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A Thrilling and Exciting Vacation

We will be celebrating our 11th anniversary soon and until now we do not have any plans yet due to financial constraints. But if I am to ask, I want something different this time. We have tried soothing vacations in the splendid beaches, swimming in the blue waters and lazing in good hotels so what I want now is something thrilling and exciting like France boating holidays.


France boating holiday is perfect if you are a nature lover or if youjust simply want to leave the roads and the city rush for few days or more. Youwill have several places to visit which is far different when you stay on aresort or hotel. France boasts a huge network of rivers and canals taking you throughcountryside that is spectacular and varied. You can see the nature’s secretsfrom the inside and enjoy direct access to birds and nature reserves.

My husband and I are working most of the time. What we need is quiet comforts like these wherein we will have no access to cellphones and computers. We will sleep when we want, wake up when we want and eat what we want. Well, this is impossible yet because of our very little budget but who knows? There might be a blessing to pour out from somewhere.

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