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5 Great SEO Tips To Use in 2021

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2020 was tough for everyone, but the ongoing pandemic undoubtedly boosts online businesses. More and more local business owners start looking for online marketing strategies to adapt to the new challenges.

Web design and SEO services have been more and more popular among business owners, which has brought remarkable results to businesses. We are happy to share the following 5 top SEO tips in 2021.

Tip 1: Optimize on-page user experience

While there are numerous factors that affect the SEO ranking on Google search, a marketer should never ignore the importance of user experience. Google has always been updating and optimizing the algorithm to make sure that the useful website will be presented to the customers first. A business owner can focus on testing and checking the function and performance of the website by simply clicking on the tabs and buttons.

The step is to make sure that the customers can always find what they need. Nowadays, many websites also include interactive features to engage customers. For example, a clear teeth aligner provider can showcase the 3D model of the teeth aligners to help customers gain a good understanding of their work. After all, the user acquisition and retention rate is also an important factor for SEO optimization.

Tip 2: Optimize mobile SEO

There is no doubt that people rely on smartphones to do everything now. People will inevitably use mobile phones to check websites more often than before. Mobile SEO is becoming more and more important, so business owners need to check the aesthetics, function, and performance of the mobile version as well.

You should also make sure that your GMB account is nicely set up to provide customers with the necessary information. For example, if people are looking for something handy like remote starter installation for Acura vehicles, they will choose a nearby place. Therefore, a good GMB profile with nice reviews becomes pivotal.

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Tip 3: Enrich your content with videos and images

It is true that people are more likely to watch videos than reading long paragraphs now. It is recommended to enrich content by including videos, images, infographics as well as more interactive features on the website. The multimedia content can also help customers stay longer on the pages. This is especially important if you sell visually appealing products. For example, if you sell custom drapery in Toronto, you should definitely showcase all kinds of beautiful curtains you have made for your clients, which will attract more people from Instagram or YouTube.

Tip 4: Produce more quality content

Content is still the King in 2021. If marketers produce useful and meaningful content that engages more customers, they can definitely send good signals to Google. Marketers can take time to talk to the customers and try to understand their needs so as to generate blog posts, video tutorials, or social media posts. For example, if you offer mobile tire change in Mississauga, you can write useful content about tire maintenance as well as tire storage tips for customers.

Tip 5: Consider voice search strategies

If people look around your home, they probably can find Alexa, Google assistant, or other voice assistance tools. As a result, voice search has become an indispensable part of SEO strategy. While traditional type-in search could be short and concise, voice search is more like a long sentence. People can say “the nearby reliable appliance repair company in Brampton”, and the Alexa or Google Assistant will automatically provide a few reliable results.

SEO strategies have no right or wrong answers, and the most important thing is to stay on top of the trends. The experts from Gilmedia will provide professional SEO services to help clients’ businesses thrive in 2021.

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