5 Business Start-up Ideas for College Graduates

Once you’ve finished your studies, it can take a little time to gain the momentum you need to find your dream job. Instead of idly waiting for the perfect career to come knocking on your door, try these 5 simple start-up ideas to get your own business off the ground.
business start-up ideas

It helps to use your insider knowledge and pitch your products to the student demographic, after all you know exactly what their needs and wants are. A successful business is one that targets an immediate and obvious customer base, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly innovative or elaborate. Sometime the simple business ideas are the ones that create the steadiest stream of revenue.

Make Your Own Stationary

As a graduate, you’ll know just how hard it is to find reasonably priced yet quality stationary on campus. You can fill this gap by making your own custom card printing business featuring unique and personalised designs. From greeting and seasonal cards to sleek and professional business cards, the scope is endless.

Become a Professional Tutor

If you aced all of your exams and enjoyed a great GPA throughout your studies, chances are that you have the skills and knowledge to tutor those who are finding their course a bit more challenging. You’ll need good people skills and the ability to share your knowledge clearly and concisely. Tutoring is not only a great way to earn some really good money, but it also keeps all of your skills sharp and your knowledge fresh.

Custom T-Shirt Design

A popular student business start-up idea is to create your very own custom t-shirt designs. The reason this is so popular is that you can fully personalise your designs to suit your college campus, a particular age group, or just express your unique creative flair. With a free t-shirt design software program such as Inkscape and a little bit of practice, you’ll be selling amazing custom shirts online in no time!

Resume Writing Services

Everyone needs to update their resume at some point, but some people simply don’t have the skills to write their own. Hiring a professional resume writer can be a serious expense that most students can’t afford. If you think you’ll be good at optimising people’s skills and attributes, this could be a viable business idea for you. Even if you charge significantly less than most of the commercial writers, being chosen by all of the students on campus will definitely keep you busy and enjoying a steady stream of income!

Auto Detailing

There are very few students who have the time or motivation to properly detail their cars. This is a great business option as you can be entirely mobile, and once you’ve invested in a range of quality products then the running costs are comparatively small. Offer to do package deals for 3 or more cars in one go and you’ll soon have everyone in the residential schools queuing up for your services.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can start up your own business after graduating. Be creative, keep an eye open for new opportunities and spend some time marketing your business to truly make the most of your efforts.

Written by Emma Jane

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