A Relaxing Treat at Relaksasi

Yesterday I had a date with my two bestfriends since elementary and highschool, Hazel and Mylene. We didn’t have much time to talk about everything as Hazel needed to go back to Batangas the same day, but we had so much fun. Again, we reminisced those highschool moments while eating then we had a full body massage at Relaksasi SM Megamall, afterwards. It was a treat from Hazel. 
body massage
Mylene and Hazel
Relaksasi SM Megamall is just a small place but the ambiance is pretty much relaxing, very clean and everything is in order except for the torn towels (I think they should pay attention even to the smallest details like that). For only P550.00 ($12) each, we had a one hour full body massage, a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage, 15 minutes steam bath and our drink of choice (hot or cold tea). It is a very affordable price for a good full body hard massage that is so relaxing. 
steam bath
They required Mylene to sign a waiver because she has her monthly period. According to the receptionist, there is no other medical effect if you have your period other than the appearance of hematoma on your different body parts. You can prompt the staff though to lessen or add more pressure to the massage. 
full body massage
Relaksasi also has the infant/child massage for P400 ($9) and if you are pregnant, you can try their pregnancy massage for P850.00 ($19) for 1 hour, but they only allow this massage for preggies 6 months and up. They would also require a written consent from your OB and you need to sign also a waiver. To date, Relaksasi offers the following services, with free use of sauna or steam bath for all body treatment and massage (prices depend on the type of service you want): 
Body Scrub and Wrap Rituals (P600 – P1,000)
Body Massage and Scrub (P950)
Herbal Steam Bath (P450 – P500)
Traditional Holistic Therapies (P550 – P850)
Contemporary Holistic Therapies (P350 – P850)
Facial (P800 – P1,350)
Hand Pampering (P140 – P375) 
Foot Therapy (P150 – P650)
The three of us after the massage…so fresh and relaxed.
Yesterday was a fun and memorable bestfriends’ bonding. Thank you very much to the accommodating staff of Relaksasi and of course to our bestfriend Hazel! It was indeed a relaxing treat.

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  1. You're welcome Rossel. I must say Relaksasi owe you this beautiful post promoting their spa for free. I think they should pay you for this:)

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