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How Technology Changed the Lives of Businessmen

Long time ago, businessmen would literally trade their products to gain loyal customers. It took them a lot of time to utilize marketing strategies like advertisement and promotions. One of the veterans in one of the businesses in town even shared that way back in time, the only strategy that they have is to give a free item whenever a customer will buy in bulk.


As time pass by, businessmen learn to give discount coupons and loyalty cards as well as gift certificates and similar items. These marketing strategies evolved so much with the help of technology.

If before, they would rely on printed leaflets and flyers to announce openings and other special events in their companies, these days they are already utilizing the social media. Some companies have their online portals or websites wherein customers can place their orders online and can even avail free delivery.

Social networking sites became their source of market and have become their means to make their business popular.

Inventory and monitoring of businesses these days can never be tiring tasks anymore because it is already being run by technology. With a few clicks of the button, the owner will have an overview of the entire operation of the business and can have access to whatever area he wants to check. That’s how technology changed the life of businessmen.

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How to Dress Properly for Business Meetings

The way a certain person dresses up always has a direct relationship with his/her personality. During important business meetings, dressing up appropriately will show how serious the event has been taken. Looking serious is not all about looking well-off because formal business outfits can also be put together at a budget-saving cost.

How to dress properly for business meetings? If there has been a corporate uniform, see to it that it is well pressed and properly washed. If there is none, a two-piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice for men while women can wear light colored blouses matched with a knee length pencil-cut skirts or black slacks.

For men, see to it that your black or brown leather shoes are well shined and avoid using rubber shoes even though it is dark colors. For ladies, if you can just bear it, it would be great to wear a pair of stilettos but if not, at least not those flat shoes. Heavy makeup should also be avoided but at least don’t look too pale or sickly. Light blush-on or lip gloss will do. Also make sure your hair is well combed or tied up.

Even though the meeting would be outdoors, do not attempt to wear jeans and shirt not unless it has been specified by the client. There are instances wherein clients want to discuss business in golf game or perhaps in pool party. It is totally fine to wear cheap sunglasses while going to the area but make sure to remove them once you face whoever you are meeting. Eye contact should be maintained all throughout the discussion except if you’re talking with some nationalities that find it rude.

Basically business meetings are being done to convince potential clients for investments and one should not compromise the closure of the deal just because of inappropriate outfit.

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Why Invest in Gold Coins

It’s a fact that today’s most strong currencies don’t have a stable position. There would come a time that its value will eventually fall down. Investors who are into stability will most likely invest in bullions. It is a coin struck from precious metal and kept as a store of value or an investment, rather than being used in everyday commerce. Common bullions are gold, silver and platinum. These precious will not tarnish and will continue to have a high value and will not be affected by any changes of rate among major currencies.

It has been learned that there is a stable rise in the graph of gold investment so among any other investment options; it is so far the best one to have.

There are several ways on how to invest gold. One of which is through acquiring gold coins and bars. Examples of these gold bullions are South Africa Krugerrand, US Mint Eagles and Canadian Loons and they can be obtained from government and private dealers like golden eagle. These pieces of metal are in a form that can be stored properly and can be used during times of desperate need. One thing that the buyer should make sure would be its authentic mint packing. This will preserve its value and would allow a guaranteed appreciating reselling value.

Aside from gold coins and bars, an investor could also buy shares in some of the major gold mining corporations. These companies will continue to operate and will shoot up their sales as long as the demand for gold coins and bars exist. However, one should be wise enough to have the necessary background check of the company most especially its future financial growth.  If you can sense an impending loss, don’t hesitate to sell your shares immediately.

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What Kind Of Archeological Survey Equipment Are Available?

If you are new in the market for archeological survey equipment, then you might find yourself wondering just what all is available to you. As you probably already know, there are a lot of different types of equipment out there, some more valuable than others. However, if you are just beginning to build your career in this field, you might want to try to invest in as much as you can. You just never know what you are going to need and when you are going to need it.

archeological survey equipment

One great tool for the job is the ministing earth resistivity meter, which works great for small jobs that require testing of the electrical grounding grid. This is a meter that has the capability to be used in automatic or manual mode, so it works great for everyone.

Then you have the AGI EarthImager in 2D and in 3D. The 2D imager has the feature of inversion of the borehole and surface resistivity, survey planning, terrain correction, survey planning, and continuous resistivity profiling. Of course, there are many people who might prefer the 3D imager due to the three-dimensional interpretation of the data collected.

While those might be some of the more popular pieces of equipment to start out with, you will also have the SuperSting Marine, the PowerSting High Voltage External Transmitters, and t he SuperSting R1/IP Earth Resistivity Meter along with many others.

The key is to make sure that these pieces of equipment are purchased from a reputable source so that you do not end up with a bunch of useless equipment and wasted money. You know that this is a field that requires accuracy so there is no room for error. This is not just in relation to the work you perform, but in the equipment you purchase. If the equipment is not the best, your work with it cannot be the best.

All of your archeological equipment should come tested and fully backed by a warranty that you will be able to count on. This way, you know that you are getting the best equipment for your money.

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Common Causes for a Pest invasion at your Workplace

Pest invasions are not only a potential problem in the home, but also in the workplace. Office buildings and work premises often offer rodents and other pests, water and food sources, as well as shelter. The presence of rodents in the workplace is particularly dangerous due to their tendency to spread viruses and parasites. Having people working in close proximity with these risks endangers the health of all staff members.

Many office workers will often snack on the go, or eat food at their computers or desks. This means more crumbs, attracting more pests.

Many office workers will often snack on the go,
or eat food at their computers or desks. This
means more crumbs, attracting more pests.

Food Sources

Workplaces are often a great source of food for pests, as most work premises contain kitchens or other food preparation areas used by staff members. With so many people using these facilities every week, crumbs and food particles quickly build up in these areas. Many people also store non-refrigerated items in the cupboards or drawers of the work kitchen, which if not sealed properly, will attract pests. In addition to this, many office workers will often snack on the go, or eat food at their computers or desks. This means more crumbs, attracting more pests. Workplaces that are surrounded by fruit trees or bushes are also known to attract pests.

Water Sources

Water is also a great attraction to pests. All pests require water to survive, and rodents and ants are drawn to bodies of water, especially of they occur near food sources. This means leaking taps, sinks and pipes (both indoors and outdoors) as well as bird feeders and birdbaths, can attract unwanted pests. Leaving water in the sink or in glasses or bowls can also attract pests.


Pests and particularly rodents, like to hide from view where it is quite and dark. Office buildings are wrought with cracks, openings, utility entries, pipes and ventilation ducts which provide perfect shelter for rodents. If cracks are not filled with concrete, mortar, steel wool or metal flashing, pest have a direct route into the building. It is also important to be aware of your outdoor workplace environment Shrubs and foliage bordering the building, tree limbs over hanging the building, and vines hanging off the building, also offer pests another method of entry if not properly pruned and cut back. Outdoors storage sheds that are not mounted on concrete slabs may also encourage rodents to tunnel and use the shed as shelter.

Common signs of rodents include, spotting rats or mice, especially in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Other signs may include spotting rodent droppings around the workplace, especially in kitchens or food preparation areas and on attics and wall beams. There may also be evidence of food packaging being nibbled or gnawed within bins, cupboards, and drawers. Ants are usually reasonably easy to spot, appearing as long marching lines that lead to and from water or food sources. If you have found evidence of rodents or other pests at your workplace, contact

By Grace Patterson

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