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How can a good graphic design affect your brand?

Businesses need to present themselves to customers in a way that shows they are extraordinary. They need to stand out from the competition, so it is critical to consistently make a positive impression on existing and potential customers.

Outstanding graphic design is imperative to your business and brand. Graphic design, print and web experts such as The Print Group know that high quality graphic design facilitates customer understanding of who you are and what you do. Effective graphic design also influences the way that your business is perceived. The graphic elements of your brand can reinforce that you’re a leader who is progressive and thoroughly professional.

graphic design

Graphic design understood

One of the primary functions of a graphic designer is to facilitate communication between a business and its customers. Essentially, graphic design involves the creation of visual solutions directed to the target audience through online and print mechanisms.

What does graphic design say about your brand?

Graphic design is imperative to your brand identity. A quality graphic designer will ensure that your branding reflects the values and ideals of your business. If your values and ideals do not show through, you will have sacrificed an incredible marketing opportunity.

Engage a professional

Regrettably, a number of business owners try to do their business’s graphic design work themselves. While the temptation to save money will always be present, you can actually hinder your brand if you enter the market with low quality, unprofessional graphic design.

Remember that you really only have one chance to make a good impression. It’s a poor reflection on your business to present unimpressive, sloppy branding and collateral. You must convey a professional image. Use quality graphic design to show that your business upholds the highest of standards and uncompromisingly pursues excellence. This lets customers know what they can expect from association with your business.

A false economy

If you choose to cut corners on graphic design, you will probably find that damage is done to your brand – and you could end up spending more to have a professional set things right again. Engaging a highly skilled, experienced graphic designer from the outset will save you money in the long run. When working with experts, you can feel assured that a positive and professional image of your brand and business will be presented to the world.

It’s also vital to appreciate that an excellent graphic designer will do more than just create a logo for your business. Quality graphic designers provide a complete brand identity for your business – everything from your business card to your email signature block will communicate the same message to your clients. The experience of the professional designer, one with a keen eye for design and the specialised tools and software, is invaluable. With a professional designer, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your brand development.

Graphic design has the power to impact what people do and how they respond to your business. Graphic design is instrumental in creating and reflecting trends, and the quality of graphic design you employ will greatly contribute to the success of your product or service.

For all of these reasons, it is absolutely necessary to support your brand with outstanding graphic design. Good quality graphic design can significantly shape your customers’ perceptions and understanding of your business, and could ultimately give them the confidence to commit to a financial relationship.

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How to Choose Couriers for your Online Business

A lot of modern entrepreneurs are encouraged by the advantages of e-commerce in starting their own businesses. Engaging in an online business provides a wider market reach and requires less capital investment. However, the operational requirements are just as tedious as a brick and mortar enterprise. One important aspect in operating an online business is the shipping of goods. A business stands to lose customers when delivery services get compromised, no matter how great the product is. As such, it doesn’t hurt to exert due diligence in choosing shipping services than can deliver your products.

Here are some criteria that can help you find the right delivery service provider or couriers for your online business.

1. Cost of Services. Shipping fees are usually shouldered by the consumers but there are also retailers who cover the shipping fees for items that meet their purchase requirements. Shipping service providers that offer competitive rates as well as consistent charges are great candidates as couriers for your online business.

2. Equipment and Technology Available. Online support provides additional value in an enterprise that operates on the web. This should also translate in your delivery services. Check for the availability of Parcel Tracking System, Application Programming Interface (API), and other tools that can help in coordinating sales, collection, and delivery of products or raw materials. This can make life a lot easier for an online entrepreneur.

3. Service Quality and Efficiency. The timely delivery and condition of the product upon delivery are essential components of customer satisfaction. Look for a service provider that can match your service commitment and help you build customer loyalty and get repeat sales. Couriers with simple and easy to follow instructions as well as clear cut terms and conditions can work well for an online retailer and their customers.

