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Honda’s CFR 250L Does It All

There is no doubt that Honda has a history in manufacturing long lasting motorbikes. Honda markets its not-new-but-improved Honda CRF 250L as a dirt bike that is street legal, or maybe a street bike with off-road capabilities. It’s that, and a pretty competent one, but they might be missing its biggest virtue. While Honda bikes shy away from saying it directly, it could be a contender for the title of Swiss Army Knife Bike.

Honda bike

Honda bikes gather many positive characteristics that attract most drivers. Think about it.

It’s bulletproof. For many years now, Honda knows how to build bikes, and this one, based on the reliable 2010 Honda CFR 250F, should be just about unbreakable. It combines so many desirable attributes that makes it even more appealing to its audience.

It’s relatively inexpensive to own. So if you value a low cost means of transportation, this Honda bike could be for you. The buy in, L3950 or U$4499, is dead even with the competing KLX 250. Honda doesn’t make a mileage claim, but we’d expect it to match or exceed the Kwacker’s 70 mpg. And that flying wing on the tank and the word “HONDA” pretty much assure good re-sale value.

Speaking of this displacement class, 250 is plenty big enough for safe operation on the highway at any speed up to and well over whatever is legal. And, it has the brakes to match, with decent-sized discs front and rear.

It can manage two-up just fine, no need to leave anyone behind, although it really shines solo. And it’s already got bungee hooks, so you really can bring home the groceries.

Honda makes a point of the upright seating position and the comfortable, flat seat, a big plus to the general riding feel.

The current incarnation features fuel injection for seamless, right-now throttle control, cold start and running flexibility, and freedom from maintenance.

It’s agile and narrow, ideal for threading through trees or traffic.

But here’s the real bonus for small dual-sport bikes, and this one in particular; they work absolutely dynamite in the real world of potholes, curbs, and parking places (or lack of) particularly convenient for those who live in cities. That useable size, long travel suspension, great brakes, and excellent throttle control make this a killer urban bike as well as a potent cow-trailer. I’d take one in a heartbeat.

The author of this article has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry.

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6 Tips to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe from Hackers

Credit cards, debit cards and electronic money have become widely popular these days because of the convenience they offer. You can easily go shop and buy anything you want without carrying wads of money in your purse. In the US, an average individual have 3 to 5 cards from different bank and credit facilities.

safe credit cards

Having a credit card means that you should also be responsible for its use and be aware of the possibility of it being lost and hacked. If any person gets hold of your card or your information, he or she can use it and charge expenses which you will be responsible for. So here are some tips to ensure that your credit card is safe from fraudulent use and hacking.

– When using your credit card card, keep it within sight and make sure that only authentic machines are being used when your card is swiped.

– Keep your password, pin and CVV number a secret. This information can easily compromise your credit card and open it up for charges made by somebody else.

– Consider getting several credit cards with a low credit limit each. This will lessen the risk in case one of them gets lost and misused.

– Use your credit cards in secure locations or venues only. When shopping online, be extra careful and patronize only those with secure payment options.

– Avoid online shopping and using your credit card when you are using a public computer or in cyber cafes. There is a big possibility that your data can be extracted. Many cyber criminals utilize these locations to gather financial data from several credit card users.

– Never respond to phishing mails and before you key-in any personal or financial data, make sure that there is nothing changed with the website that you have accessed. Many hackers copy websites of banks and other financial institutions to make it appear like you are having an authentic transaction but these will only extract your card number and your information.

Credit cards can save you a lot of time and effort in purchasing the things you need. You can shop at home from online shopping venues and you can also go shopping without carrying cash. As long as you remain responsible in using it and in paying your dues. You should also safe guard it at all times since more and more are becoming victims of credit card hacking.

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Stimulating Minds: Finding the Right Venue for Business Conferences

It might not seem like too big of a deal to some but the professional services of conferences and meetings have a lot of influence in the outcome of any business event. It is important to choose a venue that stimulates minds, fosters cooperation, and encourages social interactions and networking. The specifics of the event including the conference rooms, the table layouts, the accessories and equipment required, the food and refreshments, as well as the accommodations of the participants should all be thought about carefully.

right venue

Those who are planning the event should take note of the following factors when looking for the right venue for their business event:

Schedule. Depending on where the event is supposed to take place and perhaps the industry within which the company operates, there might be ideal times of the year during which these business gatherings could be held. It is also important to note peak seasons when conference sites might be fully booked or too crowded.

Space Availability. Event organizers should be able to match the size of the conference venue with the size of their delegation. The space of the right venue should not be too big or too small. It should be able to comfortably fit the people attending the conference. The event organizers could immediately narrow down their search to only those that can accommodate their delegation. It is also important to check the availability of parking slots as well in case some delegates are driving to the location.

Amenities. Locations and facilities that specialize in conferences and business meetings often have amenities already packaged into their venue rates. The basic package would normally include tables and chairs, a projector, and a whiteboard or an easel. Other requirements like audio-visual equipment or special lighting might have to be requested separately.

