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In Orange

Last Saturday we attended my cousin’s debut. I was about to wear my old yellow sleeveless blouse and beige slacks (my favorite terno) but my sister lend me her orange see through blouse, black camisole and black leggings.

Sister With my sister…

I applied some orange and gold eyeshadows and orange blush then wore orange dangling earrings to complement with the blouse.


If I am not mistaken, this is the first time I wear orange. I don’t like orange much because I find it too striking and I was surprised to see that I look good in it. Now, I’m going to buy an orange blouse for sure.

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Mommy Kat and Mommy Rubz Birthday Thanksgiving Giveaway

This is fun, fun fun! Two of the pretty Mommies in blogniverse, Mommy Kat of and Mommy Ruby of, are hosting this multi-blog giveaway as Birthday Thanksgiving for their little princesses Max and Bella.

There are 38 blogs sponsoring this event and a total prize pot of $380 can be won by 6 winners. This giveaway event is open worldwide to anyone with a Paypal account during the event or right before the winners are announced. If winners do not reply to the email within 48 hours with their Paypal email address, another winner will be drawn.

Birthday Thanksgiving Giveaway
There will be a total of 6 winners for the total prize of $380. Hooray!

  • 2 winners for $100 each,
  • 2 winners for $60 each, and
  • 2 winners for $30 each

Note: Prizes are gross amounts. Should there be fees during the transfer of payment, it will be deducted from the prize (for cross-country transactions). If there are no fees, then you get the whole amount.

You can enter through the form below. Good luck!

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Preparing A Garden For the Colder Months

Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to New York Real Estate, home improvement and the latest architecture, design and fashion. Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.

If you live in a cold climate, it is important to prepare your garden for the cold winter months. Although most places it has just turned to fall, it is never too early to start thinking about how you can protect your garden. Some plants are not strong enough to survive the winter months unprepared and you should take action to protect them if you wish to keep them. Preparing for winter is also a great time to do some simple jobs around the yard and garden saving you time when spring finally rolls around.

Delicate plants like herbs will not survive a harsh winter. Preserving these kinds of plants is as simple as gently pulling them out of the ground and bringing them inside planted in a pot for the winter. You will be able to replant them when the cold weather is over.

When you think about fall, you might think of beautiful, colorful falling leaves. As beautiful as these leaves are, leaving them on your lawn or in your garden can harm your garden and grass over the gold winter months. Be sure to rake them up before winter weather arrives. While you are at it, take the time to trim back any perennial plants that need trimming and weed your garden. Taking these steps will help protect your grass and plants during the winter, give your garden and lawn a cleaner look and give you a head start come spring. When you are done trimming and raking, be sure to add the healthy clippings and leaves to your compost pile. After a few months of decomposing, this compost will be a great additive to your garden.

If you have a vegetable garden, fall is the time for planting certain vegetables like broccoli, peas, lettuce and other greens. Before you plant be sure to clean up your garden and add new materials like compost to help your garden grow well.

Certain plants, like roses, require some extra attention is you would like them to have the best chance of surviving the winter and thriving the following spring and summer. There is some disagreement among gardening experts when it comes to how much needs to be done to protect roses in the winter and whether or not roses are even a good candidate for surviving the harsh winter months. But at the very least you should add a thick layer of soil and mulch around the base of the plant to help protect it from the harsh frost and cold.

Taking some time to prepare your garden for the winter each year will help save you time during the busy spring gardening season and help you to have a beautiful garden and yard year after year.

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Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 3)

Whenever I go out I always have my camera with me and act as paparazzi ready to take pictures of anything that I find interesting. Good thing that I have it that day and was able to catch these undisciplinary acts. On the signage is “Bawal magbaba at magsakay dito” (loading and unloading here is prohibited/no loading and unloading here).

Filipino Discipline

But the jeep where I and my daughter are riding pulled over right in front of the signage then the barker (the one waving his hand) called for the passengers. Another Filipino discipline at it’s finest that was caught in the act.

discipline at its finest

I just want to clarify that not all Filipinos are like them. It’s sad though that there are few who until now do not know how to follow instructions and rules. When are they going to learn?

By the way, did you notice the man in red? Oh yes, he’s going to pee at the light post, there in public, in broad daylight. Tsk tsk tsk!

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In White Shorts

I don’t hate white but it’s neither my favorite (though I must say I have few white tees which were all given to me as gift and pasalubong). But I have this white shorts that I looove so much. I love its material, its cut and fit.

white bottoms
With my best friends Hazel and Mylene.
It’s only now that I noticed we’re all in white bottoms here…

white shorts
In the same white shorts.

So, why do I love this shorts? It’s a little elastic and sexy that fits just right on me and gives emphasis to my big behind. Would you believe I bought it in “thift market” for only Php50.00 (USD1.19)? And because I often use it, it’s white no more. I think I have to give it up soon…as soon as I find one with the same fit. 🙂

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