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Enjoying Cashless Convenience Anytime, Anywhere

People do not normally carry cash anymore these days. Why should they when they can feel safer with a single card in their wallet. The Kaiku card makes it convenient for consumers to shop without worrying about carrying huge amounts of money in their pockets. With this peace of mind also comes the ability to manage funds wisely. Since the Kaiku card is a pre-paid card, there is no danger of overspending. The cardholders can only spend whatever money they load in their card. There are, however, still debit cards fees that they have to think about. Compared to other pre-paid or debit cards, the Kaiku card offers more value to its cardholders.

debit card
Take a look at the following Kaiku card’s cashless convenience:

Flexible – this card can be used as a debit card and as an ATM card. You can make purchases online or in bricks and mortar stores using your Kaiku VISA card. You do, however, need to load up your card before you use it. The Kaiku website tells you exactly how to load up your card so you can use it for cashless shopping. You can also use your Kaiku card to withdraw from Allpoint ATMs. There are over 50,000 ATMs throughout the continental USA, Canada and Mexico, Puerto Rico, and even in Australia and the United Kindom.

Affordable Fees – the Kaiku card does not charge fees for card activation, withdrawals, and balance inquries. However, there is a monthly service fee that you have to pay. You also have to pay fees when your ATM transaction is declined or when you use out-of-network ATMs. These fees are normal for credit cards but Kaiku’s fees are reasonable enough for its cardholders who want cashless convenience.

Mobile – aside from the cashless convenience, the Kaiku card also offers the convenience of being able to monitor your funds through your mobile devices. You can transfer funds and do other transactions securely through the Kaiku mobile application. There are even text messages to alert you about your account balance everytime there is a movement in your account. This information is also available on-demand when you sent a text request.

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Choosing the Best Accommodations on Business Trip

accommodations on business tripWhen you have to go out-of-town or even out-of-the-country for a business trip, you want to make the most out of your travel – after all, it’s a chance to go to places you haven’t been to without having to worry about all the expense. You can choose your accommodations depending on the duration of your business trip and, of course, your budget. If you are going to stay a little while longer after all the business matters are finished, you will have to consider that your remaining days in your destination might not be covered as part of your business expense. A little planning in advance can help you make the most of the time and money you have during your business trips. Consider these locations where you can book your accommodations:

Hotels – these are the most common type of accommodations for business travellers, especially if the event or business meeting they are attending is going to be held in the same hotel. These hotels are equipped with most modern amenities. The basic room would have a bed, a television unit, a phone, and a mini bar. The bigger hotel chains would also have in-room internet connection. The advantage of booking a room at a hotel is that everything you need is with reach. There would be one or a couple of restaurants right at the hotel, a boutique, a business center, and a recreational facility in most hotels. Butler service, transportation, and tour guides are also often provided for you.

Serviced Residences and Apartments – those who intend to stay for days or weeks at length can choose to rent serviced residences or apartments. These are complete residential units contained in a building. Your unit will have its own kitchen, laundry area, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. Serviced residences have maid service so you do not have to worry about cleaning up. You do, however, have to take care of cooking your own meals. This type of lodging could be less expensive than hotel accommodations. But, you are basically left to attend to your own needs.

Private Villas or Chalets – some businessmen who want to incorporate rest and recreation in their business trips can opt to rent private villas or chalets. These are stand-alone homes that you can rent for the duration of your stay. It’s like your home away from home. You can make arrangements for a local to stock up your fridge and pantry for you every day. In some cases, you can hire someone to come on certain days to cook your meals for you. The attraction of these types of residences is that there often is some kind of recreational activity that you can engage in during your stay. Examples of this would be villas near a lake where you can go boating, beachfront homes that allow you to go for a dip in the morning before you head out for your business meeting, and ski lodges that give you a magnificent view of the slopes.

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In Pursuit of Continuous Learning

Learning is something that happens throughout your life. In the business sense, continuous learning is applied to particular professions that require updated information. While most of these educational courses do not normally confer any degrees, certification in a lot of these courses make professionals eligible to continue their practice in the same state or any other location that requires the same certification.

