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An Overlooked Method of Marketing

Among the many marketing techniques available to today’s business owner, it is direct mail that is still effective and should be considered as a part of the overall marketing strategy. Starting with a targeted list of customers, the proper piece of direct mail can interest the prospective customer that has already shown curiosity about your type of product. By using a direct mail method, you will have much less competition for your advertising dollar, and your mailing piece will stand out because people do not receive as much information in the mail as they did in the past.

direct mail

The key to success with a direct mail campaign is to partner with a business that does this type service as a specialty. A direct mail marketing firm will be able to take your prospective customer list and address each mailing item as well as sort them and ship them out. It is only necessary for you to decide on the content of the message and how it will be packaged. This type of service combined with a qualify list of prospective customers and you will have one of the most potent marketing techniques available in today’s economy.

Once of the simplest direct mail campaigns and the least expensive can be something as simple as a post card. A well constructed message to a targeted audience can produce quality inquires for your company and your product. Larger items can also be handled by a direct mail firm as well. There are a great many possibilities. Some direct mail companies can also assist in finding a target audience for your products. Many of these companies have large data bases with hundreds of thousands of addresses. They also can determine the lowest cost way to pay for the postage in mailing the advertisements.

When you decide on using the services of a direct mail company, you will be able to utilize technology that you do not have and recognize efficiencies that could never be obtained on your own. A good example of this type of direct mail service can be found at This company has the capacity to process more than 50,000 pieces of mail an hour. This would be an impossible number to achieve by any company attempting direct mail on their own. In fact, all of the major corporations today use direct mail companies to do the work for them.

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How You Messed up Your Job Interview

It’s been three weeks and although you’ve eagerly checked your phone for a missed call or voicemail every hour on the hour, you are yet to receive word on the job interview you had. Where did you go wrong? While this is a question that can only be answered by the person who interviewed you, there are certain cues or indicators that all point to a failed or flawed meeting. Keeping in mind your particular performance, read through the following interview flops and soon you may have the answer.

job interview

The absolute worst thing that can happen in
an interview is that you are caught lying.

Arriving Late or Early

It is estimated that human beings form impressions within a matter of seconds. With so much pressure, it is important to get the simple things right, such as your arrival time. You may think that arriving half an hour early will show that you are eager and committed, but in reality, you are potentially making a nuisance of yourself. Don’t forget that your interviewer likely has a strict schedule filled with other meetings and tasks for the day. Similarly, appearing late can be equally inconvenient, not to mention suggesting that you are disorganised, unpunctual and slack.

Wrong Dress Code

Dressing appropriately is also within your control, so don’t mess it up. If you’re interviewing for a corporate, professional services role, don’t appear donned in jeans and a casual t-shirt. For creative jobs, the dress code will likely be more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo personal grooming and standards of hygiene. Our personal presentation says a lot about us; are you organised or slovenly? Do you respect yourself?

Being Caught out on a Lie

The absolute worst thing that can happen in an interview is that your – ahem – slightly embellished resume is picked to pieces and you are caught lying. How do you avoid this? First of all, don’t lie! Secondly, be confident in your abilities and work history and think of ways to talk up your talents without being out of your depth.

Babbling and Fidgeting

Unfortunately, job interviews produce stress and nervousness. What do we do when we are nervous? For some of us, the answer is babbling. An uncontrolled burst of over-the-top language, immaterial facts and nonsensical stories that mask the informative, relevant answers that are in there somewhere. Or maybe fidgeting is your Achilles’ heel? That horrible tendency to pick, itch or constantly move your fingers? Whatever the vice, the result is that the interviewer will perceive you as being flustered and unprofessional.

Poor Attitude

A sure-fire way to eliminate yourself as a job candidate is to show up with a poor attitude or be perceived to have one. How do you come across? Aloof or engaged? Keen or disinterested? Hold a mock interview with a friend and practise your answers. Then ask them to describe your disposition. The results may be quite surprising, not to mention enlightening. In your interview, show that you have researched the company and ask intelligent questions at the end.

What do you think? Do you have some aspects to improve on? Recruitment companies and employment marketplaces such as Just Digital People and Seek have many online resources for job seekers, so be sure to check them out.

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Keeping Employees Even At Minimum Compensation

Practically speaking, a person will work in certain company for the sake of earning money. Not unless they have some very important reasons in mind like acquiring work experiences or perhaps just be with an important person inside the company.

Anyway, a certain business on a tight budget or just gaining momentum in the corporate world can’t promise their employees high salaries yet but there are several ways to keep them motivated to go to work.

keeping employees

The working environment is the most important factor when it comes to retaining your employees or inspiring them to work every day. If you let them feel that you can be approached anytime then that would be a start of a harmonious relationship. However, getting close to your employees should maintain the respect and authority.

