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Any website owner would agree, web traffic is the life-blood of any online business and without it, the business may not last long. For recently established online business or website, any rookie entrepreneur must work at gaining more visitors to their site for them to make sales, sustain their business and see it succeed in the coming days.

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Here are some tips on how you can maximize advertising opportunities to boost sales and drive traffic into your site.

Offer Freebies

While brick and mortar businesses draws in customers with their “buy one, get one/get the other at half-price” offers, advertising that can work well for your website are those that simply offer some freebies. People who visit your website can download eBooks for free to gain more information about your services or your products that you want to promote. They can easily refer you to others who are looking for or in need of something that you can offer.

Research and Browse Blogs

In your idle time, do a little research and find blogs that are related to your website. You can find authors who are willing to advertise your site, your products on their site. Simply offer them something that they can use or will be helpful for them. Keep in mind that piggy back method is very effective getting your site on the top of any Google search. Take advantage of posting comments and links that will lead back to your website.

Join Forums and Boards

Being active in related forums and boards also gives you an edge when it comes to driving traffic to your website. You can put in your site on your signature or your profile visible to the board when you join discussion and share your knowledge on the topics at hand. You can also offer your e-books to give others some details about your product.

Podcasts and Radiocasts

Affiliate marketers who promote their products or other people’s product will find podcast video and radio casts to be effective in driving web traffic to their website. You can create a video or a step-by-step instruction and demonstration of the product that you want others to know about. Encrypt your business name and website on the video or clearly state your information after your radiocast.

Write E-mails or Create Web Content

Creating simple press releases and sending it out to companies or prospective consumers can pique their interest and will make them want to know more about your business. Prospective customers may subscribe to your newsletters for information, discounts and freebies. You can also get an e-mail marketing service when you are has enough funds to promote your products better and drive web traffic more effectively.

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