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Why Getting an MBA Degree is Important

In a global economy, business skills are highly valued beyond just the corporate world. The truth is that organizations, government agencies and other entities are hiring individuals holding the highest qualifications in business. For example, hospitals are considered private facilities that provide essential medical services to the public. High-level leaders of hospitals often have MBA degrees with a focus on specialties such as public administration or healthcare management.
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A Masters of Business Administration degree can go a long way in any organization that’s hiring managers and similar positions. This type of qualification is extremely helpful in getting promotions. Even administrators in universities and colleges need to have strong business skills. After all, private and public higher education institutions need to stay profitable. Directors and presidents of universities often come up with extensive marketing campaigns and other management operations that are clearly influenced by the knowledge obtained in MBA studies. Deans in higher education institutes often possess MBA degrees with a focus on education.

When pursuing a Masters of Business Administration certification, students are encouraged to choose a minor that focuses on a particular niche. For example, accounting can be combined with an MBA degree pursued by students who consider entering the financial world. Similarly, international law is another popular minor option for an MBA pairing. For traditional logistical management, an MBA program could focus on inventory handling.

The business atmosphere in the digital age is continuously evolving because of the dynamic nature of electronic technology. Managers are now required to stay up-to-date with the latest IT infrastructure and solutions that are available for enterprise level applications. For example, database administration is a concept that MBA graduates should be familiar with. Information system management is another key component of modern MBA degrees. The top business leaders have to apply hardware and software that provides cost effective and sustainable solutions for carrying out transactions. The IT revolution has also changed advertising techniques in the business world. Social media outlets and search engines are now major platforms for marketing. Additionally, there is a heavy focus on mobile advertising for smartphones and tablet devices. Smart and savvy executives and other high-level business managers must utilize social network outreach to boost sales and enhance reputations. These days, entire public relations campaigns are primarily focused on social media rather than other traditional outlets like the local newspaper or another news agency.

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Make Extra Money with Your Old Baseball Cards

Even a small collection of sports cards can take up more space in your home than you might realize. Those old cards take up valuable space that you could use for your family. No matter when you started collecting, you might have some valuable cards in your collection that could bring you big money. Unless you’re secretly Bruce Wayne, you could probably use a few extra hundred dollars. Though you can sell those cards yourself, it’s often a big hassle that will leave you feel frustrated and annoyed. Selling to a card reseller lets you take the cash without dealing with those hassles.

old cardsSome great example of cards from

Selling Baseball and Sports Cards Yourself

When you decide to sell your cards yourself, you can sell those cards in classified ads, online or at a local flea market or swap meet. Some consignment shops will also take your cards, but those stores often take a large percentage of the sale price. You need to invest in a value guide or research the prices of each card online. Between researching prices for hundreds of cards and dealing with buyers, you might wish that you sold your cards to someone else.

How to Sell Your Cards to a Reseller

A reseller is someone who buys items from one source and sells those items at a profit to someone else. Card resellers often specialize in merchandise and memorabilia from various sports, and the dealers know the value and worth of each item they sell. You can either sell your cards for one lump sum or sell your collection a few cards at a time. This is an easy way to get a good price for some of the more valuable cards that you own. Many baseball cards are only worth a few cents or less, and some dealers will go through your cards to pick out the best ones and make an offer on only a few.

Looking to Trade Cards?

As a collector, you probably have a few cards that you want to add to your collection. At Houston Numismatic Exchange, you can sell some of the cards you no longer want or need and buy some new cards. You may even find that the store will work out a trade with you that lets you get the cards and memorabilia that you want. Click here to learn more about the store and how you can sell your cards today.

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Web Security for Online Shoppers and Retailers

Online retail offers a very convenient option for modern shoppers and the market for this type of business continue to grow each year. However, incidents of credit card fraud and identity theft raised security issues for transactions done on the web. Authorities have issued web safety guidelines for the consumers so they can continue to enjoy the benefits of online shopping without worrying about these issues.

web security

As an online merchant, you should also take responsibility in keeping your website safe and secure for your customers. Here are some elements that can help online retailers provide web security for online shoppers.


A website with encryption technology in place protects customer information by scrambling the data while it is being transferred from one computer to the other. Merchants that store their data in encrypted form provide an extra layer of security for their consumers. You can do this by installing an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) on your site. The URL will reflect an https and padlock icon once the SSL Certificate is in place. These two symbols can provide some level of web security for online shoppers.

Seal of approval from reputable third parties

There are online organizations that help protect online users by having their own set of guidelines and standards for privacy related practices. Merchants or online sites that adhere to these guidelines are given seals of approval. You can increase consumer confidence in your website by earning a seal from reputable groups like TRUSTe, Verisign, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Online.

Privacy and Security Policies

Merchants can reinforce the seal of approval from third party groups by publishing their privacy and security policies. Being transparent on how customer information is used and protected helps build trust for the website.

