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Internet Problem (Again?)

These past days, we are having problems again with our internet connection. My husband presumed it is due to the router we are using so he unplugged the router but still we have intermittent connections that occurs mostly in the afternoon. Hubby called the tech support and someone from there instructed him on how to fix it. It worked but just for a short time, then after a few days, the problem continues. Haaay, if only we could use omnidirectional antennas to get better connections and solve internet problem such as this. 🙁

Now that hubby is so busy with his job, he can’t pay attention to fix the problem. I did some trouble shooting though…I checked the proxy settings, cleared the cache and even tried to switch everything off (well, that’s the best that I can do as I am not techie) but it didn’t do any good. I guess I have to live with the intermittent connections for a while until hubby can find time to know and fix the core of this internet problem.

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Home Office Designs for a Comfortable Work Environment

Working from home is not an easy task. You need a good working environment when working to make sure that you have your focus with the job and at the same time be comfortable since you will spend your day sitting in front of the computer. You don’t necessarily need a room for yourself, but a simple corner will do as long as you have the things you will need within your reach. One advantage of working from home is that you have the option to design your Home Office and consider your personal requirements. You can always take into consideration the design that you like and the style as well.

A great lighting can contribute a lot in one’s work mood. It can also help you save up on electricity bill if you will use the natural light during daytime. It gives a cheerful mood when a space is well lit and not gloomy at all. Another great factor to consider is the size of your table. Most work – from – home jobs require a computer and a good internet connection. A telephone or a fax machine may also be added so make sure you have the space for it. Getting an ergonomic, comfortable chair will certainly help you in maintaining a good posture and minimize backache while working in front of your computer. To create a good atmosphere, try placing a small plant near your table or a flower in the window area. Lastly, the color of your room will surely brighten up the environment, so try to stick with light colors to make the room appear even brighter.

Remember, a comfortable workplace will surely help you become more productive and provide you with a harmonious feel during your working hours.

Ysabela currently works as a freelance writer and she loves traveling with her family. She enjoys working for Amazing News and writes about uplifting stories to inspire her readers.

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Topsy-Turvy Corner That Needs Cable Management

I cleaned the house this morning because I find everything dusty. I just had a general cleaning last week but it seems like ages. While sweeping the floor, I saw again the entangled cables and extension wires. Oh yes our house has plenty of them and they are real pain. Sometimes I am worried that one of us might trip over it. Hubby is a computer wizard and a bit tech savvy but he is not very good when it comes to cable management. Each cable neither labeled nor coded so when something goes awry, hubby is always having a hard time troubleshooting.

cable management

See what I mean? This is just a corner of our house. Just by looking at this will give you headache because everything is in topsy-turvy. I just hope hubby would have the time to fix the cables and wires soon. I want the whole house to be repainted before the holiday season and these wires are going to be the painter’s problem if not fixed.

Hubby said fixing the cables is time consuming. Cable management maybe time consuming but it is just a one time job. Isn’t it more time consuming finding out where cables go and figuring out what is connected to what every time something goes wrong?

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Life After Bankruptcy

Running a business day after day is challenging. You have products to promote, sales to monitor, staff to supervise, not to mention the financial difficulties you will encounter from time to time that will force you to apply for loans. We have experienced all of these until we can no longer manage our debts and had no choice but to give up our small business because of bankruptcy.

It was year 2000 when I became a dealer of shoes, bags and apparels. It was just a sideline because I have a regular job then in a telecommunications company. I saw that I have potential in marketing and selling because I earned more than what I expected. It was three times or more of my monthly salary on my regular job, so my husband and I decided to pursue the business. Because it’s running almost perfectly for years, hubby and I thought our business is recession proof, but we were wrong. When the economy takes a down turn, people tend to be very careful about spending their hard-earned money thus, our business got affected. Our sales went down by 60% and we had hard time collecting from our dealers. And because we cannot afford to hire a good lawyer who could have given us the best advice on how to get our business back on track or represent us on bankruptcy court, we just decided to give it up October last year.

It was sad and depressing but then things happen and sometimes we just don’t have too many options. Still, hubby and I believed that there’s life waiting for us after bankruptcy. And with the help and endless moral support from our friends and family, we were able to overcome our depressions. Now, we are thankful that we were finally free of the stress that goes along with the business.

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Hats Off to Hardworking Filipino Workers

I don’t know how long he stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to sweep and keep the sand out of the road. I am wondering how much he is earning per hour. I just hope he is not one of the underpaid Filipino workers.

Filipino workers

Scenarios like this help me to appreciate more my part time job. I can work in the comfort of my home at my preferred time. I don’t need to inhale all the dust and be burnt under the fiery heat. On the other hand, this man is still lucky for having his job as there are many jobless Filipinos. I admire his fortitude and diligence.

According to statistics, the total number of unemployed Filipino workers as of 2011 is 2.9 million. Most of them are newly graduates that are being added to the labor force each year. Some of them are those who still believe on the traditional jobs; that the graduates of nursing should work as nurses, graduates of engineering should be engineers, and so on and so forth. They don’t realize that the country has over supply of labor force on popular careers like nursing. I can’t blame the licensed professionals who prefer to work non-traditionally; call center agents, sales agents, product dealers, etc. It is better to work non-traditionally yet earn as much or maybe more than to be jobless.

Hats off to all hardworking Filipino workers!

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