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Best Free Web Analytics Tools

Whether you are running a blog or a business site, it is very important for you to understand exactly how your site performs and what the weak points are, the reason why it is important to have a good website analytics tool. These tools allow you to determine the statistics of your website. You can find out who is visiting your site, exactly what pages as well as content they are looking at and how long they are exploring your site. By assessing your site’s performance, you will know what to improve. There are many web analytics tool but not all are free. Below are the best 5 free web analytics tools.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful free tool from of course no other than Google. This is what I am using and my favorite among free web analytics tools. It generates in-depth data about the targeted traffic to a website. The standard reporting includes daily visits (unique visitors, new visitors, returning visitors), page views, bounce rates, traffic type and visitors country or territory.


StatCounter is loaded of beneficial and highly effective tools to help you make much better choices about your website. There are many features that are free of charge (unless otherwise stated). Statcounter is awesome because it allows you put stats on your website without any hyperlinks or even visible counters.

Site Meter

Site Meter features two primary website and blog counter-tracking packages. Site Meter Basic provides almost all vital data, statistics, and reports necessary to know who is visiting your site, how many pages have already been viewed, and detailed information about each individual visitor. The Site Meter Premium tool provides further statistics including ranked reports, more historical data, ad-free stats pages, and the ability to export data on recent visitors.


Clicky is a real time web analytics service. It can access that data quickly, easily, and in an interface that just makes sense. The data is real time that when you login and view your stats, you are seeing up to the minute data on the traffic to your web site. Historical data is available with default options such as yesterday or the last 30 days.

If you have a website or blog, you are probably interested in seeing who visits you. This tool shows how many visitors are currently on your website. Check when you had the most people online.

Now, it’s time to choose from these free web analytics tools and see how your website works.

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Things to Consider When Hiring Maid Service

It is amazing how hard it is to find the perfect maid when hiring a maid service, and once you do find one that is trustworthy and has mastered the art of detailed cleaning, there is an even greater challenge in keeping it. Sometimes maids can really drive you up the wall but it is hard to manage without them so you have no choice but to hire one from Maid Service Ashburn VA. So what are the things to consider when hiring maid service?

1. Decide which service type is best for you. Know what is included in the basic service that they offer. It is also important to mention if ever you have pets so they can plan accordingly. There are services that specialize in customized cleaning and housekeeping.

2. Get a quote just before any kind of work is done so you will know the sum of money you will anticipate to hand out. Ask the forms of payment the company accepts. Make sure that both you and the maid clearly agree on what will be included for the quoted fee.

3. The maid service must be prepared to cater to your needs and streamline chores as per your request. Determine exactly what must be carried out and how frequently, either once a week, twice a month, or monthly. It will be easier for both of you when the expectations are spelled out and mutually understood right from the start.

Excellent maid service is, without question, out there. You simply have to be persistent and look for the one you are most secure and comfortable with. Inquire a lot until you find the perfect maid for you.

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Soderno Sunday Night Market Opening

Mothers are indeed the unsung heroes. They are the only ones who could run the household, take care of the kids and manage the finances all at the same time. What they do is absolutely beyond assessment and treating them out this Mother’s Day is the least we could do for them.

Treat your mom on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13) at the opening of the Sunday Night Market (6pm to 12mn) at Soderno – the premiere weekend food market of the south!

Mothers will get free Toblerone chocolate bars and free unlimited photos from the “I Love Mom” photo booth.  On top of that, moms will also get a free gift pack from Soderno (while supplies last). All marketgoers who visit will also get free chocolates from Toblerone.

Brought to you by the same organizers of Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City, Soderno is the destination food haven of the South with a wide selection of food choices – including charcoal grilled burgers, juicy ribeye steaks, Italian deep-fried Panzarotti sandwiches, roast beef, thinly-sliced bagnet, Pinoy street food, red velvet cake, ice-cream filled mochi balls and more – that is perfect for Sunday night family ‘salo-salo’ dinner.

Along with the great food choices, marketgoers can enjoy free wi-fi, live acoustic entertainment and free freshly brewed organic coffee for senior citizens. Entrance to Soderno is absolutely free!

Soderno is open every Friday and Saturday night (6pm-3am) and Sunday nights (6pm-12mn). Soderno is located at the Molito Lifestyle Center, corner of Commerce and Madrigal avenues, Alabang (in front of Alabang Town Center and Ayala Alabang Village).

For more information, please visit, or follow

*This is a press release.

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How To Be A Gracious Recipient

The adage “It is better to give than to receive” holds so much truth.  There is this unexplainable purifying joy that washes over you when you are being generous. But what if you are the receiver? Of course receiving something from someone makes you happy and you can share that happiness to the gift giver by being a gracious recipient. So, how to be  one?

When you already have the item…
Sometimes you might receive a duplicate gift or three.  In this instance, don’t say anything other than “Thank you.” It is something that the giver thought of. You can just regift the item to someone else or if you know where it was bought, exchange it for a different item. In that case, the giver’s money and effort will not be wasted.

Money gift…
Be discreet. Keep the amount to yourself. There is no need to embarrass the receiver. He/She may have given you less than the others but in gift giving, there is no small or big amount.  Remember that it is the thought that counts.

Broken gift…
Sometimes you will receive a damaged gift like jewelry with lose gemstone beads or porcelain that is broken. When this happens, again, just keep it to yourself and don’t tell the gift giver. Who would gift you something that is broken anyway? It may have been damaged from the delivery. Just check (if it is possible) where it was purchased and know if it can be replaced by the store with a new one.

You don’t like the gift…
Don’t raise your eyebrows. The givers love buying presents but they love your reaction even more. They would be delighted to see your smile and appreciation. A big hug and/or kiss on the cheek can make the gifter ‘s day as well.

Make a list…
Note down who gave you what.  The list will serve as you reference when you are about to make your thank you notes. Why write thank you notes? It is because one act of kindness deserves another. Don’t you think so?

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British Gas Business are Putting Customers First

British Gas Business is committed to reducing the amount its business customers pay out for their gas and electricity. Despite wholesale unit prices seeming to constantly be on the rise, they are achieving this goal and cutting costs across the board.

Energy Efficiency
British Gas Business understand that by adopting an energy efficient stance a customer will benefit from the lower bills that come from using less energy. As well as giving free advice on general aspects of reducing usage, British Gas Business can help its customers to change the way in which it’s premises are run in order to be more efficient. British Gas Business can advise customers on practical aspect such as what appliances are best to choose when replacing old ones and even what lighting types will save them the most money.

As well as having some of the most competitive tariffs available, British Gas Business work with their business customers to identify key areas of their businesses and familiarise themselves with key points such as type and size in order to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of discounts and benefits that are open to them.

British Gas Business has over 550,000 business customers and it is clear that the reason why is down to them knowing what the business customer wants and needs and making sure that they get it.

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