A Bucketful of Patience

When you see long queues in a store, it just means two things. First, the cashier is inefficient, either new on her job or spends more time talking to her co-workers and second, the cash register broke down. Sadly, I often encounter long queues in supermarkets because of these two problems. There were times I thought God is teaching me to be patient because He knows that I don’t have much patience and I hate waiting. Okay, okay…I can forgive the broken cash register but the inefficient cashier who is talking to his/her co-workers and not paying attention to what he/she is doing which is delaying the process, I don’t think so. Waiting frustrates me that’s why I love establishment that uses POS Hardware and equipment to enhance customer service and meet their customers’ needs. But then it would be more effective if coupled with efficient staff.

There was this time that I got irritated because of the cashier’s inefficiency. She was talking to the bagger while scanning the bar codes of the items. Because she was not paying attention, some items were scanned and appeared twice on the receipt. I was surprised to see that the total price I am expecting almost got doubled. When I showed the receipt to the cashier, she asked the bagger to call the supervisor to do the manual override. The bagger came back after 10 minutes only to say that we have to wait for another 30 minutes because the supervisor is on break. I know patience is a virtue but with situation like that, who do you think wouldn’t get mad?

I don’t have a raging temper but neither I’m patient enough to stand and wait for a long time. In situations like this, how I wish I have a bucketful of patience.

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By Rossel

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3 replies on “A Bucketful of Patience”

I hate inefficient cashiers too, those slow moving ones especially. I also don’t like those who are being smug.

This one makes me chuckle a little, because I am always the one giggling a bit at the people in line losing their patience. Kids throwing tantrums also does this to me, and I know for the parent involved, the moment is almost unbearable. I am blessed with patience in that sense, but at the same time am obsessed with completing pending tasks. Weird, huh!
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