In continuing legal education, the West LegalEdcenter is one of the recognized providers of educational programs like Labor Law education courses, Litigation Tactics, and Legal Ethics. Companies that employ lawyers as well as private lawyers can take advantage of these courses from the West LegalEdcenter. This online CLE service provider takes advantage of modern technology and makes it convenient for their clients to access their extensive library and learning resources anywhere they are.

West LegalEdcenter provides courses and resources for all learning levels and practice areas in the legal field. These can all be accessed anywhere provided there is an internet connection. This CLE services provider promises relevant, current, and flexible courses that you can easily download and navigate through on your own computer. They have even made some of these materials for download to any compatible mobile device. Their website allows legal experts to browse through their online catalog for any courses they might need. Legal practitioners can also contact their 24/7 support facility for both technical and customer service requirements.

Also found on the website are the different CLE requirements listed per state. Simply clicking on the state on the map will take CLE students to the page where the specific CLE requirements are detailed complete with credit requirements and completion reporting procedures. Also in this page are the available West LegalEdcenter courses that legal practitioners can avail of for credit towards their state’s CLE requirements. In such a fast-paced world people live in today, the West LegalEdcenter provides a comprehensive and accessible online learning facility where legal practitioners all over the country can conveniently earn their CLE certifications and credits.

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Quick Guide to Saving Money on Small Business Uniforms

Small businesses are often put into an awkward position when it comes to uniforms. Fewer employees should lead to a lower overall cost but, unfortunately, some of the major employment uniform manufacturers offer better deals on bulk orders and charge more for smaller purchases. Some of the biggest manufacturers won’t even talk to small businesses due to stringent minimum order policies.

Small boutique printers are rarely any better. High prices, long lead times, and small selections serve as major downsides – and with a clientele that primarily seeks novelty t-shirts and band gear, these boutiques often lack experience fulfilling professional needs. How can small business owners cope? Is there a budget-friendly middle ground? This short how-to guide will provide a few ways to save money on uniforms without sacrificing on quality or value.

Balancing Quality and Cost

Your overall cost will be determined by the quality of the following features: materials, graphic design, and uniform cut/style. Do not try to pursue the best of all three or you will surely pay too much. Instead, think about the role the uniform and emphasize/deemphasize certain qualities when necessary.

Do not be afraid to order separate (but similar) uniforms based on the various employee positions and their duties. The following three scenarios will explain how careful choices and compromise can lead to valuable savings.

1. Emphasis on Durability

Quality materials are absolutely necessary for uniforms that are often exposed to food, dirt, or heavy wear. The ability to wash and reuse these uniforms more make up the difference in price. Are graphics necessary? Save money on uniforms for behind-the-scenes employees by opting out of graphics and redirecting those savings toward even better quality.

2. Emphasis on Professionalism  

Employees that deal primarily with customers need to look professional. You do not need exceptionally durable materials, but you do need to invest in a uniform with a nice cut/style. Any graphics do need to be nice and recognizable, but save the majority of your graphics budget for situations that call for the “walking billboard” uniform detailed below.

3. Emphasis on Marketing

Sometimes uniforms are necessary for dealing with the public, and you can put that public exposure to good use through clever marketing. Go with a lightweight shirt to save money on materials, and invest in eye-catching color or design instead. A reasonable style will help your business look professional, but don’t blow your entire budget on a uniform that will see a lot of travel or wear.

Searching for Deep Discounts

Check out online resources like CustomizedGirl for custom t-shirts, aprons, and other deeply discounted customized uniform-worthy attire. Online resources are great because they offer a greater selection and can expedite printing when necessary, and you can find the prices upfront instead quote-by-quote. Many online printers also offer newsletters to advertise their best deals so that you can withhold your order until the most cost-effective opportunity crops up.

customized uniform

Order your replacements and extras upfront. By adding a few rounds of replacements to your initial order, you will be able to take advantage of what may be a significant group discount. First-time buyers can often secure additional discounts – so make that first purchase a worthwhile one. Keep in constant contact with your supplier to ensure good deals on future orders. Treat your uniform supplier like any other important business contact.

Uniforms are a useful way to help your business stand out, and sometimes they are the only way to ensure customer trust and satisfaction. Uniforms are an important investment but they do not have to overburden your budget. Get creative and contact your local chamber of commerce for ideas and connections.

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