4. Compliance with International and State Laws. Don’t let your customers suffer from delayed deliveries because of the courier’s non-compliance to a state or international regulation. Online businesses that operate internationally can check if the shipping service provider is familiar with the legal requirements in all areas that they operate in.

5. Integrity and Reputation. For your peace of mind, and that of your customers, check the reputation of the couriers for your online business before signing an agreement with them. Shipping service providers that are known for their integrity and good service can help ensure that you don’t lose money on lost shipments or packages and customer complaints.

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My 3 Ideal Lazada Gadgets

In this day of technology where human intelligence and internet evolved, not only men but also women are the primary consumers of tech gadgets and accessories. They are happy to try every bit of technology that is going most especially the small yet feature-rich ones. This is not because people are becoming lazier, but because through these gadgets, people are able to accomplish complicated tasks in lesser time thus, allowing them to do more things in a day.

The question is what are the ideal gadgets? Well, it depends on a person’s needs and preference. I browsed Lazada PH for ideal gadgets and here are my top 3 ideal Lazada gadgets.

Sony Smart Watch

sony smart watch

This functional and stylish gadget is a good pick to accessorize your smart phone. It is literally text messages, emails, social media updates, calendar, organizer, fitness applications, and more, on your wrist. It is synchronized with your smart phone and will alert you if someone is reaching out to you. You can decide right away if the alert is important or not. You can keep track of everything that is happening in your phone without taking it out from your bag. You’ll save a lot of time in a day.


Mi 3

Smartphone is now an everyday necessity. Long gone are the days that cell phones are used for calling and texting. With smartphones, you can do almost everything, from banking to broadcasting. Mi 3 is a sleek and stunningly sexy smartphone with many features and easy to use interface. It is recommended for heavy users and gamers. You can run heavy game apps without having lags. It is one of the best smartphones you can buy without losing your pocket strings.

Power bank

power bank

Power bank is more likely an accessory than a gadget but it is a must have. Powerful devices such as smartphones could drain your battery in a short time. It is frustrating when you need to call someone badly then your battery died and you‘re not able to charge it. So if you travel a lot, you need to have a power bank to keep your cell phone charged at all times. You can get 6 charges on powerful power banks. There are also power banks that can charge any device including laptops and tablets.

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When Grandparents Want Legal Custody of a Grandchild

The disintegration of a family unit can be heartbreaking, but in many cases it’s in the best interests of everyone involved, most importantly the child.

When a child’s parents are unable or unwilling to take care of them the responsibility often falls to the grandparents, and if taking care of the child is feasible and it’s something that they wish to do, they can apply for a Residence Order or a Special Guardianship Order, the new legal terms for ‘custody’.


Children require consistency and stability to thrive and grow into happy, well-rounded individuals so it’s important that any grandparent considering applying for a Residence or Special Guardianship Order takes into account a few considerations before setting things in motion, most notably their health, i.e. how confident they feel that, taking into account their age, they’ll be able to take care of the child until he/she reaches adulthood.

However, if the child’s grandparents feel confident with regard to their age and health and they firmly believe that caring for the child is in his/her best interests, i.e. they can provide a consistent, loving and stable environment for the child to grow up in, they’ll need to seek legal counsel to help them apply for a Residence or Special Guardianship Order.

Parental Responsibility – What Is It and Who Can Apply for It?

Under UK law, mothers have automatic Parental Responsibility for their children and fathers, since 2003, share it whether they’re married or not.

Parental Responsibility is the legal responsibility for the welfare of a child and this is what grandparents seek when they apply for a Residence or Special Guardianship Order.

It’s important to understand that, although grandparents might be caring for a grandchild following a family breakdown, this doesn’t mean they’re automatically given Parental Responsibility for the child’s welfare since the only way it can be awarded to the grandparents is by their successful application for a Residence or Special Guardianship Order.

The Difference between a Residence Order and a Special Guardianship Order

Now that the term ‘custody’ is outdated, grandparents will need to decide if they should apply for a Residence Order or a Special Guardianship Order.

