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Stylish Eyeglass Frames

Lately I have been having headache, blurred visions and have a bit trouble reading. I think it has something to do with my eyes because I have been using the computer too much. I need to visit an optician to have my eyes checked before things get worst.

I am wondering how I will look like if ever I will need to wear a pair of glasses. Will I look older or smarter? I know glasses can look really nice at a person, making him/her look witty and clever but I can’t imagine myself wearing eyeglasses though. Another big question is what frame would fit me best? Good thing that it is now possible to fit glasses online at” rel=”nofollow” using the virtual try-on and I tried it. I uploaded my photo, chose some eyeglasses and did some adjustments. It is just like fitting the real eyeglasses and these are the 4 glasses that look good on me.

1) Tretorn Marna, 2) Phoebe Couture, 3) Arabella, 4) Jones New York.

I love all four of these stylish eyeglass frames for women. If only I could afford to have them all. Now that I know I look good with the glasses, I got excited to visit the optician…the sooner the better I think.

Do you want to know too how you will look like with the glasses on? Visit Choose from their fashionable frames and try the virtual try-on. I am sure you’re going to have so much fun and you won’t stop on trying just a pair.

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Sympathetic Ophthalmia

When hubby had an eye irritation, the doctor prescribed antibiotic and steroids (both in drops), his initial finding was eye infection but he also explained to us the possibility of sympathetic ophthalmia. That was the first time we heard of sympathetic ophthalmia. The doctor explained that sympathetic ophthalmia is an inflammatory condition that affects both eyes. After an injury or infection to one eye, the other eye that is not injured sympathizes with the injured eye thus, it is also affected. It is a rare condition but can cause complete blindness to the patient.

Hubby’s right eye was hit by a stray bullet when he was 6 years old. It was not restored because the bullet hit the nerve that transmits light for the eye to see. Since then, hubby lives with just one eye…his left. Though the right eye is still there, it shrank and according to the doctor, there’s a possibility that hubby’s left eye sympathizes with his right eye. The accident occurred 32 years ago but the doctor said it may develop even 50 years after the eye injury. And if it happens, he won’t have any choice but to remove hubby’s right eye that will costs more or less Php50,000 ($1,190).

After some thorough tests that were done to hubby, there was no indication of sympathetic opthalmia. It was just an eye infection that was treated by antibiotic and steroids. Hubby’s left eye is okay now except for he really needs to wear glasses. God always answers our prayers. Praise Him!

(If you experience similar symptoms, see a medical assistant as soon as possible.)

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Feel Richer With Straight Talk

This post is brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hubby is currently on a prepaid plan with his cellular phone. He uses it for texting, making calls, sending pictures and for downloading music. However, he noticed that his monthly prepaid expenses have gone up and he’s thinking of switching to a postpaid plan. I violently disagreed because this will cost him more aside from the fact that he’ll be tied on a contract.

That’s why I envy my sister-in-law when she told me her current prepaid subscription on Straight Talk wherein for just $45 a month, she’ll be able to enjoy The power of Android and unlimited monthly services which include calls, texts, picture messaging and web access. What’s more, they also offer smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features to satisfy your every need, with no contract to worry.

Just imagine the money you’ll save, you might get a brand new android phone plus all the apps you want, of course with Straight Talk’s unlimited use plans. There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. I love the idea that I will Feel Richer with Android while cutting my cell phone bill in half. If only Straight Talk is available here (sigh). But if that happens, then for sure hubby and will be the very first subscribers.

If you want to Feel Richer with Android at only $45/month for unlimited use, you may check the Straight Talk ads below for more details.

The getting richer effect has expanded… by LittleBard95

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere

Finally, we have watched the most awaited premiere of “The Walking Dead Season 2” last night. As expected, the one hour first episode is full of suspense. I sometimes scream and cover my eyes. I think it was my reaction that pushed RJ to sleep early.

The Season 2 will feature 13 episodes. It started where it left off the first season. The characters are still the same but this time survivors will be split into groups; each group will make their way to fight and survive from the walkers.  I can’t help but imagine what if it happens in real life? With our intermittent internet connection and cellphone signals, we will need home cell booster to be sure that we can ask for help anytime. Oh, sorry for the weird thought. I just got carried away.

If you haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” yet, I encourage you to watch it. I am not a huge fan of zombies and horror movies but the said TV series made its way to my heart. It is not because of the suspense and action but because of the story behind each character. Below is the official trailer of the Season 2…grisly and gritty yet touching.

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My Longest Road Trip

Our trip to Isabela, which took us 9 hours, was the longest road trip I had. We were all 15 in the van, including our driver, plus our traveling bags and other things, thus, we traveled on a jampacked van that caused us back pains and strains on the shoulders and nape.

Though it was a fun trip, I still wish to be in a motor home the next time we travel by land. Maintaining a motor home can be more expensive than maintaining a car or van, most especially when in need of a motor home repair, but there’s no more comfortable than traveling in a motor home; you can stretch, lie down and sleep comfortably while traveling not to mention the amenities that you can enjoy.

I hate sitting down for long straight hours but when we travel, I had no choice. So for now that we can’t afford even a secondhand motor home, I will just move my legs and feet, stretch the arms, do neck rolls and turn my body every few hours to avoid back pains and stiffness of muscles. What I don’t know is if I will still enjoy a road trip that is longer than 9 hours.

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