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How to Use Backup Camera for Cars

It is true that has backup sensors for cars, but you need to know how to use one before you get it. The first time that you use it, you should be warned that it is going to be rather jarring. You are so used to looking back over your shoulder – or even opening the door and looking out – that you are going to feel like you are doing it incorrectly if you are looking at the camera feed. The reality is that the camera is far safer since it gives you a better view, but it will still feel strange. You just need to keep practicing with it until you get used to it.

backup camera for cars

Another thing to know is that the colors on the screen help you see the true distance a bit better than you could otherwise. There are two lines that have three colors each: Green, red and yellow. They are just like a stop light. If the green lines are on something – like a car that is behind you when you are trying to parallel park, for instance – then you can still move freely. If you get to the yellow lines, you need to slow down. If you get all the way to the red lines, you need to stop right away.

However, the lines are not the only thing that will help you. While backing up and using the camera, make sure that you turn the music down or turn the radio off completely. The car is going to beep at you if you get too close. The beeps become more urgent and frequent the closer you get to the object that is behind you. Listen for these and pay attention to them, even if everything looks like it should be fine on the screen.

Finally, you should know that you can use the backup camera at night or in the day. You can use it in clear weather or in the rain. The only time when it may be impacted by the weather is when it snows, since the camera itself could get covered in snow. Before you go anywhere, make sure that you brush it off to ensure that it is clean. This way, you do not have to stop and do this on the fly when you are trying to back into a parking spot or a driveway.

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Go for Gold: Luxury Mobile Phone Flagships Get the Gold Treatment

Technology just keeps on getting better and the mobile phone has become more than just a device for calling or texting. The best mobile phone models from the world’s best brands are known for their multi-function convenience. These phones have likewise become a symbol of luxury and style. Recently, a number of the best mobile phone brands have launched their own luxury mobile phone models for that look of exclusivity and elegance.

HTC one gold

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The HTC One gets an upgrade and is touted as the luxury mobile phone of choice from this Taiwanese handset maker. This particular model is considered to be a close contender to Apple’s iPhone, perhaps even closer than Samsung’s Galaxy line. The gold model follows the colors already in the market which are black, blue, red, and silver. The HTC One runs on a Snapdragon processor and boasts of RAM and software that’s poised for functionality.

The HTC is not the only phone to offer such luxurious look, feel, and functions. In fact, Apple launched its iPhone 5s in gold even before HTC came out with theirs. The latest flagship phone of Apple also comes in sleek graphite and space grey. It still offers that “exclusivity” of the apps only available at the Apple iStore. Following Apple’s move to go for gold, Samsung also came out with its own gold smart phone with its limited edition Galaxy SIV.

For those who wish to take their luxury mobile phone up a notch, there are retailers and jewellers that can provide mobile phone cases in real gold. Phone owners can even choose to have their cases bedazzled with gems.

More important than the gold case of these phones, however, what’s inside should be considered in deciding on which among these gold luxury phones to purchase. The processor, the apps, and the hardware are some of the things that consumers should look closely into. It’s easy to get blinded by the look of gold. Even if they have all the money to afford the high price tags of these luxury phones, wise consumers should be wise enough to consider factors other than the color of the case.

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4 Tips To Improve Your Training Management

If you own a training business, then it’s vital you know how to manage it properly. There’s a lot that goes into running a successful training business (e.g., making sure both trainers and students are aware of sudden time or location changes, keeping finances in check, having relevant resources online at all times, etc.) and you need to be on top of everything to help your business grow.

training management

Schedule yearly performance reviews for your
staff. It’s important to your business that
your trainers are performing well.

To help you manage your business more effectively, here are 4 tips that will improve your training business management.

1. Use training management software.

Using software that’s specifically written for training businesses such as Axcelerate ( can help you in leaps and bounds when it comes to training management. With Axcelerate, you’re able to publish the latest course scheduling, give your trainers tools to communicate with students, and provide everyone with the logistical and practical information needed to get the most of their training course. If your training business offers multiple courses, then using software like this allows you to manage all your courses with the one piece of software.

