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Health Habits: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness Routine as a Digital Nomad

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Maintaining your fitness as a digital nomad can be far from easy. There’s no mad rush to the door to start your commute, no sprint to your local coffee spot so you’re not late to the office, and no navigating dozens of flights of stairs to get to your desk.

Instead, you’re able to work whenever and wherever you want. Sometimes, your health and well-being can suffer. Still, being a digital worker doesn’t have to mean giving up your fitness. You may be able to maintain your standard exercise and fitness routine by taking these actions:

Renting Office Space

Working on the road or from the comfort of our homes is undoubtedly convenient, but you may be eager to explore office space for rent around Melbourne and other desirable business districts when you realize it can help you maintain your fitness routine.

You can walk or cycle to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and schedule gym trips on your way home from work or during your lunch breaks. You may be less motivated to prioritize your health and well-being if you don’t leave the house or have a chaotic on-the-road schedule.

Planning Your Days Ahead

The digital nomad life can be thrilling because every day is different. You can work poolside at a resort, from a tropical island beach, or in a high-rise hotel in an exciting city. There can be a great deal of excitement in the unknown and not having a plan for every day.

However, not having a plan can sometimes mean your health and wellness needs fall by the wayside. You can be so busy making plans for where you’ll work, the work you’ll do, and how much you’ll achieve that you may focus less on the other aspects of your day.

Consider planning your days in advance to combat that problem—delegate time for movement, exercise, and even group fitness classes.

Carrying Mobile Fitness Equipment

You can sometimes be less motivated to maintain your fitness routine when you don’t have easy access to equipment. Sure, you can visit a local gym, but that can sometimes be challenging if you travel to multiple locations.

In that case, consider purchasing fitness equipment that you can comfortably carry in your vehicle. Resistance bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats are compact and lightweight and can be used almost anywhere. Many effective equipment-free workouts are also available online.

local fitness group Local fitness group – Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Join Local Fitness Groups

Gyms aren’t always a cost-effective option for digital nomads who travel a lot. You won’t always be in the same place to use your gym membership! However, local fitness groups can be a great option.

You can use social media platforms to find out where people meet to exercise and if there are local classes or groups you can join.

Practice Incidental Exercise

Being a digital worker of any kind involves a lot of sitting down. You may have to pore over documents or your laptop screen for hours on end. Practice incidental exercise throughout the day to stay active. Examples of this exercise type can include taking stairs instead of lifts, walking instead of driving and parking your vehicle far away from the stores you need to access.

You may struggle to maintain your fitness as a digital nomad, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Joining local fitness groups, renting office space, and carrying mobile fitness equipment are just a few of the many measures you can take to add more activity and movement to every day.

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