A Tour to Fort Santiago

Have you been to Fort Santiago? If you are a Filipino living in Metro Manila then most probably you have.

When I accompanied my daughter to their field trip, one of the destinations was the Fort Santiago. Would you believe that it was my first time there? I am glad that I accompanied my daughter, if not I haven’t seen this beautiful historical place.

This is one of the old dungeons, used to be storage vaults for powder magazine of the Baluarte de Santa Barbara. Because of the humid weather and the nearness of the vaults to the Pasig River, the Spaniards decided to build new powder magazine on top of the baluarte and the vaults were converted into prison cells and dungeons.

These vintage bombs are the same bombs used to ruin Intramuros. They remind us of the Spanish and American’s colonization.

You can roam around the place riding on this Hispanic cart pulled by a horse.

If you are in group, you can ride this one made of capiz shells and wood.

If you are somewhere in Manila, you might want to pass by Intramuros and take a visit at Fort Santiago. It is just beautiful!

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7 thoughts on “A Tour to Fort Santiago

  1. thanks for joining, sis! and thanks for sharing this, too. sobrang tagal na ata since I last went here. nice to see the place again thru your pics. 🙂

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