2. Have a dedicated customer service team.

It’s important that your customers can get their questions answered, or issues resolved, as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This gives them more time to focus on getting the most of their training course with you. Set up a team of dedicated customer service staff who can respond to these queries as quickly as they roll in. Set up a dedicated email address for customer enquires, and create a FAQ to help save time for both you and your customers.

3. Ask for customer feedback.

At the completion of the course, ask your customers for feedback on how they think your training business can be improved. Getting this kind of information can help you better manage your training business. Send out a customer survey to their emails and allow them to give any feedback they may have online, in complete anonymity. This will encourage them to be as honest as possible. And honesty is what you need if you’re serious about improving your training business.

4. Conduct yearly staff performance reviews.

Schedule yearly performance reviews for your staff. It’s important to your business that your trainers are performing well. After all, the quality of your trainers is what sets your business apart from the competition. Try and make the performance review as causal as possible, and allow your trainers to talk as much as possible. Getting valuable feedback from your staff is just as crucial as getting it from your customers. It can help you plan and shape your training business to deliver better training programs for your customers.

Managing a training business effectively is vital to your business’s success. It pays to use industry-specific software, and it’s vital that you have a customer service team in place to help your customers with any issues they have. Finally, focus on getting as much feedback from your customers and staff as possible, and then use this to manage your training business more effectively.

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Prepaid Debit Card: Great Alternative to Traditional Credit Card

debit cardHave you found yourself in the unfortunate situation in which you cannot qualify for a credit card? Or, perhaps are you looking for an alternative to traditional credit cards? If so, take comfort in knowing that a prepaid debt card, such as a prepaid debit card from is a great solution. Let’s dive right in and take a close look at the benefits you will gain from using prepaid debit cards.

No Need to Carry Around Cash

When you carry around cash, you run the risk of losing it. When carrying around a prepaid debit card, if you lose it, you can simply call the card service provider, cancel the card and receive your funds either by check or on a new card.

Accepted Almost Anywhere

A prepaid debit card tends to be accepted universally at any location a regular credit card is accepted.

No Need to Make Monthly Payments

With a traditional credit card, you have to worry about making monthly payments on time. If you miss a payment, this negatively affects your credit score and you are charged large fees. With a prepaid card, you don’t have to worry about making monthly payments because your charges are already paid for.

Boosts Your Credit Score

Most prepaid card service providers report your activity to major credit bureaus, meaning prepaid cards are a great way to get your credit in tip-top shape.

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Top Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

It’s only natural that there are likely to be periods where your productivity isn’t necessarily at its highest level. Sometimes there are personal issues that might affect your performance, at others it might just be that you’re not enjoying working on a certain project or it could just be as simple as you’re not “in the mood” that day. Whatever the reasons behind your drop in productivity, you need to remember that first and foremost you are there to do a job and you need to try your hardest to produce your best work, no matter what’s going on.

productivityThere are tons of people searching on sites like each day, and you’re in a very fortunate position to be in a profession as thousands are struggling to find any work at all, especially since the recession struck the UK and businesses closed down leaving even the most experienced of workers looking for a new opportunity.

From an employer’s perspective, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you possibly can to keep your employees producing their best work. That doesn’t necessarily mean cracking the whip or taking action against those that are underperforming, it just means that you need to find a new way of motivating them to help them to enjoy coming to work each morning.

So how can you do that? One of the best ways is to make sure that all employees are treated like individuals. It doesn’t matter if you have ten members of staff or a thousand; you need to make sure that everyone has their own specific targets even if they’re working as part of a team to achieve a goal. Giving people their own aims will encourage them to do their best to hit those targets and that will have its own obvious benefits for the company.

While it’s important that you give people individual targets, it’s just as crucial that you don’t end up micro-managing people. Yes, provide all of the support you can but don’t go too far and end up standing on people’s toes and doing the work for them as they will start to feel under-valued and as though you don’t trust them enough to do the job they’re employed to do. Look after them, but give them enough slack on the leash to be free to do their work.

It may be that you need to offer some kind of incentive in order to improve productivity. If output has been steadily decreasing, it might be because they’re not as motivated as they once were because they’ve got into a routine. By offering an incentive such as a bonus on their pay, a round of drinks after work on Friday or money towards the Christmas party, they’re much more likely to commit to the task at hand to reap the rewards on offer.

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