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Honda Ushers Groundbreaking Liquid-Cooled 6-Speed Sports Engine on RS150

To address Filipino’s need for everyday commuting, Honda Philippines, Inc. continues on conveying breakthrough innovations in the local motorcycle industry with a variety of excellent product offerings.

Last year alone, it has launched four motorcycles that are both high on design, style, and functionalities, and also featured groundbreaking technologies that only Honda can deliver with superiority and class.

The latest product offering that has come off Honda Philippines’ assembly line is its new generation sports motorcycle known as the RS150, which was officially launched in November last year and is currently making its way to Honda dealerships all over the country.

More than its stylish and sporty looks, the RS150 has a major plus factor going for it that no competition can match at this point in time – it is powered by a new generation liquid-cooled, 150-CC, DOHC, six-speed sports engine.

The groundbreaking engine was borne out of Moto GP DNA, officially making it the latest iteration to the world-class racing engine suited for sports motorcycles. The new generation engine of the RS150 also comes with class-leading advance technology, giving its users additional advantages over other sports motorcycles.

Like the other motorcycles that were introduced by Honda Philippines to the Filipino market last year, the RS150 is brimming with excellent engine technology which is just beginning to catch on with the competition.

It features an intelligent and accurate programmable fuel injection (PGM-FI) which is capable of supplying the optimum fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber for efficient engine power while ensuring low emission.

In fact, the motorcycle has been proven to comply with the stringent Euro 3 standards, which means that it has very negligible emission or effect to air pollution.

The sports motorcycle also has other features to complement its excellent engine performance including an O2 sensor, a catalytic converter, and a bank angle sensor.

The engine of the RS150 is also liquid-cooled with auto fan. It features an advanced radiator with electronic fan that automatically turns at a temperature of 103 degrees Celsius to prevent any form of overheating and maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature throughout the powertrain.

The RS150 is also the first motorcycle model under the Honda sports category and given its positive and warm reception from its initial owners and prospective buyers alike, it is certainly not going to be the last.

It is likely that the next exciting sports motorcycle models from Honda will be utilizing the same engine now being used on the RS150 while continuously building on the technology that the world’s No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer has been known to do.

In terms of other innovative technological features, the RS150 sports a futuristic digital meter panel to keep the driver informed of vital operational indicators. It also has sharp and sporty LED headlight to ensure brighter illumination especially at night. For security purpose and protection against theft, the RS150 also features an auto secure key shutter.

As far as its sporty, stylish, and functional design goes, the RS150 has a clip-on handle bar to support sporty driving style, stylish tail light, sporty cast wheel with tubeless tire, sporty pillion step, and sporty under cowl.

For added safety and protection of the driver, the RS150 features a twin perimeter frame to support engine performance and maneuverability even while driving at great speeds, a front and rear disc brake, and a rear monoshock for optimum shock absorption.

To know more about this superb engine and to get updates on the continuation of the Gen S story, connect with Honda through their website at or visit or contact the local dealer nearest you!

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Make the Most of Your Online Learning Membership with Career Academy

Education and training are two of the best investments that you can give yourself. Even if you are already working or occupying a high position in a company, additional knowledge and skill will give you more advantage and competency. This is one of the reasons why many people turn to online trainings and learning. They consider it less hassle and more beneficial to access modules and video-based learning materials through distance learning programs.

One of the most notable institutions for Online Learning Membership is Career Academy. They have provided top quality video courses to students and now came up with Unlimited Access Learning Membership. This allows member students to access more than one thousand video-based courses on Project Management, Business Skills, Cyber Security and even give students University Certificates of Completion and up to 30 College Credits. This is indeed one of the Best Value Learning Membership in the industry that you can find.

Today’s workplace can be very challenging and it continuously changes. To equip oneself with additional training and learning can validate their proficiency not only to their employers but to their clients as well. It is a great thing that you no longer need to commute and present yourself physically to a University or school just to learn or train. Online learning has made it possible for interested individuals the opportunity to gain high quality, career-focused training with ease of access and affordability.

Distance learning used to be demanding and expensive. With the development of career focused courses and easier media accessibility through computers and smartphones, interested individuals have become smarter and choosier with their memberships. Career Academy is a leader in the training industry and will continue to develop high quality programs for lesser cost. To know more about The Industry’s Best Value Learning Membership and on how you can access unlimited online learning materials, you can visit their site the Member Referral Program that they offer.

