5 You Tube Videos to Teach You About Public Health

Public health is a phrase that sounds like anyone would know what it means but it is more difficult to define when you are put on the spot. An understanding of what the field of public health actually concerns itself with will allow you to understand this field and what your interest in it should be. Following are 5 YouTube videos to teach you about public health.

This Is Public Health

This video starts out by showing a number of random individuals telling the camera what they think pubic health is, further underlining the misconceptions and general lack of knowledge about public health. This video then gives you a quick introduction to a campaign launched in one city to make people aware of what public health is. They start putting stickers on things that are examples of public health so that you can get a more concrete idea of just how much ground the field of public health covers.

What Is Public Health? Tennessee MPH Students

This video goes beyond pointing out examples of public health in the world around you to talking about the ways those in the public health field work to achieve public health goals. It moves from the previous short video that covered the what of this issue to give you a better idea of how these goals are accomplished even as the specific goals are revealed in greater detail. This information is given in a slide show presentation with enthusiastic narration to hammer home a better understanding of what public health is. This YouTube video definitely helps to flesh out the reality of public health.

Why Public Health?

This video takes a different perspective on the issue of public health by seeing why one student working toward a degree in public health chose to do so. The student is Serufusa Sekkide and he comes from the Harvard School of Public Health. He talks about his experience in situations where he was brought face to face with the consequences of a lack of proper public health. Seeing this one student’s motivation and call to action makes the importance of the public health field tangible.

The Future Of Public Health: Innovation

This lengthy YouTube video goes into great detail about the future of public health. This video is a lecture given by an expert in the field of public health talking about the advancements that have been made in the field of public health and where it is likely to go in the future. When you want to get in-depth into public health this video is a great place to start.

Public Health Career

This video talks about how important public health careers are. Whether you are talking about the health risks of obesity and other preventable health problems or if you are discussing bioterrorism and the need for trained personnel to handle any incidents, this is the work of public health professionals. Careers in public health are necessary to attempt to avoid dangers that come from modern life.

Thomas Henry Rheinecker finds it rewarding to blog about online public health degrees and how students can find accredited schools that offer these programs.

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  1. Public health awareness should be spread out for the people to know and learn the importance of health. Nowadays, people are adopting unhealthy lifestyle. Even the basics health measurements to keep a healthy body is neglected. At least with the videos, it can remind everybody.

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