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Passive Income with Rental Properties

Contrary to what people think, investing is not only for retirement. Most middle-aged people or even the younger ones are beginning to invest and strive to have passive income to enjoy a higher standard of living. That is why despite of the global crisis, financial institutions became highly leveraged. Investing doesn’t necessarily mean thousands or millions of dollars. It doesn’t matter if a person will start with $100 or $10,000 as a capital. What is important is to make the money multiply as much as it could through passive income.

Passive income is basically what you earn even without actively participating in the earning process. There are many ways to earn through passive income such as stock market, mutual funds, time deposits, etc. But a great way to generate passive income is through real estate as real estate has countless opportunities for making big gains most especially in rental properties. For bigger gains, an investor may find a property that will pay for itself or even makes him a little money each month. The demands in rental properties increase while the rents tend to go up each year yet the mortgage on the investment property remains fixed.

There’s no doubt that rental property investment can provide a steady source of income for almost a lifetime most especially in later years after the mortgages are paid off. However, as with any investment idea, investing in rental properties is not risk proof and requires a lot of patience. A rental property investor must understand the responsibilities involved and he must be knowledgeable in things like fair market rent, landlord and tenant laws, etc. If a person want to own a rental property, but don’t want the obligation of being a landlord, Jackson Real Estate may be the solution for him. It is but wise to outsource the management of properties to a trusted real estate management group like Jackson Real Estate most especially if a person owns more than three rental properties. The real estate management group usually handle all dealings with tenants, from finding and screening tenants to collecting rent to maintenance thus saving the investor from the hassles of maintenance and some work while earning.





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Growing Business for the Plus Size

It is reality that there is a growing problem of obesity around the world. In the United States alone, 65% or Americans are overweight and 31% of these are obese. While supermodels flaunting in glossy magazines and strut the catwalks seem to be getting skinnier, more and more people are getting bigger each day.

I remember when I attended a friend’s wedding. It seems like the bride came from a family with fuller figure. The mother of the bride dresses plus size, plus two of the bridesmaids and so is the bride. Yet, they all look stunningly beautiful in their fabulous gowns. Somehow, the fashion world as well as the retailers noticed the increasing demand for the plus size clothing.

A few years back, shopping for fuller figures was tiresome and distressing. There was the difficulty of finding clothes to fit not to mention the disappointment one has to endure because the clothes that he/she loves so much and dying to wear is not available in bigger sizes. But now, there are many options for plus-sized men and women as more and more stores for fuller figures continuous to emerge from department stores to online stores. Because of the huge demand, retailers believe that this trend will continue to exceed the standard fashion industry in terms of sales growth and see a huge opportunity to grow profits in the plus size business in the coming years.

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Asset Protection Through Offshore Trust

With the global currency crisis, existing plight in the banking sectors, unstable political situations, concerted attack on privacy and other hundred problems that are likely to arise in the next few years, it is but wise to take steps in advance of a problem. With the aforementioned enormous ravages, an offshore banking and investments are perhaps the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of losing everything a person has. They are the strongest defenses against bank failures, savings devaluation, seizure of funds and disappearance of properties.

Offshore banking and investment is not just solely for celebrities or spies as what we mostly see on James Bond movies. It is not just for tax evasion as what most politicians do. It is not just for underground economy and organized crimes as what most people know. It can be for anyone who has assets and properties, either personal or commercial, to protect.

Asset protection can be in number of forms but the experts agree that safeguarding assets through offshore trust in a properly selected jurisdiction with strong banking secrecy laws and private legislation is the most effective. In offshore trust, a legal title of the asset is entrusted to a trustee while retaining all the control over the asset. The goal is to preserve the asset by hiding the owner from the creditors, future claims and legal proceedings. Once a person decides to setup an offshore trust to protect his assets, a structure will be made. The type of trust must be selected, the duration of the trust, and other essential decisions on details.

Anyone looking for ways to protect their assets can go for an offshore trust but as with any legal matter, it is important to consult a lawyer or professional offshore asset protection firm. There are many self-proclaimed asset protection experts so it is but wise to check the references first before engaging into any transactions. To make sure that the assets will be handled correctly and legally, work only with a reliable and reputable offshore account and investment firms.

