working harder” which means exerting more effort and be more serious on blogging (posting, blog hopping, joining the weekly memes, finishing tasks on time). By working harder, everything will follow.  Hard work equals more moolah, more moolah equals vacations and vacation equals more bonding time with my loved ones.

I cannot count how many times Rhonnel and I planned out of town vacations but none of them materialized because of financial constraints. The last time we had an out of town vacation was four years ago. There were times I told myself “I could have done better and saved”. Well, there is no use crying over spilled so it is time to move on, get serious in  making those plans happen…and the solution would be work harder and save. For the meantime, I will try to finish my tasks earlier so that 6pm onwards would be my family’s bonding time.

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Globe Tattoo Superstick to Fulfill My Resolution

New year’s resolutions are peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But most often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year promise and it’s the reason why I do not have any new year’s resolution this year except for working harder. Since I am working online, this means I need more time, effort and unlimited internet connection.

Time…this is as simple as time management and organizing my work for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. I now have a planner for my tasks, personal posts and weekly memes. This also means lesser time for my favorite television shows, luxurious bath, manicure and pedicure.

Effort…I will give my 110%. I will think of ways to improve my skills and enrich my knowledge. I will take my job more seriously and will try my best to finish all tasks on time.

Internet connection…I need a powerful mobile broadband that I can simply plug on any pc or laptop for instant web access even on remote areas. The solution? Globe Tattoo Superstick.

With its high speed of up to 3mbps, it will make my life and work easier as the accessibility to the web is faster wherever I go. I will not miss any task even if I am on vacation. What I like most about it is I can share my connection with up to 5 devices at a time not to mention the 200 free monthly SMS. Teehee!

Working online is not always easy as others may think. Sometimes it can be daunting. But with determination, more effort and unlimited powerful broadband access, my new year’s resolution is not hard to fulfill, is it not?

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The Fastest Way to Fitness and Fat Loss

As they say, “health is wealth”. So as soon as the clock ticked at 2011, my husband and I started to eat healthy and live healthy as much as we can. We are not health buffs but because we both experience difficulty in breathing at times, we decided to watch our diet and have some exercise. My husband enrolled to Fitness Republic while I am having my routines of aerobics at home. But until now we can’t see any results yet. I think what we need is tabata workout.

Wondering what tabata is? Tabata is an interval training that builds as much muscular endurance as forty five minutes of normal cardio training. The full tabata training is just 4 minutes long but the most intense by far. Hmmm…this is exactly what we need, the fastest way to fitness and weight loss. Good thing is, the training must be done only once or twice a month yet produces remarkable results.

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Excellent Service at Its Best

We are excited on my in-laws’ moving to our place. They will rent another house near ours and that would be great. Since my sister-in-law migrated to Germany with her family last month, my MIL and PIL are left in their house with just a helper/companion so we are obliged to visit them more often. I am not complaining…it is just that moving near us would be a lot more convenient for all of us. So last night I started browsing the net hoping to see local moving company with the descriptions at UMoveFree Review. One that will meet my in-laws’ needs and will give them a great moving experience…one with excellent service at its best. As of now I haven’t seen one yet, but I know I will before the day ends.

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The Black Swans

Coal-black is better than another hue in that it scorns to bear another hue;
For all the water in the ocean can never turn the swan’s black legs to white,
Although she lave them hourly in the flood.

~William Shakespeare~

My entry for Watery Wednesday.

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