Be a good listener. When your employees would raise concerns, give them the chance to explain and impart what they know. A listening boss would most likely have better solutions in mind. Give them the chance to share possible solutions to the problem and include them in the planning process.

Be a fair judge. Whenever conflicts would arise between employees, as much as possible, have your own investigation and give both parties the chance to explain themselves and let them present evidences.

Be a good example. If you want your employees to work hard; then let them see you working hard as well. It’s just the same with if you want them to punctual, see to it that you arrive in the workplace earlier than everyone else.

Bond with your employees from time to time. During break time, do not seclude yourself inside your office. Take time to spend the break with your employees or perhaps join them for lunch in the company’s pantry.

These are just simple ways yet very effective in keeping employees and their loyalty with your company even if the compensation is not that tempting.

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Keeping Customers Coming

Businessmen would always aim to have more profit no matter what happens. Engaging in any business in town would basically require a monetary capital and the owner’s main goal is to return the investment together with a reasonable amount of gain.

Applying common sense, the amount of profit gained is tantamount to the number of customers buying your products. Your profit will continue to increase when new customers will patronize your products while the old ones keep on coming back.

keeping customers

Convincing new customers is a little bit easy but keeping customers is a different story. They still have the curiosity and basically instincts would be at your side. However, after feeding their curiosity, how would you be able to convince them to try it for the second time? That would be the real challenge.

There are several factors that could convince the customer to buy the product for the second time and one of which is satisfaction. In order to ensure satisfaction, the following should be done:

– After their purchase, do not forget to say thank you. Appreciation can do wonders. If you can’t do this personally, brief your employees to become appreciative most of the time.

– Take time to listen to your customers. Do not fear criticisms because it is your ticket for improvement. When they feel that their comments matter, they would most likely visit your place several times.

– Offer freebies and discounts. Loyal customers deserve rewards. If they could get discounts in their next purchase, they would most likely return.

– Whenever something wrong happens, have the initiative to apologize. Do not wait for the customer to rant the unfortunate event to other potential customers. Always remember that customers are always right.

– Keep your quality at its highest level. More than anything else, if the customer finds your product with utmost quality, then there is no reason why they won’t be buying it again.

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The World Is Changing: What Small Businesses Need To Know About The Way Customers Use Internet

The consumer’s way of thinking and purchasing goods and services are dramatically changing. Traditional advertising mediums such as The Yellow Pages, newspapers and magazines are more costly and less efficient than ever. But then came the Internet. Yes, you may already know this as a consumer yourself; however if you own a small business and require knowledge on how consumers are using the Internet today, then keep reading, as this article will elucidate the different strategies you need to identify about keeping your business and consumers satisfied and connected.

customers use internet

1. Staying connected and updated

First of all, most of your consumers would have a reliable Wi-Fi system for their devices whether it’s with leading wireless Internet specialists Myport or reliable free Wi-Fi in public spaces. Every modern consumer is connected online, this it’s vital that you and your business stay linked and relevant with them. You can achieve this by treat your consumer as if you’re in a romantic long distance relationship together. Consistently keeping them posted on what’s going on at least 3-4 times a day, all new projects that’s flourishing and media-related information relevant to the both of you are key factors in creating consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers investigate businesses online before they visit or call them; identify this is as an opportunity to build a devoted customer as opposed to a once-only affair.

2. Quality content

Customers are looking to find the best advertised content whether it’s a particular product or service. With so much information and media released every second of every day, creating quality content that is relatable to your brand and important to your customer is a selling point that will transform clicks in to sales. Whether it’s an image of a new product, or a blog about a new service or deal you’re promoting, ensuring that your content fits in with your customer’s brief can also convert to shares and new ‘likes’ on social media.

3. They love social media

Although this may sound like an obvious statement, most mobile device users with constant Internet access at least have one or two social media platforms and profiles. If they don’t, that’s just like purchasing an iPod that doesn’t have an earphone socket; you can still have access to some of the apps but its main feature is complete unusable. Therefore, if you’re running a small business, generate social media platforms that relate to the product or service you’re offering. Your target market can be found anywhere from Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, watching and waiting impatiently to peruse through your collection and goods. As this is social media after all, ensure that the tone of your language is related to the tone of your brand. Creating relatable and accessible content creates a positive relationship between the involved stakeholders.

4. Online purchasing

Researcher Roy Morgan stated that more than 50% of Australian shoppers shopped online in 2013, a staggering figure indicating that small businesses should incorporate and develop official websites that allow consumers to purchase goods and services on the web. Being conscious of your keywords utilising SEO is an effective way of receiving organic searches and traction on your website, translating in to sales, sales, and more sales!

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