5 Best Ways to Protect Your Boat from the Elements

Severe storms and terrible weather are bad news for every fisherman, but they are also bad news for their boats as well. It is important to protect your boat from the elements – on and off shore.

protect your boat

If you can afford it, storing your boat at a storage facility is ideal. Services like Fort Knox boat storage are set up with the express purpose of storing your boat and keeping it safe from weather.

There are a number to steps you can take to protect your boat and keep it in tip-top condition.

Use a Boat Cover

This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to keeping your boat in good order. A cover will protect the interior of your boat from the effects of bad weather, be it UV rays, wind, rain or even snow. Without a cover seats will quickly become waterlogged in wet weather and any fishing gear in the boat will become corroded. A cover will also protect from leaves which can quickly cover the boat floor and cause a lot of mess and eventual damage. A cover will stop the sun from damaging or fading your boat and its’ seats and other equipment.

Keep the Cover from Sagging

It is important to ensure that your boat covert doesn’t sag in places and collects puddles of standing water during rain. Simple secure the cover with ropes to ensure rain will drain off the cover. You may also place a post in the centre of the boat, under the cover, to facilitate run-off or add some plywood across the top of the boat to prevent sagging.

Unplug It!

Sounds simple, but always remember to take out the drain plug when your boat is not in use. Of course it’s important to remember to put it back when you hit the water! It is a good idea to attach it to the starter engine so you will remember to replace it. If your space permits, try parking the boat facing downhill, with the plug at the lower end. This will facilitate drainage

Protect the Wheels on Your Trailer

Because your boat trailer is sitting around unused much of the time, the wheels are susceptible to corrosion. Tyre covers can be bought at most auto stores and will protect your tyres. Place bricks or chunks of wood behind tyres to stop your trailer moving.

Keep Your Boat Gear Indoors

If at all possible store your rods, reels, electronic gear and other equipment inside. These may suffer from water damage and mould if left outside. The boat’s battery is also subject to corrosion so store that inside too.

Lastly, try not to take your boat out in harsh weather conditions. Storms commonly sea the water afloat with debris which can cause fairly serious damage to your boat and is often hard to see and avoid.

These few simple precautions will keep your boat in good condition ready for next time you sail the high seas.

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