5 Reasons Why People Love Shopping Online

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Shopping online became more popular ever since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease started to spread rapidly throughout the world.  Because most countries have been put under different levels of quarantine, several people have resorted to online shopping instead of visiting physical stores and going through the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Many people became more eager yet hesitant to purchase products from the internet. They think that shopping online tend to perceive a higher level of risk  because they cannot see, smell, and touch the products before buying.  If you are one of these people, you still probably have not known its perks. Here are five reasons why most people shopping online.

You can check reviews

What’s worse than spending? It is spending on something that is not even worth your money! Imagine walking into a store, buying something, going home, and finding out that you bought something that is way too far from your expectations. That would definitely be a complete disaster. Fortunately, shopping online means that you get to read a bunch of reviews from your fellow customers. Reading their reviews will help ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

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You can avoid crowds

If you’re an introvert, or a normal person who hates crowds, or even just someone who feels awkward whenever a salesclerk approaches you, you may find shopping online a little more convenient than physical shopping. Shopping online is simple. You can stay at home, bring out your phone, and voila! No crowds, no salesclerks, no pressures, just peace and bliss. Sweet!

They’ve got it all

Have you ever felt so annoyed for going through the bother of driving to a mall, searching for a store, asking for a product, and finding out that it already went out of stock? Good for you, shopping online means access to hundreds and millions of products that vary from home essentials, cosmetics, clothing, and even gadgets. You can even buy the latest cell phones online! You will never have to worry about products going out of stock again plus your choices are unlimited.

Cashback and Rebates

A cashback is a credit card benefit that has the ability to refund a small percentage of the total amount of purchases to the cardholder’s account. These rewards can be applied to a credit card bill and can also be received as a check or a bank account deposit. Rebates, similarly, refers to the return of a portion of a purchase price to the buyer. Stores pay online shops commission for every successful transaction made, and these online shops share the commission with you as cashback. For example, in Rakuten, you can get up to 40% cashback at over 2,500 stores.


Shopping online is undoubtedly convenient. It can be done anytime and anywhere. You do not have to go through the bother of getting ready, driving all the way to the mall, carrying heavy shopping bags, and getting stuck in the traffic while driving again all the way home. Sending gifts to your family and friends can now be done easier, too. You just have to order online then send them directly to your loved ones. Some online stores give special favors like including cards and even free shipping!

You may now bid your goodbyes to those hassle and annoying “mall hours” and long checkout queues most especially now that you have to practice social distancing. Say hello to more variety of products, easier price comparisons, and better prices. All thanks to this trending and new method of shopping!

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