6 Tips to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe from Hackers

Credit cards, debit cards and electronic money have become widely popular these days because of the convenience they offer. You can easily go shop and buy anything you want without carrying wads of money in your purse. In the US, an average individual have 3 to 5 cards from different bank and credit facilities.

safe credit cards

Having a credit card means that you should also be responsible for its use and be aware of the possibility of it being lost and hacked. If any person gets hold of your card or your information, he or she can use it and charge expenses which you will be responsible for. So here are some tips to ensure that your credit card is safe from fraudulent use and hacking.

– When using your credit card card, keep it within sight and make sure that only authentic machines are being used when your card is swiped.

– Keep your password, pin and CVV number a secret. This information can easily compromise your credit card and open it up for charges made by somebody else.

– Consider getting several credit cards with a low credit limit each. This will lessen the risk in case one of them gets lost and misused.

– Use your credit cards in secure locations or venues only. When shopping online, be extra careful and patronize only those with secure payment options.

– Avoid online shopping and using your credit card when you are using a public computer or in cyber cafes. There is a big possibility that your data can be extracted. Many cyber criminals utilize these locations to gather financial data from several credit card users.

– Never respond to phishing mails and before you key-in any personal or financial data, make sure that there is nothing changed with the website that you have accessed. Many hackers copy websites of banks and other financial institutions to make it appear like you are having an authentic transaction but these will only extract your card number and your information.

Credit cards can save you a lot of time and effort in purchasing the things you need. You can shop at home from online shopping venues and you can also go shopping without carrying cash. As long as you remain responsible in using it and in paying your dues. You should also safe guard it at all times since more and more are becoming victims of credit card hacking.

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