There are some differences between the two, most notably:

A Residence Order states who the child should live with and who has Parental Responsibility of him/her. When it’s in place, parents and grandparents share Parental Responsibility.

A Special Guardianship Order is a more secure arrangement because unlike a Residence Order, the parents don’t share Parental Responsibility of the child and will need to seek permission from the court to regain it.

In turn, a Special Guardianship Order is less secure than an Adoption Order because it doesn’t legally dissolve the relationship between the child and his/her parents.

Consequently, the most secure arrangement for grandparents seeking to be awarded Parental Responsibility of their grandchild is an Adoption Order which grants the grandparents all Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

However, in most cases this isn’t a requirement and many experts advise against it unless absolutely necessary because it often proves problematic and confusing for the child because his/her grandparents are now his/her legal parents.

The Need for Legal Counsel

There’s a very real need for legal counsel in such cases and grandparents considering applying for a Residence Order or a Special Guardianship Order must seek legal counsel from a solicitor well-versed in family law.

If they’ve been looking after the child for three years or more obtaining a Residence Order is rendered more straightforward, though they can still apply for one, or to become the child’s ‘Special Guardian’, despite living with and looking after the child for less time.

When the child’s parents don’t contest the grandparents’ decision to look after them the process is generally straightforward when they have a family law solicitor by their side; however, when they object to relinquishing care of the child to the grandparents it may become necessary to provide documentation and evidence to the effect that the child is in danger and that he/she should be removed from their care.

This is naturally very distressing for everyone involved, though naturally the welfare of the child must come first and to do that experienced legal counsel must be sought.

Author: Tegan Rowley is working on a freelance basis for a company that boasts of being more than just a law firm. Hanne & Co Solicitor Services strives to provide the same level of client care to all who transact with them.

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What to Look for in a Hotel for Your Business Trip

The importance of wi-fi when you’re looking for a hotel for your business trip would seem obvious to many. Not all countries or even cities have easily accessible connectivity for business travellers, but it is fast becoming an essential for hotels who wish to attract a business clientele. Given the ease with which a poor service report can circulate on the internet these days, wi-fi services such as those supplied by My Port are expected to be reliable. A recent study of the top requirements for hotels booked for business trips found the following criteria were considered key, and many business travellers thought they ought to be offered at no charge.

business trip

Free wi-fi

It’s not just the speed of the service that matters (although business travellers do consider this to be important), but its reliability. There are many horror stories floating around the world of international business travellers about wi-fi services cutting out abruptly, and severing a deal in the process. There are also nightmarish tales of sales reps racing around unknown cities, begging strangers for directions to the nearest hotspot or internet cafe. Not only does wi-fi keep business travellers in touch with their office, but it also allows them to stay in touch with their family. It’s not always easy being on the road and accommodations that appreciate this are likely to receive more business from grateful patrons.


Business travellers represent repeat business for hotels, so offering them a complimentary breakfast is good hotel business. Many large hotel chains already do this. For those smaller independent establishments who are wondering whether they can afford to offer such a competitive edge, it’s worth remembering that good reports travel quickly through respective industry networks.

Late Checkout / Early Check In

Most people travelling for business have to get a lot done while they’re in town; after all, they are there to work. Waiting around for their room until mid-afternoon doesn’t help them get the most out of every moment they’re on the ground, especially if they’ve travelled a long way and have meetings to attend or facilitate on the same day they arrive. For many business travellers, this is often the case as they fly in early to make the most of their first day in town. The same applies to their departure; if they can check out that little bit later, it can make a big difference to the way they structure their last day in town. Most business travellers will likely have booked a late afternoon or evening flight out. Not having to lug your bag around to the final few appointments before you leave can again, precipitate their gratitude.

The requirements for most business travellers appear fairly standard these days. This is because people travelling for work have more or less the same needs. They need to get in, get their work done, and leave – with as little disruption to their regular lives as possible. The more business-oriented hotels understand this need and cater to it, the more business travellers they will attract.

What do you look for in a hotel when you travel for business? Tell your story in the comments box below.

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