A Priceless Date with Mom

I had a date with Mom last week. I promised to treat her out and I am glad that I did. A day out with her is just once in a blue moon so I cherished every minute of it. It was not elaborate and expensive but we both enjoyed the date.

My original plan was just to eat out then go home. We went to the mall and ate at Kenny Rogers Roasters then at Iceberg’s. Mom asked if we can roam around after for a window shopping because she doesn’t want to go home yet. I hate window shopping but because I do not want to spoil Mom’s good mood, I said “yes”. We were browsing shops until I saw this store of volatile shoes. I tried to fit 2 pairs that both look great on my feet. Of course I want to buy a pair, but the problem is I didn’t have extra money and a credit card with me. Waaah! This is the reason why I hate window shopping.

I went home still drooling about the shoes but I didn’t get mad with Mom. Though we went home empty handed, the time and the leisurely walk I had with her made my day. It was just priceless!

And oh, I will go back to the mall this Saturday to buy the volatile shoes that I want. Wink!

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By Rossel

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