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Good Business Means Good Sense

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you have been around the block for years, you know that you have to make your business stand out above your competitors. You might offer the same product or service as someone else. If consumers are going to choose you, you need to do a better job. That begins with hiring good people. Your company is only as strong as the foundation of your staff. Choose individuals who are fired up about your business and you have a recipe for success.

meeting with employees

Loyalty Matters

You need employees who are in it for the long haul. Hardworking individuals who come in on a regular basis and don’t shirk their duties are going to help your company to thrive. Take advantage of biometric time clocks from Allied Time to have accurate data concerning attendance for your staff. You’ll be able to pinpoint who has excellent attendance, who is punctual, and who is putting in the full time every day. It will also be easy to see who is having a problem. Nip trouble in the bud and commend those who demonstrate dedication.

Open the Lines of Communication

Your staff needs to feel that you are accessible and open to discussion. If you remain distant and aloof, they will not come to you when there is a problem. An open door policy is best if you want to build trust. When you have a positive relationship with your employees, you will get the most out of them.

Reward Excellence

Be sure to recognize those who do a good job for you. They are your role models and help your company to move in the right direction. Offer promotions, opportunities for vacation time, and leadership positions. Your employees need to know that they matter. When they feel appreciated, you will be able to keep good staff members who will continue to work for you for years to come.

Create an Inviting Environment

If your staff is going to stay with you, you need to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Be sure to establish a staff room that provides privacy and a place where employees can relax as they take a break or eat a meal. Make your company bright and open. When workers have a nice setting to go to work, they will come back.

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Phone Accessories for People on the Go

The need for connectivity makes it a necessity for everyone to own a mobile phone or device. But savvy models like the iPhone offers much more than just connectivity. Mobile phones equipped with the latest OS and apps allow people to run businesses and almost every aspect of their lives using these handy devices. As such, it is but natural for people to invest in accessories that add value to their mobile phones. One basic accessory that iPhone users should have is an iPhone case.

iPhone caseAlthough the iPhone prides itself on its durability, it doesn’t hurt to give your phone some extra protection with a stylish iPhone case. Some people consider mobile phones as an extension of one’s personality. Dressing it up in a sleek and stylish case for business meetings can score points for good impression. You can amp up the score by opting for a dual function case like the 2000mAh External Charger and Power Pack Case for iPhone 5. Aside from providing stylish protection for your phone, this case also functions as an external charger and power bank.

The last thing anyone would want is for their phones to run out of battery while expecting an important call. This would not be a problem when you have an iPhone case with built-in charger and power bank. In case you run out of battery, all you have to do is press the power button on the case and the phone will start charging. There is no need to dismantle your phone and replace the empty battery with a spare one or bring out your power bank and cable to recharge the battery.

These power accessories are handy tools for professionals on the go. However, one must make sure that their savvy case matches their mobile phone model. The 2000mAh External Charger and Power Pack mentioned above is designed for iPhone5 models only. There are more iPhone 6s cases here for those who would like to find an chic and efficient match for their mobile phone.

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3 Audits That Will Benefit Your Workplace

A workplace audit is a detailed review of internal procedures within any number of areas and departments within a given company. The audit’s purpose is to pinpoint problem areas so that they can be improved upon. They’re also an extremely efficient way for employers to ensure that they are complying with all relevant laws regarding employment and workplace safety. Here’s just a few examples of audits that will be beneficial to your workplace.

workplace audits

1. Safety

Safety audits can cover any number of things – from evacuation processes to potential hazards. These kinds of audits are especially useful for identifying issues that could cause employees harm now or in the future and they can be applied to just about any facet of workplace safety. For instance, companies like Air Noise Environment can carry out what’s called a noise monitoring. This tests the level of noise generated in a given workplace to ensure that it does not exceed levels that will harm employees or generate noise complaints from the public nearby. Safety audits are a must and should be run frequently for the good of your hard-working staff and company at large.

2. Compensation

Workplace audits can also create new opportunities for fine tuning in things like the way pay is structured and compensation. Conducting an audit of this type will determine whether or not a given employee’s salary, bonuses and any other benefits they may receive meet strict fair labour standards. These audits also ensure that employees who are doing the same job are getting equal pay. And that’s before you get to ensuring that those who are injured on the job are properly looked after by the company in accordance with local laws. Compensation claims can get extremely ugly when companies do not have proper processes in place. Conducting an audit of that system now will mean you and your employee are completely covered in the event of a serious accident.

