8.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Indonesia

I don’t know what’s happening to the world. This year West Coast of Northern Sumatra, Vanuatu, Oaxaca Mexico and Maule Chile were hit by 7.1 and above magnitude earthquake. Today, an 8.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the Northwestern coast of Indonesia that sparked fears of tsunami. A tsunami warning was issued for countries in the whole Indian Ocean.

photo by Reuters

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 8.6-magnitude quake was centered 20 miles (33 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor around 269 miles (434 kilometers) from Aceh’s provincial capital. It also shook Thailand, Malaysia, India and Bangladesh.

It was December 26, 2004 when a quake of 9.1 magnitude killed about 230,000 people in 13 Indian Ocean countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand and India. Seems like the earthquake won’t stop until it strikes every place in the world. 🙁

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