A Proud Filipino

They always say to patronize our own. Yes, Philippine products are of good quality and more affordable. They are comparable to other nations’ products. But I don’t think there is wrong with patronizing imported goods, like Guess jeans, Marks and Spencer, Calvin Klein and Victorias Secret, Cadbury and Spam, etc. Even those who are rallying against the “Balikatan Exercises” (Filipino and American soldiers military exercises) are using imported products.

What important is we are proud to be Filipinos and we don’t forget who we are. Yes, I have sentiments against the government and complaining most of the time but still, I am proud that I am a Filipino. I love this country despite of the pollution, heavy traffic, rotten government system and corrupt government officials. I love the beautiful sceneries and our natural resources. I love our tradition especially the bayanihan, our hospitality and our respect for the elderly. I love our culture, the Tinikling dance, the parade of roasted pigs, the fiestas.

And it makes my heart big every time I see other nationalities living here and trying their best to learn and speak our language like the man on this video.


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  1. ayan,dapat mahiya siguro yung mga nausukan lang ng tambutso ng eroplano e nung umuwi ng pinas slang na agad sila…

  2. oh my golly…he is very fluent…wish hubby can do that…pero wag na lang..kasi parang syang bakla kung magsalita ng tagalog te eh….hehehhe

    si Akesha nalang ang pagsasalitain ko….si hubby din yung nag encourage sakin to teach Akesha our language….kaya have a lot of filipino educational stuff that came from my mom in the PI…

    Since pinanganak ko si Akesha….I speak tagalog and bisaya to her…kahit d sya masyadong naka utter ng words…na iintindihan naman nya ako…

    funny thing is…during the day time…nag tututor ako kay Akesha ng tagalog..tapos sa gabi si hubby naman…english…hehhehe…

    thanks for sharing this vid te….

  3. wow, galing naman niyang kumanta ng tagalog; very impressive, sel :-); thanks for sharing!

  4. Correct ka dyan sister.. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  5. Hi Rossel, I regret I have not been to your country….one day I will.
    But I sure love your Tinikling, and the song, dahil sayoh. Its playing in my player now.
    I bet you can sing very well too.

    I have never met or know a Phillippino who cannot sing or play an instrument.
    Lots of Phillipinos here too, we know many.
    Mabuhay, Lee.

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