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Finding the Perfect Vacation Home

Perhaps you have been saving your money for a place to spend your vacations. Purchasing or renting a vacation home is not something you should rush into. You will most likely be spending a significant amount of money. Therefore, you want to be sure that you are getting value for your purchase. There are certainly many places you can choose from. Here are some of the most important things you will need to keep in mind while you are finding the perfect vacation home.

vacation home


1. Where will your home be located?

The location of your vacation home will be the first major decision you will need to make. Most people prefer to spend their vacation time in a warm climate. However, you may prefer a place that does not have a tropical climate. Just make sure the place that you choose is a place you will not get tired of for many years to come. You might want to consider checking out some of the gorgeous Caribbean vacation homes for sale in the Cayman Islands. They are located only one hour away from Florida. You can learn additional information on Caribbean homes for sale by taking a look at

2. Financial advantages of the location

The weather that a particular location has to offer is not the only thing you should consider when you are looking for a vacation home. You should also examine the location from a financial point of view. Your money will go a lot further in some locations than it will in others. For example, there are no taxes on capital gains, property or income in the Cayman Islands. Needless to say, this is a huge benefit to you financially that you might want to consider taking advantage of. The Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise where you do not need to pay any taxes. What could be better than that?

3. Proximity to your regular home

Some people do not enjoy flying or doing any sort of traveling. These people should buy a vacation home that is as close to their regular home as possible. Some people do not stop to consider the amount of travel that will be required getting to their vacation home until the papers have already been signed. You need to be sure that you do not make the same mistake. Choose somewhere relatively close if you want to avoid a long journey.

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Why Companies Can Operate in the US and Canada Easily

If you have a successful business with a national presence in the US, there is a good chance that there are Canadian markets that are suitable for you as well. Looking up the relevant logistical information required to open Canadian locations is worth your time. You will be far happier with the decision’s outcome when you know what options you can take advantage of most easily.

Great Networking Makes All the Difference

When a company operates in Canada, as well as the US, it is helpful to have access to a network of transportation providers to keep the product flow working effectively. These networks help ensure that every possible transportation issue has a good solution at the ready. The right network puts you in touch with land and air options that are suitable for doing business across borders.

Sending Truckloads is a Breeze

One of the things that concern many business owners about expanding into Canada is shipping larger truckloads of stock. Any solution that business owners find must reduce the number of claims and also make sure that the shipments arrive when expected. It is also necessary for the solutions to include vehicles compliant with both US and Canadian laws.

Access to Specialized Equipment Matters

Some companies have complex shipping needs and want to ensure that their customers in both countries receive the same level of service. Because companies with a diverse range of products have shipping needs that may vary among each sales account, having access to everything from flatbeds to lowboys makes a difference. When a company uses a logistics option with access to multiple sorts of vehicles, they will find it easier to meet their customers’ needs.

Urgent Shipments Are Still Easy to Meet

It’s not uncommon for cross-border shipments in retail and other settings to have some urgency involved. Experienced providers who offer accessible rush service and provide ready updates make it easier for companies to provide the service customers need. Setting up a business presence in Canada is less difficult than you might think.

If you think that your company could benefit from expanding into Canada, you will want to click now to learn about possible transport options. Making sure that you have everything you need before your expansion makes a difference. You’ll be pleased with the options that are available for better transportation.

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Waste Baler and Compactors: Cost-Effective Means to Reduce Waste

More companies are practicing eco-waste disposal systems and many are finding it a bit challenging to reduce waste in a cost-effective method. As our landfills continue to fill in, companies need to pay premium for the space that they need for their waste. This is why recycling is highly encouraged especially for those who have large volume of cardboard, plastic, polypropylene or paper waste. There are recycling plants that would gladly take in all of these and even buy what you already consider as garbage. However, transporting these materials off to a recycling plant is much easier and cheaper if you have waste balers and compactors.

paper waste
There are many ways of dealing with waste materials on an eco-friendly way. Some companies would segregate their cardboard and flatten them before they are sent to recycling plant. The same effort is given to other waste materials such as plastic and polypropylene. Other business pay extra to waste collecting agents to do the separation either manually or automatically. These methods are quite effective, but they require extra effort and extra expense.

Miltek Aus balers offers different types of balers and compactors for small to large scale companies who wish to lessen their expense on waste disposal and become even more environment friendly by opting to recycle their waste materials. Depending on the amount of waste you have you can find great quality balers that will occupy a small space in your office or one which can accommodate large volume of materials in your industry.

Using waste balers and compactors is one of the best ways to manage corporate waste through a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. Some companies would rent waste balers and soon realizes that getting one of their own lessens the cost even more. Running a business means that you have to deal with all aspects of its operation – including proper waste disposal. By putting in place an effective, eco-friendly and cheap system of waste management, your company can contribute greatly on saving the environment.

Image source: Pixabay

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