A Perfect Designer Home Furniture


I’ve drawn a plan for our house design. We are planning to have our house renovated few years from now but I am so excited that I can’t help myself from drawing my dream house with matching exact measurements. As you all know, I love to draw and make sketches and I am glad that I can apply it. I am also surfing the net for Home Furniture that will match our future house. We have a small floor area so modern and classy designer furniture with blend of convenience and creativity will look good I think. They will create space for us to move freely in the house yet useful and welcoming. Like this hand crafted Pavilion designer chair that has a welded chromed tubular steel frame and is made as close to the same specs as the original using modern day technologies. This can be matched with a modern glass dining table and would be perfect for our dining area.
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  1. Woah dotkomista ka na pala Ate rosell, musta?

    May talent ka pala on sketching.

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