3. Evaluation

Workplaces should definitely consider reviewing their internal performance evaluation processes. Audits like these are traditionally conducted annually to keep the data reasonably accurate. They highlight any areas of performance evaluations that are subject to, or are in breach of local labour regulations. Anti-discrimination and privacy laws also fall into this category, as well as any other evaluation process that might violate an employee’s rights due to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability. These yearly audits allow employers to create a much more stable, safe and welcoming working environment.

These are just a few different types of audits that will be of significant benefit to your business and it’s day-to-day operation. Business owners must always be careful to ensure that their organisations are running at peak efficiency and conducting periodic audits are the perfect way to accomplish that, quickly and painlessly. Have you ever had an audit be conducted in your workplace? How did it go? How did you feel about it? Have your say in the comments below.

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Four Courses That Can Help You Add Value to an Online Education Degree

Many people who obtain online education degrees from universities such as Nova Southeastern wonder how they can add value to their degrees. This makes sense because obtaining an education degree could help you start an education career that offers many long-term options.

online education

Here are four groups of courses that can help you add value to an online education degree that are easy to implement into your study plans.

Math Courses

Adding more math classes to your education degree is worthwhile because it can help you develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to help your students solve more complicated problems.

An easy way to add more math classes to your education degree is to take logic courses and problem-solving classes that designed for education majors. Taking these courses should be easy because most reputable universities that offer online education degrees offer these courses frequently throughout the year.

Communication Courses

Taking communication classes is an easy way to add value to an online education degree because it can help you develop valuable skills that can help you communicate well with students.

Some of the most popular communication classes that can add value to an online education degree include:

Public speaking courses
Mass communication courses
Group and individual communication courses

Moreover, enrolling in communication classes that can help you improve your nonverbal communication skills can also help you add value to an online education degree because most people respond well to nonverbal cues while learning.

Computer Courses

Many education experts recommend adding computer courses to your online education degree. curriculum. This is the case because most schools use computers extensively to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Writing Courses

Adding more writing courses to your online degree program can add value to your online education degree because there several writing courses available that are designed to help teachers develop their students’ writing skills.

Some of the most popular writing courses that are available to education majors include:

Creative writing courses
Exposition writing courses
Group writing courses

As you can see, there are many courses that can help you add value to an online education degree. Feel free to use this list of courses to develop your own list of courses to add value to your online education degree.

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6 Momentous Ways the Internet has Changed the World

Not since the invention of the wheel, the telephone, the light bulb, and the moonwalk has there been something so world changing as the all mighty internet. The internet seamlessly slipped into our lives a few decades ago and began to gradually change the way society functioned. And now, the net is integrated everywhere – terms like “plugged in”, “surfing the net” and “WIFI” have become part of our vocabulary. Life as we know it has been forever changed, all thanks to the humble internet.

In the early days, internet connection was limited to the corporate world. Now, due to high demand and connection services such as U-Verse Internet service, the world wide web is in everyone’s reach. There are literally hundreds of ways the net has changed the world, below are the top six.

6 Momentous Ways the Internet has Changed the World:


While playing board games, reading paper books and watching content on a television set is still highly valued, the internet has stimulated the entertainment industry and allowed us to be entertained in innovative and tech-savvy ways. We can now stream movies, videos and music on almost any web-enabled device, read books electronically and play high graphic games and applications alongside other live players.


The word “telecommute” has gained massive authority since the influx of the internet. Many duties from many industries can be completed on a home computer which lessens the hours spent in a corporate office. Additionally, the internet has spawn an army of online entrepreneurs that successfully manage to earn a livable income.


Long gone are the days when we would have to travel from store to store to get the items that we want. Online shopping has grown in popularity over the past few years thanks to stronger security and the high confidence of shopping for anything at any hour of the day.


Information on virtually every subject is now literally just a few clicks away. The ability to research information fast has made it easier for students studying both online and in traditional schools. Additionally, the ability to research products and services online has made shopping easier for consumers.


The internet has drastically changed the way the world communicates with each other. Not only can we easily reach people from all corners of the world through voice, email, and video chat. The introduction of social media has taken communication to a whole new level. Now, we can connect with friends, family, businesses and even celebrities in this fun new way.

Gives everyone a platform

As infinite as the internet may seem, it does have the ability to give every one an individual platform. Anyone of us can make our voices heard by launching a website, starting a youtube channel or blogging about a cause.

As wonderful as the internet has been and will continue to be, it is important to remember to unplug ever so often and take a pause from the clicking. Like everything else in life, the internet is all about balance and moderation. You must allow the goodness of the internet to complement your life, not overwhelm it.

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