A Bogus Review Site

I am supporting Rose in her campaign against the Payingpost.com. Payingpost.com changed its name to Blogvertising.com. May be they themselves realized that they are not paying, they are just blogvertising that’s why. Hahaha!

Seriously, Paying Post is a big scam. I have posted 2 or 3 reviews for them. When I signed up 5 months ago, their minimum payout was $20 dollars. When my earnings reached $17, only $3 short for the minimum payout, they increased their minimum payout to $50. When my earnings reached $37, they increased again their minimum payout to $100. Whew! This blogvertising network is fooling bloggers who are writing honest reviews. There goes my $37. Some of my blogger friends were not paid at all. What a waste of time!

I deleted my posts for them and I deleted them from the list of my recommended paying sites. For those who signed up and making reviews for Payingpost.com a.k.a. Blogvertising.com, don’t be fooled by their campaign ads. Delete the post you’ve made so that the advertisers will refund their payments. And for those who are new in blogging, don’t even think of signing up on this bogus site.

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  1. So they didn't pay at all? Thanks for the warning and I'll be deleting the posts I did for them.Hay grabe, nakakainis ano?

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