3D Experience

Honestly I have nothing to share this week for the TCP  theme “The 3D Experience” for I haven’t experienced yet watching movies in 3D. If I am not mistaken 3D movies here cost P300-P350 ($7-$8) per ticket. If the three of us will watch on 3D it will cost us P900-P1,050 ($21-$24) which for us is too much for a movie. We’d rather eat out…ehehe kill joy. Of course I want to experience watching movies in 3D with RJ and hubby. Hope it will be very soon. Can you suggest any good 3D film guys or care to share your 3D experience?
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5 thoughts on “3D Experience

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  2. Ako din, wala pang experience sa 3D movie. Kuripot kasi kami, hehe, hinihintay lang namin lumabas sa DVD ang mga movies… 🙂

    Advance Happy Father's Day pala to your hubby!

  3. mahal talaga ang 3d movies mommy pero i am sure, darating ang panahon na mumura din yan. kasi mauuso na rin yan. or i could be mistaken. well, i hope you get to watch a nice family movie na worth watching on 3d. kahit nga dito, ang mahal din. kaya dito na lang kami sa bahay nanood.

    thanks for joining us this week on tcp. next week, it's Genetically Engineered for our theme. looking forward to your entry. till then mommy rossel, take care and happy tcp!

  4. ay ako din ate rossel… kakahinayang talaga… dito nga around P550 ang bata, ang matanda eh P1k+ haay… sa bahay nalang… hehe…

  5. You are right in your assessment. With the prices of movie tickets skyrocketing, it is best to just stay at home and watch a beautiful movie on DVD and you can even have your favorite snacks in front of your TV. The best 3D movie is still Avatar and also Alice in Wonderland, Shrek Final Destination. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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