Another Nightmare

Typhoon Sendong reminded me of typhoon Ondoy that hit Luzon, Philippines two years ago. How would I forget Ondoy? My family were ones of the badly affected then. But the death counts made Sendong the deadliest typhoon to hit the country as it surpasses that of Ondoy’s. Crops and entire homes were flashed away by the ramaging flash flood leaving aftermath debris. The affected Cities are unprepared of the onslaught and may need equipment lease to clean the debris.

What happened in Mindanao is another nightmare for the Filipinos that may be too much to handle for the others who had lost their loved ones. I can’t help myself from crying when I saw on the news yesterday that a Mother lost her 4 children. It was too heartbreaking.

That is why we are pleading to those with good hearts to help these victims of typhoon Sendong (Washi) in Mindanao.

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  1. I think this is one of the most tragic calamities in Asia. God Bless the Philippines.

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