PCI DSS compliance: The Payment Card Industry

Data Security Standard is a set of standards for control measures to protect the cardholder information of customers using credit, debit, and pre-paid cards. These requirements were defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and merchants who accept card transactions are expected to comply.

Providing web security for online shoppers is a necessity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It can provide a safe and secure shopping environment for customers and can protect the business from the costs of data breaches.

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5 Tips on How to Create Great Workplace Culture

Workplace culture has a huge impact on how engaged and motivated your employees feel. While there is often little choice about the actual work, how the work is done or what the company stands for is definitely something within an organisation’s control. Culture can impact on everything from staff retention through to productivity.

workplace culture Below are five tips to help ensure your workplace culture is working for you.

1. Look for Attitude in New Recruits

Often the recruitment process places too much emphasis on ensuring that the candidates can do the job. In reality, nearly everything they need to do can be taught. What you can’t always teach people though, is how to fit in to the way your company does its business. Even if they are incredibly gifted or experienced in their field, a bad hiring decision with somebody who can’t work with your existing staff or within your company values can have a negative impact on overall morale.

2. Be Culturally Sensitive

Adherence to the anti-discrimination act is the minimum level that you should aspire to. Equal opportunity and embracing a multicultural workplace is only the first step; you also need to ensure that your culture supports the individual needs of your employees. Engaging a reputable human resources firm like Chandler Macleod can help you to put systems and processes in place to meet industry best practice standards for cultural inclusion and sensitivity.

3. Get Staff Input

Inviting your staff to give feedback and submit suggestions can be a really effective way to engage and motivate them while producing better results for the business. They are the ones doing the work day in and day out, so are often your best resource when it comes to system and process improvement.

4. Communicate Openly

Don’t leave staff guessing (or gossiping) about company information – ensure there are open and regular lines of communication between staff and management. It doesn’t have to be as formal as a round table meeting – a five to ten minute catch up in your workspace before you start the day is a great way to touch base with everyone and disseminate information.

5. Have Some Fun

“Play” is one of the core principles from the ‘Fish!’ case study out of the Seattle seafood markets and the idea is that while you should always be serious about the work itself, there is no reason why you can’t have fun doing it. Find ways to inject some enjoyment into your team – it might be letting them listen to music at their desks, morning teas on Monday, casual clothes on Friday or whatever you think will work for your team.

Workplace culture is such an important aspect to any organisation and can have a direct impact on productivity. Happy, motivated and engaged staff produce the best results, so ensuring you provide a working environment that fosters and encourages this kind of attitude is essential to success.

What do you think makes a workplace’s culture great?

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5 Money Mistakes That Can Affect Your Credit Rating

Most people are aware that credit ratings exist. When you apply for a loan, or a credit card, or really any form of finance, the lending organisation checks your credit rating. They do this in order to assess whether you’re a good risk, or a bad risk, for a money lending agreement. Did you know though, that it takes very little to affect your credit rating? Some money mistakes are so minor you wouldn’t think they matter but when it comes to assessing whether you’re a good risk or a bad one, you’ll find all your money mistakes suddenly come under the microscope.


Avoiding Debt

While it may sound counter-intuitive to say that having no debt makes you a bad risk for lending institutions, it is actually the case. Without any credit history at all, you can’t prove you can handle repayments and manage your debt well. This will negatively affect your credit rating. Banks are very risk adverse – if they can’t see evidence you can pay back money, they err on the side of ‘No’.

Keeping Out Of It

Staying out of your own financial information is a pretty big risk. Around 80% of credit reports contain errors. If you don’t check your credit score regularly, you may be unaware of the information it contains. You may be rejected for loans based on false information and the more knock backs you get, the worse your credit rating becomes.

Taking It to the Limit

This one’s probably obvious; making a habit of using your credit cards to the max does not do good things for your credit rating. It’s a red flag to lending institutions that you are not good with managing your money. If you are struggling with debt, remember that you can always use the help of experts such as Debt Rescue. Let them steer you in the right direction.

Late Payments

When it comes to repayments, deadlines are more important than you think. Sure, your credit card company makes more out of late fees and you always pay the money in the end, but did you know that late payments are always recorded on your credit report? Even one day’s delay in making your repayments can knock a few points off your credit score.

Unfulfilled Loans

Applying for credit you don’t actually take up makes a negative impression on creditors. If you have lists of applications you’ve made for credit products on your financial profile, you will appear as a greater risk to lenders than you really are. Consider any application for credit carefully before you proceed with the paperwork. Also think carefully about those big ticket items like new laptops; any application for finance will require a credit report, and the more credit checks on your record, the less attractive you are to a lender.

What’s the biggest money mistake you’ve ever made? Share your wisdom in the comments box below.

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