Amazing Invention

Different things have been invented to make life easier. Almost everything now is remote controlled. And if there’s one person who is a big fan of these remote controlled things, it’s my husband. He even bought remote controlled digital television antennas last year because he was tired adjusting our old antennas manually to get better reception.

The remotes help him to effortlessly position the antennas to get the best possible reception without leaving his seat. It is not surprising though with the rapid advancement of technology.

What amaze me are simple inventions like the soy-sauce dispensing chopstick. It’s a Japanese invention that will allow you to squeeze your condiment out of the hollowed chopstick in measured doses.

simple invention(photo not mine)

It’s for people who find continuously dipping chopsticks into a bowl of soy sauce tiring. It’s definitely not for me. Because I am sitting in front of my PC most of the time, I want to stretch and move every inch of my bones and muscles in anyway possible and I’d be glad to continuously dip my food in soy sauce if that means moving my hand and fingers a little more.

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  1. Pretty insightful. Thanks!

  2. hmmmm.. so smart.. but isn’t it making people a little lazy? 😀

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