A Perfect Gym Equipment for Hubby

Hubby is nearly 200 pounds now and for his height of 5’7″, obviously not proportion. One of his new years resolutions this year is to observe healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and visiting the gym regularly. He enrolled at Gym Republic last January but it’s been two weeks since he last visited there. It seems like his resolutions will be listed again under those unfulfilled when the year ends. I cannot blame him though because his only available time to go to the gym is after office hours and I am sure he is too tired by then. We are just thinking of having gym equipment here in the house as it will be more convenient for him.

We went to sports shop last week and look for gym equipments but he cannot decide which gym equipment he likes to use. He said what he wants is equipment for a complete body work out. I think he was referring to universal equipment like Smith Machines home gyms.
Almost any body part can be worked out using Smith machines that is why it is popular in fitness sphere. Smith machines has number of work outs that would attack all aspects of the muscles from the legs, hamstrings, back, abdomen, arms, chest and shoulders thus it would yield most results in just a little time.

Do doubt this is perfect for my husband but he should make up his mind first while we are saving for it. When that time comes, he would say byebye to gym’s high membership fees plus he won’t be lazy anymore to have his work out in our home.

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