Price. Affordability is always a concern for business organizations. In corporate events like conferences, however, skimping unreasonably could drastically affect the outcome of the event. The expected output and reaction from the attendees might not be realized when it is evident that the company does not put value into the event. Organizers should be able to strike a balance between providing what is necessary without putting much burden on the corporate finances.

When the event planners already have an idea of what they are looking for based on the company’s specifications, it would not be too difficult to find the right venue, make final arrangements and book their event. They also use professional services like for venues search.

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Cash and Bonds: Understanding Low Risk Investment Options

Thinking of investing your hard earned money but don’t have any idea how? There are many investment options that you can consider, but for starters, consulting with a financial advisor is highly advised. There will be risks attached to different types of investment, among them, cash and bond are considered to be low risk investment options.


Cash Investments

Cash investments probably are the safest in the low risk investment options available. You will never see a fall in value all throughout the period of investment. However, it also has very low rates in exchange for the security it presents. Because of its low return rate, you will find that cash investments’ inflation rate can run higher than the deposit rate. And while the value of your cash will not fall, the real value of the money or your purchasing power actually decreases and you get negative returns.

The biggest advantage you get from cash investment is that it is very liquid and accessible. People utilize cash invests for easy access and to provide for emergency funds. Cash investments are predominantly synonymous with bank deposits and current accounts.

Bond Investments

Typically, bonds are also considered as low risk investment options but depending on the kind that you would invest in, they can also have medium to high risks involved. You have to be knowledgeable and able to carefully analyze the type of bond you are interested before you jump in.

Bonds are actually loans given to a corporate or government entity for a specific period of time where in the full amount is returned after due. Bond issuer may undertake interest rates on the principle and this is known as a coupon rate. The higher the coupon rate, means higher returns on bond investments. On the other hand, you should be wary of bond with very high coupon rates because they may also entail higher risks on defaulting on repayments of the principal.

The relatively low risk nature of most bonds make investment returns modest at best. You won’t see immediate nor huge returns on bond investments, yet you also won’t experience massive negative returns especially if you hold this until the maturity of the bonds. Still some bond investments can be volatile so you need to be careful in investing in this class.

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Best Areas to Live in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale – sun, sand, and water.  This city’s locale by the ocean, combined with its warm temperatures year round, makes it an ideal place to live.  You may be a senior citizen who is retired, seeking a relaxing atmosphere with the hassle-free living of a condo.  Or you may be an avid boater who loves to fish, looking for a place to live and dock your boat together. Or you may be a couple looking for a second home for vacation.  Or perhaps you and your family may be relocating to the area for employment reasons.  Whatever your circumstances, Fort Lauderdale has a home perfect for you.

Fort Lauderdale

There are plenty of condo buildings located in east Fort Lauderdale, many with some type of water view.  Some are older low rise condo buildings, while others are high rises that offer panoramic ocean views and every amenity thinkable. One such memorable location is called The Landings at Las Olas.  It is a small midrise condo building built in 2006 located on Hendricks Isles, north of Las Olas Boulevard. These units offer a gorgeous intracoastal water view, a 45 foot boat dock, and possess a high level of finish inside.

Any boat owner will tell you that direct ocean access with no fixed bridges is the most desirable type of water access, especially for those with a substantial sized yacht. Finding a home on the intracoastal waterways with a private dock may be costly and hard to find.  For those who love the beach and boating, the area of Harbor Beach is ideal. Located off of the 17th Street Causeway on intracoastal waterways, boats have easy access to the ocean.  The major bridge nearby is the 17th Street Causeway Bridge which offers 16.75 meters of vertical clearance when closed. Join the Harbor Beach Surf Club and enjoy the exclusive private beach spanning 300 feet as well as their private marina. While there are many single family homes, also located in this area is the luxurious high rise condo community called HARBOURAGE PLACE.  Located on the intracoastal waterway and Lake Sylvia, it has docks available along with very spacious units ranging up to 6,000 square feet.

For those looking for a vacation home to use only a few times a year, condominium units in the Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort may be a perfect match. Located 1,400 yards from the Fort Lauderdale Beach, you can easily enjoy the white sandy beaches and Atlantic Ocean view. On those months when you are not there, you can join their Resort Program.  Under this program, they rent out your unit so that you may earn some additional income.  They handle everything so you don’t have to.

For those families moving to the south Florida area, the area of Weston is a great place for families with children.  Located about 20 minutes west from downtown Fort Lauderdale, Weston offers quick highway access to I-75 south towards Miami or north towards Boca Raton for an easy commute.  Many of the planned unit communities (PUD) are gated and offer such amenities as playgrounds and pools, creating a safe and secure child friendly environment.

Too many homes to choose from?  Consult a real estate professional to aid you in your hunt for that perfect home or condo. With over 30 years of experience in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market,  SFI Realty Inc.  can help . Visit for additional information and start your search today.

Samantha Adams A Local Copywriter located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, with focus on real estate, investment and home cooking.

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