Active and Supportive Parent

I received this award from my daughter’s school this morning. It is a certificate of appreciation for being an “Active and Supportive Parent”. I have just learned about it yesterday so I was not prepared. I did not expect to receive any award because as a parent it is my duty and obligation to be there for my daughter…to assist her in her needs, help her in any project and assignment, and to be with her in all school programs and activities. I am being a stage parent most of the time and I can not help it. Well, not only me but my hubby as well. It is flattering to know that the school administrators appreciate my efforts as a parent.

It is every parent’s dream to send their children in the best schools, feed them with good foods, give them good toys and clothes and raise them in the most peaceful and friendliest community. But let us not forget that our children need not only these material things. What they most need is our time, our guidance and love. Always remember that…

Children need their parents’ presence rather than their presents.

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  1. Congratulations,Mommy Rosell!!Your kids are lucky to have you as their Mom!!

  2. I know you’re a great mom too, Dee. Thank you very much!

  3. thanks flamindevil. stage mother kase ako e. hehehe.

    kidding aside, siguro takot lang akong magaya anak ko sa aming magkakapatid na lumaking malayo loob sa dad namin dahil kinailangan nyang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa.

  4. I know Miel you will be a good mom too. Thank you!

  5. wow.sobrang active mo talaga siguro tita.sarap mong maging mommy.hehe.your kids are lucky to have you. :p

  6. Congrats and keep it up! Alam mo naiinggit talaga aq sa mga mommy na ganyan… God bless Rosalie!

  7. Congratulations! It just shows that you’re really an excellent mom! You deserve it.:D

  8. thanks, Anney! Yup, my hubby and my daughter are proud of me. I am proud of my daughter too coz she’s been good all throughout this school year and of my hubby coz he is a good husband and a great father.

  9. It is about motherhood Liz kaya masarap pakiramdam. I understand that some moms have to work to help their husbands. Saludo ako sa kanila kase kaya nilang pagsabayin work and family. Hindi ko kaya yon kaya ako nagresign. ^_^

    Lucky us Liz coz like me, you also have lots of time to play with your kids. c”,)

  10. thanks payatot. I know that you are a great dad base sa posts mo.

    early bird ka palagi sa posts ko ha?

  11. Congrats!! Deserve mo yang award na yan! Syempre proud na proud sayo ang anak mo.

  12. Congrats ha, ang sarap ng feeling na nakakatanggap ng mga award noh? lalao kung about motherhood, feeling mo eh nanay na nanay ka talaga. Anyways, nanay ka naman talaga, and a great one. Sana lahat ng nanay gaya mo, pero siyempre meron din iba na di magawang i assist ang mga anak nila sa lahat ng bagay kasi they have to work to help out with the expenses. Tsk! hirap kasi ng buhay. Lucky you, you have time for your family. Ingat and have fun..

  13. mommy na mommy talaga sya..ang sarap ng pakiramdam kapag may nakakapuna o nakakapansin sa mga ginagawa mo..akala mo walang nakapansin meron pala ano? kahit na di mo naman kailangan talagang papurihan ka dahil tungkulin mo yon bilang isang magulang, nakakatuwa di ba?

    ang mga ganyang award kase ang nagsasabi kung ano ba talaga tayo bilang isang magulang sa ating anak, kusang lumalabas ang talent kapag anak na ang usapan or pamilya..congrats rossel at salamat sa pagbabahagi mo nito, nagpapaalala lang sa akin na sana ay ganun din ako bilang magulang..

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