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RJs Pink Pet

You might be wondering what kind of pet is pink in color. Yes, it is pink, it lives in water, it is lifeless yet it is growing. It is neither a pig nor a fish. It is called colored growing.

It is a toy actually, a pink fly impostor, but RJ said it is her pet. She changes the water everyday and checks it regularly. It was as small as the one on the right when RJ bought it.

After 72 hours it expanded because it soaked up all the liquid. According to the package, it will expand up to 600% and if you’ll remove it from water, it will shrink to its original size. Having one will definitely give the kids that fun and amazing experience. But the question is…is it safe for the kids?

The colored growing toys are from China. It can be dinosaur, different animals or insects. They are made of hard spongy and expanding polymeric materials. It has no lead so it may be safe for the big kids but not for the small ones. Colored growing toys pose a risk of choking because after 72 hours in water the toys expand in different dimensions. The small parts maybe detached from the toy as well as the rest of it. They fit into small cylinders but may expand more than 50%. As per Europe’s consumer affairs, the products do not comply with the Toys Directive and the relevant European standard EN 71 so it is banned in most European countries.

There was a warning on the package though that it is choking hazard and it has small parts so it is not for children under 3 years old. But still we should guide and look after our children while playing with these toys. As parents, we must use our own judgment in choosing which toys are safe for our kids. It is also our responsibility to choose the activities that are fun yet safe for them. RJ is already eight years old and already knows what to do with her toys so I do not think I should worry much about these colored growing toys.

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The 80s and 90s Ballads

There are lot of songs that make me smile, mostly are from the 80s and 90s. They remind me of my younger years, my naughtiness and all…doing opposite of what my parents taught me, sneaking for a date, cutting classes (yes, I did that too) and doing stupid mistakes but I learned a ton of things as well. I learned to be independent, responsible and hardworking.

I have this MP3 compilation of the 80s and 90s ballads and my favorite is More Than You’ll Ever Know by Michael Ruff.

So mellow for the week’s Girls Talk theme, huh? But it is perfect for Sunday Song. It is not the song per se but it’s the story behind that makes me smile, the years when I was young, happy and foolish. And now that my daughter will be on her tweens in just a few years, I want to walk in her shoes again that were once mine. By doing so, I know I will be able to understand her while experiencing this confusing stage of growing up and together we will listen to the 80s and 90s ballads. Oh yeah, she loves them too. 🙂



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Caught Unaware

The other day when RJ got home, she has their school paper on her hand and a smile on her face. She was so excited to break the good news. Her name is on the front page of The Matthean Gazette. This is how the article goes…

“Mattheans are known to be studious and hardworking. Aside from that, they really have this virtue that makes them standout-honesty. To pay gratefulness to these honest pupils, the staffers would like everyone to see the names listed below which are worthy of emulation. The have, at one time or another, returned found articles to the authorized personnel in SMC.

For those whose names do not appear below, you are not forgotten. Than you for living up to SMC’s Vision, Mission and Thrust! We are proud of you!”

Under the article are the names of those whom the staffers believe are honest pupils and RJs name is one of them. This is the second time RJs name appeared on their gazette. The first one was for winning the spelling bee. Please bear with me if I am bragging again. I just can’t help it. We are proud that our daughter is doing great academically. We are prouder that she is living up the way God wanted her to be and for us that is what matters most.

To you baby, keep up the good work and always be beautiful inside and out.

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Nursing Scrubs-Reward They Deserve

I heard my daughter coughing endless last night. It disrupted her sleep and so as mine. But this morning, the cough surprisingly stopped. Her cough seems to manifests only at night and I am worried that it might be asthma. We need to visit her pedia and ask what the problem could be. Besides, RJ would love to see again those nurses in their nursing scrubs. Their cute scrubs somehow make the nurses feel good and bring those soothing smiles on their faces, a great way to greet their patients most especially the kids.

Yes, gone are the days where the doctors and nurses were in all white uniform. So intimidating that sometimes causes fear or medical phobia to children. I remember when RJ first asked me why the nurses are in their pajamas. I laughed out loud and explained that it is not pajamas. It is their nursing uniform. It only means that these fashionable nursing scrubs give the clinics and hospitals that homey feel which is exactly how the patients want it to be.

Nurses deserve to have even cheap scrubs. It will help them feel the way they should be, great and beautiful. A reward they deserve for helping the sick get better and for making difficult patients smile.

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Preparing for the Battle

When I was in my last trimester in college, all I can think about was which companies to apply with, the kind of job I will accept and the salary I am willing to receive. I really thought I was prepared for the next step after college: job hunting. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park because I am a degree holder and I have the skills. So I thought.Yes, I did get a job but I could have looked for other offers with higher salaries and benefits. Instead, I accepted the offer of the first company who hired me. The reason? I was afraid I won’t be accepted by the next company I’ll be applying with.

It’s just now that I realized that I could have done better. How? By equipping myself with basic tools which I can use and schools usually doesn’t teach you these. Examples are:

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants
How to Implement 5S in the Workplace
Fundamentals of Management
Business Etiquette Training
Conversation, Writing, Presentation Skills
Extensive Grammar Training
Confidence Building

This early, I now have a list of development courses which I want my dauther RJ to take. Call it exagerrated but I call it planning for the future. I want her to be prepared for what lies ahead and I want her to be at her best in her battle with life’s challenges.

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