Accutane and Its Side Effects

I am into maintenance medicines for years now. I have severe asthma and can not live without my medicines- inhaler and nebules for nebulizer. Because of this, I do constant research about the medicines I am taking. With all those recalls and warnings about some medicines, I cannot be complacent with my doctor’s assurance that these medicines are safe for prolong use. Some medicines were announced safe when they were first introduced in the market but after constant research and studies, they have been found out to have serious or life-threatening side effects just like Accutane.

Accutane, generally known as isotretinoin, is the most powerful and one of the most effective oral treatments for severe nodular acne on the market. However, it poses serious side effects. The side effect often considered the most serious is birth defects. Babies have been born with physical deformities and/or mental retardation when the mother has been taking Accutane. It has also been linked to depression and suicide and other psychiatric disorders.

Although the makers of Accutane, Hoffman-LaRoucheare has conceded that there might be a problem, still, many doctors are prescribing Accutane. If someone in your family has been harmed by Accutane in any way, I suggest you consult an Accutane lawyer that will help you file individual lawsuit against its manufacturer. Let them compensate you for the suffering and harm their product caused your loved ones.

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One thought on “Accutane and Its Side Effects

  1. I heard of this. For some reason I have gotten emails about a law suit for this. Although I never have taken this drug before.

    Thanks for sharing.

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