All-terrain Tires vs All-season Tires: Which Tire Should you Pick?


Owning an automobile eventually leads you to choose tires and the issue of all-terrain tires vs all-season tires usually exists. This is the common option most car and SUV owners deal with in replacing new tires. Yet, you must clearly understand the difference between these two options so you get the most efficient and the best fit especially when you travel for long hours on different conditions.

OE Tires and Other Driving Circumstances

Every driver’s unique driving circumstances contribute to the all-terrain tires or the all-season tire options. Get to know your vehicle first. Determine if your original equipment (OE) use all-season or all-terrain tires.

Most drivers stick to the exact OE tires, whether all-terrain or all-season tires, as they consider the satisfaction they get from the vehicle’s factory drive characteristics. These characteristics are somewhat influenced by the tire type such as the handling attributes, fuel economy, comfort, and the over-all off/on-road traction.

However, drivers often use OE tires for reference in selecting a different tire type. For instance, if you are not satisfied with your OE all-season tire performance, you can shift to the all-terrain tire type.

Considering Off-road Drive Time

Driving off-road of about 50% of your time lets you go for the all-terrain tires as these are made for this purpose. You don’t even have to reach the 50% target. All-terrain tires are good for going once a year for an off-road camping trip with tough traction, demands, and conditions.

All-terrain tires depend on the severity and frequency of off-road drive time. Yet, if you don’t drive off-road, go for the best all-season tires.

Road Noise and Ride Comfort

All-season tires give you the convenience of being unnoticed or unheard and give more comfort than all-terrain tires. If you are the type of person who is more sensitive to road noise and favors comfortable rides among other things, then you must go for the all-season type of tires. Yet, not all-terrain tires are noisier as other models tend to be quieter than others.

Maximizing Fuel Economy

Looking for ways to save more by maximizing fuel economy? All-season tires are the best performers here. This is because of the all-terrain tires’ tread characteristics. A blockier tread requires more fuel for more rolling resistance. SUV and all-season trucks have the fuel efficiency feature.

All-terrain Tires vs All-season Tires: Which Tire Should you Pick?

Wintertime Conditions

Do you often travel on mild winter conditions or more severe ones? Experiencing several inches of snow regularly each year gives you the comfort of the all-terrain tires. All-season tires, on the other hand, take care of your mild wintertime drives.

Another factor to consider here is whether you tow or haul heavy loads. As the activity requires higher frequency and severity levels, the all-terrain tires are preferred here. Considering tire type options here also means considering your daily activities, drive time, and driving experience regularly. Looking for the best all-terrain tires is a great option if you just use your automobile on light driving conditions.

Picking Your Choice

Knowing that every driver’s activity and preferences are unique to one another, the decision of whether to buy an all-season tire or an all-terrain type depend on the different driving circumstances mentioned here. It also depends on you as the driver. Getting the best performance, productivity and efficiency of your automobile is also affected by these circumstances. So, take time to balance every contributing factor here in making wise tire options and decisions.

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