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Ground Support For Military Devices

The United States Military runs missions all over the world with a variety of airborne and ground vehicles. Planes, tanks, drones and infantry all need ground support gear. This equipment provides a variety of things for the soldiers who are putting themselves on the line.

ground support equipmentSafety

Safety equipment on military vehicles can only tell the pilot or driver so much. Even the most skilled pilot in the world cannot interpret every thing that is happening with their plane. A ground support team can tell the pilot everything that is happening with the plane. This information helps the pilot to determine what move to make next. Drivers and pilots can evacuate their vehicle based on this information, and they can turn around and head home if the problems allow them to return.


A pilot or driver can check computer equipment in their vehicle to learn where they are in relation to a map. However, a ground support team can provide much better information because they have the time to check routes and directions. The driver or pilot who must remain focused on their mission will be safer if they are receiving directions and trajectories from a ground support team.


The lines of communication must remain closed for many pilots and drivers in the military. They stay in constant contact with their ground support team to learn what is happening around them. Quality ground support equipment allows the pilot or driver to communicate with their superiors regarding extra phases of their missions.

Also, pilots cannot see the targets that they hit. Planes move very fast, and pilots need confirmation that they have completed their mission. The communication lines offered by the ground support team can tell a pilot to make another pass or come home. Pilots can only see so much, and they rely on what they hear from the ground support team.

Each of the items above allow for pilots and drivers to remain safe. The communication, direction and safety information a ground support crew provides to a pilot or driver makes the mission safe, effective and as short as possible.

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The Power of Live Customer Service for Online Businesses

In today’s high-tech age, consumers are still looking for high-touch service. This has been proven in many consumer studies that show increased sales when customers are able to talk to a live person who represents the company they wish to do business with. There are many advantages to having live customer service for online businesses. It is recommended that online businesses explore the option of offering a live chat service in their websites.

live customer service

Opportunity for Conversion

Studies show that consumers who shop online are more likely to make a purchase from a website that offers a live chat service. Seeing that live chat button allows them instant access to a company personnel who can answer their inquiries and ease whatever apprehensions they might have about the products and services they are interested in. The company can take every request for live chat service as an opportunity to close the sale right then and there. Live customer service for online businesses should be staffed by people who have both sales and service orientation.

Lead Generation

A lot of companies are more aggressive in their live chat services. Instead of simply waiting for customers to click the chat button, they are proactive in asking or inviting the customers for a “chat.” Live customer service for online businesses is now more than just answering customers’ inquiries. It’s about initiating conversations with customers so that valuable leads are generated. This is done by getting the customers’ important information. This way, even if the customer does not make a purchase during his visit, the company can continue to communicate with him to convince him to eventually make a purchase at a later time. When companies are able to maximize the lead generation capabilities of their live chat service, they are also able to build their database of qualified prospects that they can tap for more revenues.

The Technology of Live Chat

There are companies that specialize in providing software and support for live customer service for online businesses. These companies can customize live chat packages to suit the needs of the businesses that they serve. While these services do not come for free, the potential revenues that businesses stand to gain from having a live chat facility on their websites are significantly more than what the company has to spend. A live chat service is a wise investment for any online business today.

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Ensuring Safety and Security of Businesses

Businesses are often targets for criminal elements. The news is never without any reports of burglaries and robberies involving business establishments, usually small stores with limited security mechanisms in place. When it comes to brick-and-mortar stores, there are a few precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure the safety and security of businesses. Here are three important things that any business should have to thwart any potential burglary attempt:

safety and security


Having security personnel on the premises is a must especially for high traffic and high crime areas. Knowing that someone trained and equipped to deal with robberies and burglaries is around will discourage bad elements from even making an attempt. This applies to those businesses that have a considerable inventory that is considered to be of value and a high cash inflow. Note, however, that there are some instances when the guards themselves are parties to the crime. It is important to hire guards that are affiliated with reputable security agencies. Do some background check and ensure that you have the identification documents of the guards that you are hiring to secure your business premises.