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Solar Panels for Solar Savings

I was surprised upon receiving our electric bill the other day. I heard from the news that it will go up this month but I didn’t expect it to be that high. Based on a leaflet that is included in our electric bill, it increased by P0.71 ($0.17) per kilowatt hour. Almost 76% of the increase is for the generation charge. The rest is for transmission, taxes, subsidy and system loss. According to the electric company, the generation charge is for the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and National Power Corporation (NPC).

The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) is the country’s spot market for the trading of electricity as a commodity. The National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) is the principal power provider in Metropolitan Manila Area while the Independent Power Producers (IPPs),  are the ones generating electric power for sale to utilities and end users. Understanding the roles of these companies, the electric bill components and the existing regulatory framework of the country’s power industry gives me headache. Though an ordinary citizen like me cannot understand deeper the complicated framework, one thing is for sure…our electric bill is soaring high and we need effective ways to cut bills. Now I understand why my husband wants to resort to solar panels. According to him it is the best solution in this time that the economy is at an extraordinary fragile point. So what are solar panels?

Solar panels NC are devices that take the light of the sun and convert it into energy. They are usually placed on the roof of the house or building and are used to generate electricity to power appliances. It is best suitable for homes most especially in a tropical country like ours where the sun, a free and clean source of energy, is shining all day.  Use of solar panels can help protect the environment by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels. And because solar panels use solar energy which is a natural form of energy, they don’t give off pollution while generating electricity thus we can keep our environment in good shape. The sun may not show up on cloudy or stormy days but you don’t need to worry as it will show up the very next day, making it a consistent power source for the solar panels.

Solar panels are available in different sizes so the price varies widely. If there is one disadvantage in solar panels, it is when you buy it the first time. However, the initial cost is a small price to pay compared to the savings you could make over the years. Yes, years! It is because solar panels can last a lifetime. Hubby makes sense. We need solar panels for solar savings plus we don’t need to brainstorm understanding the electric bill components and the existing regulatory framework of the country’s power industry.

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Important Things You Should Know About DNA Paternity Testing

What is DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA Paternity Testing is an analysis that determines whether a man or not is a child’s biological father. It is being conducted by comparing the DNA sequence of a child and the possible father.

Why would I need DNA paternity testing?

You need DNA paternity testing if you have questions about your biological father. It could provide peace of mind and can generate legally admissible results that are used for child support, inheritance, social welfare benefits, immigration, or adoption purposes.

What are the samples required for DNA paternity testing?

Samples of cells swabbed from the cheeks of the child, the alleged father and, the mother are collected with the use of a non-invasive mouth swab called a buccal swab. If extended testing is required, a small amount of blood may be collected from the participants. If the father is deceased, a sample containing his DNA may have been collected and retained by a medical examiner or a coroner if an autopsy had been performed.

How is DNA paternity test performed?

The samples for DNA paternity test can be collected at home using DNA Testing Kit than can be bought from drugstores or ordered online. The kit contains illustrated instructions and a consent form to be filled out with information about each family member providing a sample. The samples are then returned to labelled tubes and brought to the laboratory for analysis. But because the origin or identity of the individual of each of the DNA test samples cannot be verified, this in-home paternity tests may not be admissible in court.

For paternity results that are needed for legal purposes, the samples must be collected by a neutral third party, such as clinic or laboratory. You need to follow a strict chain of custody process that is required to make the DNA test results legally defensible (accepted by many courts and other government agencies).

What if two alleged fathers are identical twins?

If the two alleged fathers are identical twins it is not possible to identify the biological father because dentical twins have 100% of their genetic markers in common so no genetic test can distinguish which of them is real biological father.

Do I need a doctor or court’s request for paternity testing?

No, but it would be better to have a lawyer or a doctor who could advise you (technically and legally wise).

How much does a paternity test costs?

The legal paternity test should not cost more than $550 while the in-home test ranges from $150 to $200 including the price of the kit and laboratory processing fee.

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