Security Cameras

CCTV devices with recording capabilities are common nowadays. They are often installed in strategic areas such as the entrance to the store and the checkout counters. Robbers are wary of these devices as they know that they can be identified by the police when they review the CCTV footages. There are some criminals, however, who are still brave enough to push through with their robbery attempt. They simply cover their faces to avoid being identified. This is why it is still important to have security personnel around for the safety and security of businesses.

Equipment and Devices

It is highly advisable to have additional security devices within the business premises. This includes an alarm system and a safe with a time lock and a tool-proof rating. In case a burglar or robber gets into the premises, they could not gain access to the cash or valuables that are inside the safe. Drop safes bolted under the counter or a two-way safe installed in the office are good equipment to have to safeguard cash. An alarm system that either sounds an alert or sends a call to the police station would also be a good security measure.

Money is not all that easy to come by even for businesses these days. It makes perfect sense to invest in manpower and equipment to ensure the safety and security of businesses.

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Enhancing Higher Order Thinking in Your Students

A lot of education focuses on fact memorization, but there is much more to it than that. Good teachers try to encourage higher order thinking in their students. Higher order thinking is not just about repeating facts back but involves analyzing those facts, connecting them to other concepts, and applying them. Teachers are highly encouraged to learn more about higher order thinking and how it improves students’ mastery of a subject. It can be hard for teachers to figure out how to teach or encourage higher order thinking in their students, but here are a few techniques that can make it easier.


1. Explain Concepts Thoroughly

For some subjects, like math, explaining the concept can be complicated, leading teachers to fall back on simply demonstrating the formula over and over again. Higher order thinking, however, is about teaching the concept behind the formula, and that requires a verbal explanation. As you demonstrate how the concepts work, explain why they work as well.

2. Move Back and Forth Between Abstract and Concrete

Explaining abstract concepts with the use of concrete examples is helpful, but if students don’t grasp it, it may be necessary to do this multiple times, drawing the connections each time. Explain the abstraction, demonstrate with a concrete example, then use the example to explain the abstraction another time. The more often you draw the connections between the two, the more completely the students will understand it.

3. Connect Concepts Together

If you’re teaching two or three concepts in a unit, it is vital to show how those concepts connect to each other. You may think their relative connection to each other is obvious, but for someone learning all of this for the first time, they may not see that. One of the traits of higher order thinking is the ability to make these connections on their own, so teaching them how to link concepts together can be just as important as teaching the concepts themselves.

4. Teach Inference

Complicated concepts may rely a lot on inference and basic logic, which teachers sometimes expect students to be able to do on their own. Many students, however, need to be taught in the first place how to correctly make inferences from the information they are given. This is a skill that they will use in most subjects, so it’s well worth teaching it to them as much as you can now. Walk them through the necessary steps every time you make an inference and challenge them to do the same.

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Online or Offline: Choosing Your Marketplace

The world of business has grown. The walls have been knocked down and geographical boundaries have been erased by the interconnection that the internet providers. Today, even an individual can do business from one location and transact with a customer from clear across the globe. In a way, this levels the playing field between bigger players and smaller business owners. Even with their own limited budgets, small business owners can reach their target customers and generate revenues through various channels. The question now for small business owners is which is more profitable, online e-commerce or offline bricks and mortar stores.


There are pros and cons to both. While a bricks and mortar store requires a bigger capital and cash outlay for inventory, it gives customers a tangible place to visit and inspect the goods they want to buy. However, this also limits the store’s customer base to those who are within a certain distance from the store’s location. With an online store, you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere. While you address the accessibility factor, you lose the tangibility aspect that some customers are looking for.

The best marketplace is a combination of both online and offline presence. Although you might not have the capital for a bricks and mortar store, you should at least have a facility to address the need of your customers see you as a real company worthy of doing business with. At the very least, you should have a customer service or technical support facility where your customers can talk to real people about their product inquiries and concerns. You also need a strong logistics and delivery support services especially if you are dealing with fast moving consumer goods. These should be combined with online accessibility that gives your customer the convenience of getting information about your products and services anytime they need it. And with aggressive use of online marketing tools, there is no limit to how far small and medium scale businesses can go.

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